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In this comprehensive review, we explore Rise Credit® Installment Loan designed to meet diverse financial needs. Discover how Rise Credit® stands out with its competitive interest rates, flexible borrowing limits, and rewarding perks.
500 - 5000 $
Loan Amount
7 - 36 Months
Repayment Term
60 - 299 %

Product Details

General Info
 Loan Amount Loan Amount
500 - 5000 $
Repayment Term Repayment Term
7 - 36 Months
Required documents Required documents
Do I fit in?
Age Age
from 18 years
Credit Score Credit Score
Income required Income required
60 - 299 %

How to Apply for a Rise Credit?

  1. Visit Website. Go to the Rise Credit website to begin your application process.

  2. Check Your Loan Options. On the homepage, you'll find the option to check your loan options without affecting your FICO® score. Start by entering your first name, last name, email address, and state of residence. After entering your basic information, click on the "GET STARTED" button to proceed with your application.

  3. Complete the Application Form. Fill out the application form with all required details, including your financial information, employment status, and any additional personal information requested to assess your loan application.

  4. Review Loan Terms. Once your application is processed, review the loan terms offered to you. This includes the loan amount, interest rate, repayment schedule, and any other relevant details.

  5. Choose Your Own Terms. Rise Credit offers flexibility in choosing your payment schedule based on your personal and financial situation. Select the option that works best for you, keeping in mind state restrictions on payment schedule options.

  6. Submit Application. After reviewing and selecting your loan terms, submit your application for final approval.

  7. Wait for Approval. Rise Credit will process your application and notify you of your approval status. Applications processed and approved before 6pm ET are typically funded the next business day.

  8. Receive Funds. If approved, the loan funds will be deposited directly into your checking account as soon as the next business day, allowing you to access the cash you need.

Conditions and Requirements


  1. Loan Amounts. Rise Credit offers personal installment loans ranging from $500 to $5,000, subject to approval.

  2. Interest Rate. The APR (annual percentage rate) ranges from 60% to 299%. The specific interest rate depends on the state and the borrower's creditworthiness.

  3. Approval Time. Applications processed and approved before 6pm ET are typically funded the next business day.

  4. State Availability. Rise Credit is offered only to residents in states where permitted by law, reflecting the company's adherence to local regulations and legal frameworks.

  5. Repayment. Borrowers have the flexibility to choose their payment schedule, although state restrictions may apply to payment schedule options. Early repayment is encouraged, with no additional fees for paying off a loan early.

  6. 5-Day Risk-Free Guarantee. Borrowers may rescind their loan by contacting support before 5pm ET, on the fifth business day from the date they signed their loan agreement, and repay the principal without any fees or interest.

  7. Credit Check. Checking your loan options will not affect your FICO® score. However, a hard inquiry may be placed on your credit reports when you are approved for and accept a loan, which could impact your credit score.

  8. Financial Wellness Tools. Borrowers get free access to their credit score and free credit monitoring alerts.


  1. Application Process. Applicants must apply online through the Rise Credit website.

  2. Checking Account. A valid checking account is required for the loan funds to be deposited if approved. Savings and prepaid accounts not accepted.

  3. Email Address. Applicants must have a valid email address for communication and loan management purposes.

  4. Minimum Income. Approval for credit and the amount for which you may be approved are subject to minimum income requirements, which vary by state.

  5. Documentation. In some cases, applicants may be required to provide certain documents to verify the information in their application.

  6. Credit Consideration. While Rise Credit offers loans to individuals with less-than-perfect credit, the final approval and loan terms may be influenced by the applicant's credit profile.

  7. Residency. Applicants must be residents of a state where Rise Credit operates, as the availability of loans and terms can vary based on local laws and regulations.

Ways to Receive the Money

Rise Credit offers a convenient and efficient method for borrowers to receive their loan funds. Once an application is approved, typically before 6pm ET, the funds are usually deposited into the borrower’s valid checking account as soon as the next business day. This direct deposit feature ensures that borrowers can access the money they need quickly, without unnecessary delays. This process is designed to provide immediate financial relief for borrowers, allowing them to cover emergency expenses, unexpected bills, or any other urgent financial needs with ease and speed.

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