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How to apply

The application procedure is straightforward.

  1. Create an account and choose your company.

  2. Go through an intro call and submit the full details. You will be required to provide information on yourself, your business, employment, and financial details.

  3. You'll be sent an offer detailing rates, fees, possible gains, and the repayment schedule.

  4. If you agree, you will sign contracts and receive funds.


The process can vary greatly depending on which option you choose, since this business offers many financial products and services. For financing services, there's a certain set of requirements, and they include:

  • Good business status. Your company has to be on a solid financial footing. Moreover, the projections for the future also have to look positive. There are several financial analysis tools that help gauge your company's prospects.

  • Suitable options amount. It's vital to give the clients what they deserve, but sometimes it doesn't make financial sense for Secfi as a business.

  • Adherence to financial guidelines. There are several regulatory checks to be made during the process. FINRA has to approve the investment.

  • Residence. You don't need to be a resident of the United States, but it makes things easier. Every situation is different, but there are certain guidelines that every equity strategist reviewing the application must follow.

  • Enough time to process everything. Sometimes clients offer too short of a timeframe for this company to process and assess all the data and come up with a suitable offer.

For loans, the requirements include:

  • Good business status;

  • Suitable equity value and a number of liquid assets;

  • Good credit history. There's going to be a soft credit check when you apply. Please note that a soft credit check does not impact your credit score in any way.

Application details

The documents package doesn't really differ much from what you would get from companies offering similar services. Prove your legitimacy by adding documentation to the application. Once you submit details regarding your equity, tax, and company, you will receive an offer from the company, and then you will be asked to provide documentation to corroborate the information you previously provided.

The applications are usually considered 5-7 business days. The reasons for rejection can vary, but, in most cases, they are related to the applicants not meeting the requirements or providing insufficient or incomplete information. However, Secfi makes a point of giving all rejected applicants a chance to re-apply in the future. They say that the fact that you were turned down now doesn't mean that the situation won't change in a few months' time.


Does Secfi take control or ownership of my equity?

The company takes neither ownership nor control of your pre-IPO stock. That's now how non-recourse financing works. Secfi's aim is to make sure you get the funds you need without losing your role as the sole owner of the company stock.

What are Secfi's financing rates?

Secfi does not provide clear information regarding their fees and rates. Every offer they send out is highly personalized, so you have to apply before you know what rate you'll be able to qualify for.

How long does it take to get my Secfi financing?

It depends on how cooperative your company is. On average, it takes Secfi about 3-5 workdays to fully process a transaction and deposit your funds to your bank account. This is done via Blue Ridge Bank (Member FDIC).

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