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About lender

Refily is a fintech lender Home Refinance comparison marketplace. It allows you to search for suitable lenders automatically through the service. Refily is an LMB Mortgage Services, Inc. It doesn’t act as a broker or lender, nor does it provide a pre-qualification.

The company operates across the US. However, its services aren’t available for Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Montana, North Carolina, or Oklahoma residents.

Pros and cons


  • You don’t pay the company anything for the matching according to your refinance needs.
  • The service can save you time. Instead of trying to compare lenders manually, you can filter them with the help of Refily and find a matching offer.
  • Easy-to-use. You can get through an estimation within three to five minutes.


  • You can’t apply or pre-qualify for the mortgage loan with Refily. The service is only for informational purposes.
  • The service comprises only lenders of the Refily network. It doesn’t guarantee you the best offer.
  • Refily is not available in all states. There is no information on the non-eligible states, so you can’t eliminate the service at once.
  • The rates and terms are only estimates of what you can get. The actual terms can differ drastically from what you expected.

Terms and conditions

Refily offers a comparison service for a mortgage loan refinance. It only provides estimates and doesn’t promise you to have the same loan terms as advertised. Therefore, you can only compare initial loan offers of the lenders and decide if they can be suitable for your refinance needs.

Once you click Get Started, you share with the company your preferences. No SSN is required. Refily searches for the lenders according to the filters and shows the best options. You can be matched to one lender best fitting your financial needs.

Refily doesn’t charge fees for its services. You have an option to compare up to three lenders at no cost.

Refily shows the day’s mortgage rates for 15-year fixed conforming mortgages and 30-year fixed conforming mortgage loans on its webpage. You get to see the interest rate and APR changing every day. These are advertised rated. They are based on a $300,000 conventional refinance loan amount for a single primary residence in Georgia. The FICO score is set to 740, and LTV is 80%. So, if you have similar circumstances, you can expect these interest rates and APRs.

Funding a loan

The time and method of funding will solely depend on the lender you match with. The funding time also depends on the loan type you choose and can take from one to thirty days. You will need to provide your bank account to the lender, so you will receive the funds there. However, some lenders require you to visit their in-store location.

Refily doesn’t issue any fee and doesn’t collect your bank account info, so you won’t pay it. The service can be used 24/7.


Where is Refily available?

Refily is available in most states of the country. However, you can’t get service if you are a Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Montana, North Carolina, or Oklahoma resident.

Is Refily safe?

Refily is considered a legitimate lender comparison marketplace for comparing mortgage refinance lenders. It has a 4-star rating on Trustpilot, and you don’t pay fees to them.

How does Refily work?

Refily compares mortgage refinance lenders. You click Get Started and provide the service with your personal information and what mortgage loan you want to take. Once you’re done, the company will match you with one best-suited lender.

Is Refily a mortgage lender?

No, Refily is not a lender at all. It is a platform for comparing lenders. You cannot pre-qualify or apply for a loan using the company.

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We take the manual work out of your lender search, matching you with lenders to meet your refinance needs.

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