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Online loans by May 2022 in the United States

Online loans
Apply online loans in the US from companies verified by our specialists. On 27.05.2022 you have access to 5 loans with a rate of 0% per day. Increase your chances of getting money — fill out a multi-application with a free credit rating check.

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Interest rates on online loans in various US states

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Send your application online to the suggested companies

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Get your online loan!

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Online loans by May 2022

What is an online loan?

An online loan is convenient to get money directly to your bank account whenever you need it. You pick one of the services providing online loans, fill out the online loan application form and get the money to your card within minutes.

It is faster than the traditional way when you have to go to the bank office, ask for credit, and maybe get approval.

When you apply online for a loan, you can get a considerable sum of money, and some lenders limit the loan size to 100,000$ or a comparable sum. However, most people asking for a loan are interested in much smaller sums to solve one problem or another.

Usually, US citizens tend to borrow several thousand dollars online. Still, if they borrow money for a special occasion like a wedding or a pricey medical treatment, the loan might be significantly bigger.

What are the major types of online loans?

The most popular type of online loan is a personal loan, and next comes the debt consolidation loan. However, you can also apply online for a business loan, mortgage, student loan, etc.

Let's look at different types of loans you can get online.

Installment loans

When you obtain an installment loan, you get a fixed amount of money and then repay it with several scheduled payments called installments. Installment loans are a popular and convenient type of online borrowing, and many online lenders offer them with easy online application process. The money is typically funded the next business day.

Personal loans

A personal loan is the most popular type of an installment loan because a borrower can use it for any purpose they like, be it goods or services or whatever else they need. Usually, a personal loan repayment plan goes for 24 to 84 months.

Secured loans

Some personal loans are secured, which means that you have collateral that the lender will take if you can't cope with your monthly payments and repay your debt in full.

Unsecured loans

But more often, personal loans are unsecured, which puts a lender at a greater risk. So the lender has to raise the interest rate to justify the increased risks. Also, in the case of an unsecured loan, the lender will usually ask for a better credit score.

And as a rule of thumb, the better your credit score and payment history are, the lower APR you are offered, and more repayment options will be available.

Payday loans

Another popular option is payday loans, providing you with a small amount of money with a very high APR for short-term financial needs before your salary.

On the one hand, it is a fascinating kind of loan because a good credit score is not required to receive funds. But on the other hand, the overall cost of payday loans might be much higher than a person expects, and this is not a long term financial solution.

Borrowers repay payday loans in a lump sum. And if you feel that it is not comfortable for you to pay this loan from your next paycheck, there is an opportunity to prolong it until the next paycheck. You have to pay a rollover fee, which means you pay only interest for the first period that you used this borrowed money, and you can use this sum for another period.

The problem lies in the amount of money you will overpay for using payday loans. Sometimes, when a person rolls over such a loan a few times, you will have to pay twice as much as you borrowed or more. So, to avoid being depressed with such an obligation, be very careful and study the fees and conditions for prolongations very thoroughly.

Debt consolidation loans

Consolidate debt loans are another popular option, allowing you to replace your more expensive loans with less expensive ones. What is important is that you will have only one loan payment each month instead of several monthly payments.

For most people, managing one loan instead of many is easier, both from a psychological and financial point of view.

Home improvement online loan

The next type is a home improvement online loan to pay for a renovation or a home repair. It would help if you considered that these loans are usually unsecured, so your beloved house is not used as collateral.

You are not limited to what you spend your funds on, new furniture, or other options using a home improvement loan.

How to apply for an online loan?

If you feel that you need extra money and consider an online loan as the way to get it, then all you have to do is find one of the websites offering online loans and fill out an online loan application form or apply here at Finanso.

Usually, you can see all the terms and conditions of an online loan before filling out an online loan application form, so you can see an interest rate and the amount of money you can get from the very beginning.

But still, you can often see only a range from the minimum possible annual percentage rate, and you need a soft credit check to provide you with the final conditions. A soft credit check doesn't affect your credit score because it happens before applying for a credit or a loan.

It is mainly designed to show your chances of approval. However, when you apply online, the lender will perform a hard credit pull, and if a loan is approved or not, you will get a record in your credit report.

So if you are unsure about your opportunity to get a loan, it is better for you to know your chances after a soft credit check and apply only if you consider your chances and your personal loan conditions reasonable.

What are the main requirements for getting an online loan?

Please consider that some online lenders work only with people with good or excellent credit history. However, some online lenders are ok even with a bad credit history or no credit history.

Your FICO score of 660 and above for most online loans will be enough, but if you are looking for the lowest interest rate, your FICO score should be 690 or more.

But your credit history is not the only requirement for online lenders. Your income is also substantial, and sometimes you will have to provide information about your assets.

Also, in the case of a secured loan, you may get approval with a lower credit score than a person with a higher credit score but without collateral to provide.

Sometimes, you may be offered insurance (for an extra fee), which can come in many forms. For example, it may be unemployment protection.

When you consider buying the insurance, you should carefully calculate your overall monthly payment and other costs (such as insurance or additional fees) related to your loan.

If you are uncertain about your ability to make each monthly payment in time, you should consider another loan with different conditions.

Ways to get an online loan

To get an online loan, all you have to do is select one of the online lenders and check if you qualify with their requirements and like their conditions.

The internet makes it easier to compare online lenders to one another, so you can see all the terms on one screen and decide what is better for you considering an interest rate, required credit score, hidden fees, and loan options.

However, most of the time, most lenders will reveal the complete information to you only after a soft credit pull. Don't worry and go ahead.

On the first screen of most companies, you will see information vital for your decision and a lot of information designed to attract your attention, such as the minimum possible APR.

But you will see your conditions only after you fill in some initial information about yourself depending on your previous credit difficulties, income, and other facts.

After the online lender approves your loan, you will get the money directly to your bank account, sometimes even during the same business day.

How to repay an online loan debt

You can repay your online loan according to initial repayment terms provided by an online lender, such as three monthly payments, for example. Still, you can also repay your online loan faster than planned, benefiting your budget.

Sometimes there can be an early payoff penalty in this case, so read the terms and conditions carefully to find hidden fees and precisely calculate your overpayment. Sometimes it may be more clever to stick to your initial repayment terms.

But what if you have several debts or loans at the same time? Then you should pay attention to all of your debts and maybe even consider debt consolidation. Compare each loan according to APR, early payoff fees, and other vital conditions and select the most expensive one and the smallest one.

These two conditions should be your priority for an early payoff (if no fees are applied).

When borrowing from online lenders, you pay back to your lender's bank account, and you don't have to go to some brick-and-mortar office with some cash or check.

Financial planning

It is crucial to make on time payments to avoid your credit profile damaging, so if you feel that you can have difficulties, take some easy steps to maintain your financial discipline.

First, you need to plan your budget, and always have enough money to repay your loan. If you can't afford the payback and late or non payment happens, maybe you should consider some help from a financial counselor.

But if you want to cope with your budget by yourself, then you should start tracking your income and expenses. Many apps are helping with that, both free ones and paid ones, and you can select the most convenient.

When analyzing your expenses, you can find some facts about yourself that were not so obvious to you, for example, how much you spend on junk food or bad habits.

It can even motivate you to start working on improving your income, be it working extra hours or finding another source of income.

Secondly, you should have an honest understanding of your long-term financial goals, such as your property or a fancy car, and how you can get there. Sometimes a loan is an excellent way to reach your goals faster, and the joy of having what you desperately want is more important to you than the price of the borrowed money.

Thirdly, you should know your credit score obtained from one of the three major credit bureaus, Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. You can make a free request for your credit score once a year and select any of the three major credit bureaus.

Pros and cons of an online loan


  1. You can get extra money quickly, way quicker than in traditional banks.

  2. You can compare different online loans from the comfort of your home.

  3. You can find online loans for any credit rating, even for bad credit history.

  4. It's elementary to apply online.

  5. If your FICO score is good enough, your APR may be lower than a high-interest credit card.


  1. Annual percentage rates of online loans are usually higher than you can get in traditional banks.

  2. There may be some hidden commissions making the overall cost of online loans even higher than expected.

  3. It is effortless to get a loan from an online lender, but it is as hard to repay as any other debt.

Legal regulation of the online loans market in the USA

The problem with the legal regulation of online loans is that this business is mostly not limited to one state, and therefore it is not limited to the laws of that state. Furthermore, some online lenders intentionally partner with federally regulated banks, allowing them to dodge the limitations in a particular state.

However, much work has been completed to solve that problem and limit the maximum interest rate to a more reasonable level. But there is still a lot to be done in the legal regulation of online loans, so be very careful when agreeing to take a loan online. High (or very high) interest rates and unexpected expenses, such as hidden fees, may quickly transform your good credit score into bad.

Note! Some people call such loans predatory for the amount of money they have to pay plus the initial sum they have borrowed.

But the positive news is that the situation is improving, and more regulations will come in place in the nearest future, making these loans more affordable.

At the same time, each person should make their own decision about the pros and cons of borrowing money, and they definitely should understand that no one is obliged to fix their financial situation for a low cost.

The real cost of an online loan

If you decide to take an online loan, you will have to return the loan principal, precisely the amount of money you borrowed, plus some additional costs, which we will cover below.

The real cost of an online loan consists of four parts. The first part is, of course, the annual percentage rate (APR), and this is the thing most people care about the most.

However, there are three more parts to be aware of.

The second part is an origination fee. Some online loans providers charge a commission (usually 1% to 5%) for giving you the money. So, if you would like to get two thousand dollars as a personal loan, for example, and select a lender with an origination fee of 5%, you will get only $1900, but you will owe an online lender the whole sum ($2000) plus interest.

The third part is a late fee if you miss the due date. Some lenders have a grace period varying from one day after the due date to as much as five days in some cases. If a lender has a grace period, you will not be charged a late fee during that period.

The fourth part is an early payoff penalty or prepayment penalty. So, if you want to pay your debt down as soon as possible, you should read the terms and conditions oа your loan very carefully to check out if there are some prepayment penalties for getting ahead of schedule.

On top of that, an online lender can apply a rollover fee if you prolong your loan for another period.

However, some online loan providers do not charge origination fees, early payoff penalties, or even late fees. Use the comfort of online comparison to get enough information for choosing a suitable option.

The conclusion

Online loans have become increasingly familiar as a quick and convenient solution for different demands, such as personal loans or payday loans.

Many people consider them very expensive, but they are popular because the online application process has never been more straightforward.

Another reason is that many people are not good at all when managing their financial needs. Their favorite way to get out of this situation is to get some extra money, even if it comes with a relatively high price.

Credit counseling is a good idea for most of these people, especially before they get a delinquent consumer debt.

Smart ways to use an online loan

Online loans could be a curse or a blessing depending on how you use them, and in this section, we will discuss an intelligent way.

It starts with knowing your credit score and improving it if needed. That will give you a choice of lucrative loan options to select from when it comes to online loans or any other loans.

Of course, it is true in the case of online loans, so if your credit score is not perfect yet, then it might start to make it perfect by borrowing a small sum of money and repaying it according to schedule.

It will positively impact your credit score, showing that you are a trustworthy person, but it will also improve your financial discipline and prepare you for managing an online loan of significant size.

Sometimes the speed of the process, when there are minutes from your online application process to final approval and loan agreement, is crucial, primarily if you have found an outstanding bargain with limited supply, maybe even one of a kind.

Moreover, the need for surgery, medical treatment or car repair not covered by your insurance may occur in your life.

That is why a clever person should prepare to react to both positive (like a business opportunity or a bargain deal) and negative situations.

And this preparation usually comes in two forms: saving some money into your bank account and constantly improving your credit score to access personal loans or other kinds of loans.

Why we recommend getting a loan via Finanso?

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