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Looking for payday loan in Mobile, AL? Our selection of payday loans includes options for all credit types, even bad credit, with no credit checks. Connect with local direct lenders for a hassle-free payday loan experience.
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What is a payday loan in Mobile?

A payday loan in Mobile, Alabama, serves as a short-term, small-dollar financial option intended to assist individuals in managing unexpected expenses or bridging financial gaps between their paychecks. These loans are known for their accessibility and ability to provide a swift solution to people dealing with urgent financial needs.

What is the maximum payday loan amount in Mobile?

In Mobile, Alabama, payday loans generally come with a maximum limit of $500, in line with the state's regulations. This limit is in place to ensure that individuals borrow responsibly and avoid taking out excessive amounts of money that might cause financial problems down the road.

Payday Loans in Mobile, Alabama

Pros and Cons


Quick Cash Access. In Mobile, Alabama, payday loans offer a swift way to get your hands on money when you're in a pinch. Whether you're facing an urgent bill or another financial issue, you can apply for a loan and often receive a decision on the same day, ensuring prompt access to the funds you require. You have the option to apply online via the lender's website or visit a physical location, providing convenience and saving you valuable time.

No Credit Checks. Many payday lenders in Mobile are understanding of the fact that not everyone has a flawless credit history. Typically, they do not require traditional credit checks to approve your loan, alleviating concerns about your credit score.

Versatile Use of Funds. Borrowers in Mobile can utilize the loan for various needs. Whether it's to cover unexpected expenses or bridge the gap until your next paycheck arrives, you have the flexibility to decide how to utilize the funds, whether in cash or through alternative means.

Simple Application Process. Applying for payday loans in Mobile is generally straightforward and user-friendly. The process is designed to be easy for individuals to complete without unnecessary hassle.

Capped NSF Fee. One advantage of payday loans in Mobile, Alabama, is the capped NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) fee, which is limited to $30. This regulation ensures you are aware of the maximum additional charges you might incur, allowing for better planning and understanding of potential costs.


High Cost. Payday loans in Mobile often come with exorbitant interest rates and fees. The cost of borrowing can be extremely high, which can lead to financial distress for borrowers who may already be in a precarious financial situation.

Short Repayment Period. Payday loans typically require repayment within a very short time frame, often between 10 to 31 days. This short window can make it challenging for borrowers to repay the loan in full, potentially leading to a cycle of debt and the need for additional loans.

Limited Loan Amount. The maximum loan amount for payday loans in Alabama, including Mobile, is capped at $500. This limitation may not be sufficient to cover larger or unexpected expenses, leaving borrowers with inadequate funds to address their financial needs.

Risk of Debt Trap. Due to the high costs and short repayment terms associated with payday loans, some borrowers may find themselves trapped in a cycle of borrowing. This cycle can result in multiple loans, each with high fees, making it difficult to break free from the payday loan debt cycle and achieve financial stability.


  1. Age. Borrowers must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Income. Applicants should have a stable source of income, which can include employment or regular government benefits.
  3. Residential Address. Borrowers must have a verifiable address in Mobile, Alabama.
  4. Identification. A valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport, is required.
  5. Active Bank Account. Most lenders will mandate that borrowers have an active checking account for loan disbursement and repayment.


    In Mobile, Alabama, payday loans have rules to make them fair. You can borrow up to $500, but you have to pay it back in 10 to 31 days. There's also a fee, around $17.50 for every $100 you borrow. That makes it pricey, like having a really high interest rate. If your bank account doesn't have enough money when they try to take the loan payment, you might be charged an extra $30.

    Lenders in Mobile, Alabama

    Apply For a Loan

    1. ACE Cash Express offers online payday loans to Mobile, Alabama residents, providing a convenient and accessible way to access quick cash.

    2. CashNetUSA is another online payday lender serving Mobile, offering a streamlined application process and fast approval for those in need of immediate funds.

    3. Check City also offers online payday loans to Mobile borrowers, known for their commitment to responsible lending practices and transparent loan terms.

    4. Check 'n Go offers a convenient offline payday lending option in Mobile, ensuring borrowers can access quick cash with ease.

    5. Mariner Finance provides personalized financial solutions for Mobile residents, giving borrowers a flexible offline payday loan option.

    6. Check Into Cash stands as a reputable offline payday lender in Mobile, known for its transparent loan terms and commitment to responsible lending practices.

    7. Speedy Cash is an offline payday lender in Mobile that focuses on friendly customer service and straightforward loan application processes.

    Alternatives to payday loans in Mobile

    1. Credit Builder Loans. Local banks and credit unions offer credit builder loans, helping residents enhance their credit history through manageable monthly payments, making it an effective alternative to payday loans.
    2. Loans for Bad Credit. Mobile provides specialized loans for various borrower profiles, including those with less-than-perfect credit, offering more favorable interest rates than traditional payday loans, allowing residents to address their financial needs effectively.
    3. Secure Credit Cards. Mobile, Alabama, provides an opportunity for residents to establish or rebuild their credit with secured credit cards featuring a cash advance feature, promoting financial stability through responsible borrowing.
    4. Peer-to-Peer Lenders. Online platforms connect Mobile residents with individual investors willing to lend money, offering competitive interest rates and flexible terms as an alternative to payday loans.
    5. Pawn Shop Loans. Local pawn shops allow borrowers to use valuable items as collateral, providing quick cash and serving as an immediate alternative to payday loans.
    6. Title Loans. Vehicle owners can leverage their car titles as collateral to secure title loans, offering lower interest rates and more favorable terms compared to payday loans.
      1. Fees and Cost of the Loan. Borrowers in Mobile must adhere to strict rules when obtaining payday loans. They can borrow up to $500, with repayment terms ranging from 10 to 31 days. However, it's important to note that for every $100 borrowed, an additional charge of 17.50% applies, resulting in a high cost, similar to having an APR of 456%*. Borrowers are allowed one rollover, but they must wait for a full business day after repaying the second consecutive loan. Additionally, if there are insufficient funds in their bank account when the lender attempts to collect the loan, an extra $30 fee may be charged. It's worth mentioning that payday lenders are prohibited from engaging in any criminal activities and must comply with Alabama Code §§ 5-18A-1 et seq.
      2. Laws for Lenders in Alabama. Those who provide payday loans, whether online or at physical locations in Mobile, must follow specific rules. They are required to obtain special licenses and provide borrowers with all the details about the loan, including the total amount to be repaid, the interest rates, associated fees, and the repayment period. It's important to note that payday loans in Alabama do not fall under the Small Loan Act, and state law limits the maximum loan amount to $500.
      3. Additional Information. Since July 2020, lenders are not obligated to assess a borrower's ability to repay the loan.


      Keeping your Debt-to-Income (DTI) ratio below 30-40% of your monthly income is crucial. This will help you avoid potential financial problems in the future. Additionally, always assess the necessity and feasibility of taking a loan, ensuring you can comfortably manage its repayment.

      How to Choose a Lender

      1. Make sure to confirm whether the lender is licensed to operate in your state. You can verify this information with your state regulator or attorney general.

      2. Check if the lender is a member of a reputable association, such as the Community Financial Services Association of America. Membership in such organizations may provide an extra level of reliability.

      3. Carefully review all the terms and conditions of your payday loan contract.

      4. Thoroughly examine the interest rates on payday loans and ensure that your contract includes a detailed breakdown of the total cost of the loan.

      5. Take advantage of your right of rescission. Usually, you can rescind the loan within three days after signing the agreement. Alternatively, there is typically a "cooling-off" period, which allows you several days to thoroughly review the contract before making an informed decision to enter into a consumer loan agreement based on the terms specified by the lender.

      6. Choosing a payday lender is a significant decision that demands careful consideration and a good understanding of how such organizations operate.

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        Are online payday loans legal in Mobile, AL?

        Payday loans are allowed in Mobile, Alabama, as per the laws in Ala. Code §§ 5-18A-1 et seq. These laws provide guidelines for payday lenders on how they can operate in Alabama. By following these rules, payday lenders ensure fairness for all parties involved. These regulations allow people to access payday loans while providing necessary protections for both borrowers and lenders.

        How many payday loans can you get in Mobile?

        In Mobile, Alabama, people are usually only allowed to have one payday loan at a time. The state's payday loan rules, found in Ala. Code §§ 5-18A-1 et seq., make it clear that borrowers can't have many payday loans at once. This rule helps people borrow responsibly and prevents them from getting too many payday loans, which could cause money problems. Before getting a new payday loan, borrowers need to pay off their current one, and they often have to wait for one business day after repaying the second loan before they can apply for a new one.

        What do you need for a payday loan in Mobile?

        To obtain a payday loan in Mobile, Alabama, you typically need to meet specific requirements. First, you should be at least 18 years old. You'll also need to demonstrate a stable source of income, which could include employment or regular government benefits. Having a verifiable residential address in Mobile is important, and you should possess a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport. Additionally, most payday lenders in Mobile will require you to have an active checking account, as this is where the approved loan amount is typically deposited, and it serves as the primary method for loan disbursement and repayment.

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