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Vincent Account Review

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How to register an account

The platform offers to create a personal account through which it will detect client-specific details and provide individual investment offers. For a new user to register, they need to:

  1. Press on the "Join for free" button in blue color that is located on the main page of the website, in the top right corner;

  2. Proceed to registration details. The platform will provide sign-up options through social network profiles or an email account;

  3. Further, it will ask to select categories of interest. These may include:

  • Venture

  • Real estate

  • Debt & lending

  • Digital assets

  • Collectibles

  • Art

The process of registration to the platform will end with a question asking whether the new user is an accredited investor or not. To give context, it will provide a note stating that an accredited investor owns a minimum of $1M worth in assets or has earned an income of at least $200k as an individual or $300k jointly within the time period of the previous two years.

After that, the registration process is completed, and the user is redirected to the website's main page.

How to reset a password

The only requirement when registering a new personal account is authentication through social network profiles or an email address. Therefore, there is no password to reset.

How to delete an account

Currently, Vincent does not provide an option to delete an account straight from the profile settings on their website. However, it may be possible by contacting the support service.

Features of a personal account

As the owner of a Vincent account, the user gains access to special personalized offers and suggestions. These are assembled through custom choices, such as selecting interests during the registration process. Moreover, Vincent offers a personal mailing list to those who have registered an account on the platform. The company states that those include targeted weekly deals that might be of interest to a specific client.


Does Vincent do transactions?

No, it does not conduct transactions or any type of payment. All the information is collected in one place. However, operations do not occur directly on the web page.

Does Vincent offer its own products on its website?

No, Vincent does not provide clients with its originally developed products. Instead, it works with partners and third parties, whose products are displayed to the customer after redirection.

What kind of investment does Vincent aggregate?

As a company, Vincent aggregates thousands of investments across different industries. These are investment offers.

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