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How to apply

Loanscription offers you preapproval once they have confirmed that your credit profile falls within their parameters, and one of their loan specialists will contact you to discuss the following stages. On average, submitting an online loan application through Loanscription takes 15 minutes or less.

A loan consultant will assist you through the complete procedure if you want to contact them ahead of time; for those that like, you can request that one of their specialists contact you on your schedule.

You may get started in minutes by beginning your application online or speaking with a loan consultant. Loanscription cutting-edge loan processing technology will underwrite your loan application in a fraction of the time it takes conventional lenders. Sign your agreement electronically, and the monies will be deposited into your account the following business day.


The four pillars most applications for a small business loan are built around are applicants' credit ratings, annual revenues, business plans, and collateral. Be aware, however, that in addition to these supporting documents, there are many others that you will need to qualify for a small business loan. Your driver's license is one example of what can be included. When you apply for a loan with Loanscription, you won't need to provide them with a business plan because that's not a requirement. They make an effort to shorten the application procedure as much as possible by minimizing the number of papers you are required to give and doing away with the requirement that you gather financial data.

Application details

When submitting your initial application, be sure to include the following details:

  1. Identifying information about yourself (name, address, medical title, specialty, annual income);

  2. How much money you'd like to borrow, and what sort of loan you're looking for;

  3. Your company's primary financial information.


What information does Loanscription require for application?

You must enter basic information about yourself on the application's first page (such as your name, address, medical title, specialty, and annual income). Loanscription will also need you to enter the amount of money you wish to borrow, the sort of loan you desire, and your vital financial details about your firm.

How long does Loanscription process applications?

The completion of our online application should take roughly fifteen minutes on average. Applicants may also contact us directly by calling our office, and one of our loan specialists would be happy to discuss the application procedure in detail with them over the phone.

Will the application with Loanscription hurt my credit?

A soft credit pull is something that Loanscription does to verify an individual's identity. A soft inquiry into your credit history will have no impact whatsoever on your credit score.

Calculate loan payments in Loanscription

Loanscription calculator will allow you to calculate an approximate payment schedule for the loan

Loanscription calculator
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250000 $
Loan term

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