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SOS Capital PayOff

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Repayment of loan

This company offers flexible terms, so, in general, the repayment schedule doesn't hinge on future revenue growth or sales. Instead, it's predicated on a previously established plan that doesn't factor in any of the future growth the business will or won't experience. While the repayment can be made through conventional means, it's also possible for the company to collect a fixed percentage of future earnings or purchase future receivables at a discounted rate. There are no fees applied throughout the process.

Early payoff

There are no prepayment penalties as per this business funding company's official policy. This company is known for its client-oriented approach, so they always attempt to satisfy their customers as much as they can without trying to collect any unnecessary fees.


How can I pay SOS Capital?

With SOS Capital, it's possible to pay your business loan through various means of payment, including online banking.

What if I'm late for a SOS Capital payment?

If you fall behind on your repayment schedule with SOS Capital, you risk defaulting on a loan. You will rack up a heavy debt and may lose your business altogether. It's a wise move to try to find a mutually beneficial agreement with the company if you think you could fall behind with your payments.

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