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Payday loans calculator in the US

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Submit one loan application online!

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What is a Payday Loan?

The payday loan calculator calculates the total cost of the loan. It is a value counted as a percentage, which considers fees, annual percentage rate, interest rates, and the repayment term. It makes possible to compare payday loans depending on a variety of criteria.

A payday loan is a type of loan offered for a short term, implying interest rates calculations and a prompt repayment period. The procedure excludes collecting certificates, the involvement of guarantors, and filling out numerous questionnaires.

A short–term loan is an average payday loan issued for a short calendar period. Usually, payday lenders give a payday loan for up to 1-3 years. Borrowers turn to this type of personal loan when needed to borrow money urgently. The borrower's personal property or other written guarantees can serve as collateral. The repayment term of the payday loan amount is carried out in equal parts every month by the repayment schedule.

Every consumer can calculate the amount of monthly fee. Before you apply for a payday loan, you can independently determine the payday loan affordability of several payday lenders by requesting them directly or use an online payday loan estimator.

The accuracy of the parameters assumed by the calculator will depend on the accuracy and completeness of the mathematical formulas embedded in the calculator program. The more factors are considered in the procedure, the more accurate the result is. In addition to the principal payments, the borrower may incur other expenses.

Pros and Cons of Payday Loans



Why You Need Payday Loan Calculator

The payday loan calculator allows you to systematize some information from the payday lender. It helps to turn interested in accurate payments. If borrowers are faced with choosing among several offers or evaluating the loyalty of a financial institution, then a payday loans calculator can help. Using a loan calculator, it will be easy to identify hidden interests, if any.

Before you start counting the overpayment on the loan, you need to determine the basic terms.

  1. A loan is money provided by a payday lender (bank, credit union, or online lenders) in debt on repayment, urgency, and payment terms. The loan amount is usually transferred directly to the borrower's bank account.

  2. The overpayment on loan is the total amount that the borrower will pay to the bank over what he took. It includes interest payments and possible commissions, fines, and paid services.

  3. The loan principal is the initial amount the borrower obtained.

  4. The total cost of the loan is the loan's actual cost, which is expressed in the interest rate. The UCS includes commissions, additional services, fees, and other payments. It shows how much the borrower will overpay in the end.

  5. The interest rate is the percentage of the loan principal that the borrower will pay to the bank for using the money over the principal amount. You can calculate the pace according to an annuity or a differentiated scheme. In the first case, the total amount of debt is divided into several monthly loan repayment amounts or years in equal parts. In the second case, the rate is charged on the loan balance and decreases each month.

How to Use a Payday Loan Calculator

The fastest and most affordable way to make payday loan calculations is to use an online loan calculator, for example, on the bank's website. The schedule is compiled automatically, which will allow you to visually assess how much you need to pay each month, how many go to the principal, and how much is deducted for interest. There you can immediately see the total overpayment for the entire loan term.

For online calculation of interest on the loan agreement on the calculator, it is essential to correctly enter the dates of receipt and repayment of the loan. It is because the calculator independently determines the interest accrual period. For the first day of accrual, the date following the date of receipt of the loan is accepted.

As the last day in the calculations, the debt repayment day to the lender is taken into account. However, the agreement may stipulate another period. The general view of the formula for calculating simple interest in the calculator under the loan agreement is as follows:

Interest amount under the loan agreement = loan amount × (number of days in a particular payment period/number of days in a year) × annual percentage rate.

The loan amount must specify the amount of the interest rate and the dates of receipt and repayment in the interest calculator under the loan agreement. You can make early payments and repayments into account in the calculations.

How to Calculate Payday Loan Monthly Fees

One of the most important criteria affecting the feasibility of obtaining a loan is the monthly payment amount. However, the capabilities of modern information technologies allow you not to do the necessary calculations manually.

First of all, it should be noted that there are two options for monthly payments:

  1. Annuity. This loan repayment schedule provides for regular payments of equal size throughout the entire term of the loan. The consequence of using this option is the same financial burden on the borrower.

  2. Differentiated. The monthly payment amount is calculated by taking into the outstanding loan amount at the moment. As a result of using such a loan repayment option, the financial burden on the bank's client is gradually reduced.

The differences between the two plans lead to a fairly significant difference between the size of the monthly payment and, consequently, the total amount of overpayment, so they must be taken into account when choosing a suitable loan option. It is important to note that there are several options today for calculating the number of regular loan payments.

The annuity payment method may become a more acceptable option for the client and a guarantee of full repayment of the debt for the bank. The principal debt decreases more slowly when choosing an annuity payment achedule with a fixed percentage since most costs go to interest repayment. Therefore, the longer the loan term, the smaller the monthly payment amount. But the overpayment will be more.

Experts note that the differentiated method is more suitable for high-income people, since the first payments will be the maximum. In this case, banks assess the borrower's solvency more carefully. As a result, the income level should be 20-25% higher than an annuity. However, there is no guarantee that the lender will approve the required amount.

The financial institution decides which type of loan to offer to the borrower, explaining this by the client's right to repay the debt ahead of time. For example, if the bank chooses an annuity scheme, and the consumer wants a differentiated one, then they have the right to pay more than the established amount every month. But then, it is necessary to notify the credit institution in advance of the early repayment by the procedure prescribed by the contract.

The functional calculation of the monthly loan payments can be done using an online calculator. They are available on the websites of most financial institutions. In addition, you can use convenient special network services, compare the data, taking into account the overpayment and the repayment schedule, and choose the most profitable loan option.

It is also possible to calculate the annuity and differentiated loan payments using the following calculation formulas.

Annuity payment formula P = S (i+i((1+i) * n^1)), where

The differential calculation scheme is characterized by a decrease in debt during the repayment period. You can find out the differentiated payment by the formula P = St + In, where

How to Compare Loans Using Payday Loans Calculator

Using a loans calculator, you can get objective information. Using it is very simple. In the cells specially designed for this purpose, entering the values and then initiating the calculation is necessary. The data processing process will take only a few seconds. After that, it will be possible to analyze the information received and draw appropriate conclusions. Usually, you need to enter:

The payday loans calculator will show the estimated monthly payment and the amount of the overpayment. A big plus if the system allows you to see prices in the context of monthly. Mortgage calculators and car loan calculators are no less common.

There are a lot of advantages to the presented variant of forecasting financial expenses. First of all, it is worth highlighting accessibility and simplicity, and ease of operation. The system itself will offer indicators options and independently calculate on their basis.

Using loans calculators, it will not be difficult to assess your capabilities and existing offers on the market. It is an opportunity to evaluate the situation objectively.

Using a payday loans calculator, a borrower can compare the offers of different lenders, especially if the borrower is pre-approved by a few lenders and knows the loan terms.

Payday loans calculator gives the result in the form of a table. It lists all the current offers of banks. To get detailed information about them, you need to click on the bank, and a page with all the conditions will open in front of you. Thanks to this approach, it will be easy to choose the best option and save your time.

Payday loans calculator allows you to find suitable loan conditions without assistance within a few seconds, compare all options, and save significant amounts when choosing an offer with no additional commissions. In addition, the payday loans calculator is constantly updated, which allows you to get up-to-date information.

With the help of an online calculator, legal entities and entrepreneurs can assess the financial burden of various loan offers. But it is important to remember that the calculator data is preliminary. The bank will prepare the final settlement.

The choice of a loan program is influenced not only by financial conditions. The need for collateral or other security and the deadline for consideration of the application is also critical.


How are payday loans calculated?

Use an online loans calculator to assess the loan amount you will have to repay. Then, it is worth contacting the lender's office for the borrower to have complete information. Professionals will calculate the loan based on your desired and possible parameters. You can also get such consultation by phone or via the website. In a particular section, there is an opportunity to ask any question and get an answer to it by personal mail.

What are some alternatives to a payday loan for borrowing money?

There are several alternatives to a payday loan for borrowing. For example, you can use medical bill assistance, lousy credit or family loans, and others.

How does a payday loan calculator work?

The loan calculator is a convenient online tool that will allow you to calculate the total cost of the loan in cash and the amount of the monthly payment, and display the repayment schedule using an annuity or differentiated payment. This service is based on mathematical formulas that automatically calculate the amount.