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Vincent does not put any strict requirements in place, making it a free-to-use platform for anyone interested in investing. However, Vincent stresses the importance of their Terms of Service page. One of the major requirements is for the user to be of a legal age to enter into compulsory contracts.

How to invest

Once you get on the Vincent website, it is possible to select investment plans grouped by niche or categorized according to trending searches. Expert analysis is included in in-service components, and constant review for quality and value optimizes the user experience. Vincent users are additionally offered a customized analysis based on their professional interests. Each memo consists of a V-Score, a ranking system that releases a score, filtering all available deals.


Is Vincent open to all investors?

Yes, Vincent is fully available to any investor, whether qualified, accredited, or without experience.

What is Vincent's investment minimum?

At the moment, Vincent carries various investment options from multiple industries. Therefore the minimum investment value often alters. Therefore, the minimum range can be between $10 - $50,000 concerning the asset. Some of the partners even allow participation in product drops without minimums. As a service, Vincent indicates the minimum amount needed to participate in a certain activity.

How do I invest in Vincent?

As a user, you cannot invest in Vincent because it is not a specialized investment platform. It means that no investments are being transacted on behalf of the user. Therefore, the service itself does not take any money from clients. Instead, Vincent connects users with third-party portals that conduct the investing processes on their behalf. It is important to note that they are not related to Vincent.

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