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15 year mortgage calculator

15 year mortgage calculator online in the USA in 2022. How to figure out a 15 year mortgage yourself?

Calculation according to the property value
Calculation according to the loan amount
The best 15 year mortgage calculator
Mortgage amount

The amount you want to receive

50000 $
500000 $
15 year mortgage calculator 15 year mortgage calculator 15 year mortgage calculator 15 year mortgage calculator 15 year mortgage calculator
Mortgage amount

Mortgage amount

50000 $
500000 $
Down payment

Specify the percentage of the down payment

Your 15 year mortgage amount
Mortgage term

Specify the desired length of the mortgage

Interest rate

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2 %
15 %
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Fill out an application for a 15 year mortgage!
Fill out an application for a 15 year mortgage!

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What is a Mortgage Calculator?

A mortgage payment calculator allows you to compute your estimated monthly payment as you hunt for a purchase mortgage loan or a refinance. It also includes your loan's principal, interest rate, property taxes, homeowner's insurance, private mortgage insurance (PMI) and Homeowners Association (HOA) fees.

An online mortgage calculator makes solutions to inquiries about the impact of changes in mortgage rates factors available to anyone. Any calculator's accuracy is determined by the correctness of the data you enter. Calculators are great for customers who don't have complicated finances and can enter numbers that are accurate. For buyers who earn a salary, have strong credit, and have little debt, a mortgage calculator may provide more dependable findings than for others. A housing counselor can produce a more specific analysis for someone with a changing or atypical income, an enormous debt burden, or a low credit score. The most popular mortgage loan types are Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans, Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARM), Loan Fixed-Rate Conventional Loan and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) loan.

Why You Need a Mortgage Calculator

Online mortgage calculators illustrate you how your interest rates influence your monthly payment. It can determine how much property a potential borrower can afford. The lender will compare the total income and entire debt load. A mortgage calculator may help you sum up all of your income sources and compare them to all of your monthly mortgage payments. It can also factor in a future monthly house payment and other housing costs such as private mortgage insurance (PMI), property taxes, homeowner's insurance, principal and interest rate. With each monthly mortgage payment, you pay around one-twelfth of your annual tax bill if you have an escrow account. If your down payment is barely than 20% of the home price, you will almost certainly be required to pay mortgage insurance, which is added to your monthly payments. You must consult your insurance carrier for more details.

An online mortgage calculator can help you expect your monthly mortgage payment quickly and precisely. It can also show you how much interest over the life of the loan term you'll pay upfront. Customers can use this calculator to figure out how much is their monthly mortgage payment and create a rough amortization schedule. It can also clarify the amount of interest rates and the expected mortgage principal sum.

A mortgage calculator, unfortunately, cannot answer questions regarding how much house you can get for a specific loan amount. The calculator can narrow down your home search. Mortgage payment estimates are a fantastic place to start when looking for a home. Instead of wasting time watching at houses that are out of your price range, you may concentrate on homes that are within your budget. Never buy a home that is out of your price range. Of course, it's not a good idea to buy too far below your price range if it means having to sell and buy again in a few years. It's also simple to experiment with different choices in a mortgage calculator to see how they affect your monthly payment, mortgage interest, and total loan cost. It lets you to try out different scenarios. This is a straightforward way to determine the best loan for you.

How to Calculate Payments on a 15-Year Mortgage


Most homebuyers have an escrow account, which is the account used by your lender to pay your property tax bill and homeowners' insurance. The monthly mortgage bill includes not only the principal and interest payment but also house insurance, property taxes and, in some situations, private mortgage insurance. You can use the formula below to compute for your monthly mortgage payment:

Monthly mortgage payment = Principal + Interest + Escrow Account Payment

Escrow account = Homeowners Insurance + Property Taxes + PMI (if applicable)

You can also use the formula; M = P [r (1 + r) ^ n / ((1 + r) ^ n) -1)], where M is monthly mortgage installment, P is the loan principal, r is the percentage rate and n is the number of payments carried out during the credit term.

Using Calculator

Regardless of where a customer is in the home-buying process, estimating mortgage monthly costs is a critical step in establishing an affordable and easy payment choice. The mortgage calculator enables you to evaluate several scenarios and determine the best loan type, period, and starting payment for your specific financial circumstances. To use the mortgage calculator, here are the steps.

How to Lower Monthly 15-Year Mortgage Payments

If the monthly payment you see in our calculator appears to be out of reach, you might attempt several strategies to decrease the cost. To lower your monthly 15-year mortgage payments, try the following tips:

Comparing Lenders with a 15-Year Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage will be your major long-term debt responsibility. Choosing the best mortgage will help you succeed and reduce your overall home-buying expenditures. A mortgage calculator conducts the math for you, allowing you to compare various loan options from different lenders. A 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, for example, offers lower payments but requires more interest. The installments on a 15-year loan are greater, but you will pay less interest throughout the life of the loan. The interest rate remains in the entire loan term. However, a conventional loan isn't the only sort of mortgage available, and the best mortgage type for you may depend on your circumstances.

A home is a significant investment, and you may wonder how much you can actually afford. Determine your financial capabilities by using the calculator. Simulate various scenarios on a mortgage calculator to discover what your ideal loan would look like. Whatever loan amount you certify for, note that it is not necessary to borrow the entire amount. Compare mortgage loan terms. The most common loan type is a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, but it is not your only option. Use a mortgage calculator to examine how different loan options affect your monthly payment, interest rate, and total cost of the home. Remember that while a longer loan term means lower monthly payments, you will pay more interest over the life of the loan.

Because a mortgage is a financial pledge, now is not the time to take the first available alternative. It pays to search around no matter what type of mortgage you're looking for. Remember that even minor changes in interest rates might cause considerable changes in your monthly payment and total interest paid. To identify your ideal loan, run many scenarios via a mortgage calculator and compare at least four lenders to choose one with the greatest terms, options, and services for you.


Is it better to get a 30-year mortgage and pay it off in 15 years?

If you want to pay off your mortgage rates faster and can afford higher monthly payments, a 15-year loan may be a better option. A 30-year loan's lower monthly payment may allow you to buy a larger home or free up funds for other financial goals. The major advantage is that instead of making monthly payments for 30 years, you'll have the entire sum paid off in half the time. A 15-year mortgage also develops home equity faster because you are paying off your mortgage faster.

Is it harder to qualify for a 15-year mortgage?

It's simple to qualify for a 15-year mortgage if you have a greater income and can afford a higher monthly payment connected with a short-term mortgage loan. You may also come across interest rates ranging from to. They are 5% and 1% lower than for a 30-year mortgage.

Is it worth paying extra on a 15-year mortgage?

Yes. The amount maintained will vary depending on the loan's original size and interest rate. Simply making an extra payment over the duration of a 15-year mortgage for $300,000 at a 5% interest rate results in an ultimate savings of up to $200 per month.

How much more per month is a 15-year mortgage?

Congress establishes the conforming loan limit for single-family homes in the United States at $647,200, with a cap of 150% in areas with higher home values. If you choose a 15-year loan, your monthly payments will be around $500 higher, or about $1,348. A 15-year mortgage has a lower interest rate, and because the term is half as long, you'll pay a lot less interest throughout the life of the loan.