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Best investment options of february 2024

Many people want to make profitable investments but are afraid of possible risks and do not know where and how to invest money. Thanks to this article you will get familiar with the best options for investing money with minimal risks as well as details how it works.
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Best investment options of february 2024

The most appropriate investment for your money

Investing can be a safe alternative for depositors under the conditions of market volatility as it allows to put funds, no matter if the amount equals to $10,000 or $100,000 and guarantees a little or no risk as well as the money will not be tied within an extended time period.

Typical investments are expected to grow over several months up to several years and can be converted into cash or other types of investment upon reaching the maturity.

A variety of investment accounts are brought to the market and the choice depends only on clients' preferences and life circumstances.

The best investments limiting the risks

Money market account

That is a type of accounts in US banks and savings institutions that combines the benefits of current as well as savings accounts.

The top options currently propose a competitive per annum percentage yield within a year and clients still have direct access to their funds. Depositors are provided with ATM cards, cheques and deposit receipts.

Important! Money market accounts are based on account balances rather than on an investment duration.

Top accounts of money markets provide all invested debit cards as well as receipts and cheques for deposits.

The absence of high risks allows to potentially generate a higher profit rate.

All these factors' combination is the reason why such accounts are considered as a kind of “steroid” ones that enable investors to multiply money without potential high risks.

Savings account on the Internet

A high yield account can be a proper option in case a customer's aim is to receive interest on money by a risk-free way. Having such an account enables to receive nominal interest value just for keeping funds on a deposit.

Some high-yield savings accounts offer competitive rates without collecting any contribution fees. This method of funds multiplication does not require any effort from an investor, except for opening an account and depositing money.

Alternative Investments

They are able to form a healthy and diversified portfolio. The only problem is many of these investments are not very liquid and the 7-year minimum retention period is normally required.

Note! Real estate is an example of classic alternative investments as an investor becomes an operation participant during a long time period.

Peer-to-peer investment ideas are considered alternative as they are applied outside the stock market and don't have an expiration period of 10 years.

Lending Club

Here a company's shares are not bought but money are lent to individuals or legal entities instead and interest is returned.


It offers low-cost online ETFs for real estate. With every investment individual property is purchased and managed.

Certificates of deposit (shortly CD)

Using a certificate of deposit the funds are deposited within a certain time period in exchange for a guaranteed income independently of what happens to the rate of interest during that period.

CDs should be purchased at companies insured by FDIC for the sum to $250,000. A typical investment term is from 3 months to 5 years that means the longer duration generally provides higher revenue.

CIT Bank offers the best CD having no early withdrawal penalty from a CD of 11 months and the rates are still competitive.

Worthy Bonds

Here funds are invested in small businesses by buying their bonds. Investors receive a fixed percentage rate of 5%.

Online current accounts

Like online savings accounts, this option is able to satisfy short-term investment needs as well.

Such an account provides a lot of online savings accounts' benefits but with even more liquidity as the number of withdrawals is unlimited.

And the best part is that online checking accounts tend to grant cash bonuses which certainly helps make trades more pleasant, especially if a percentage rate remains on a low level.

Bond Funds and ETF

Note! Bond funds are usually managed only by professional financial advisors as neither bonds nor money markets are stable.

Being the market's product, bonds are paid in accordance with the current market state and fluctuating monthly instalments.

A Roth IRA

It is funded by after-tax income. Thus, contributions can be withdrawn at any time but fines for this action are applied.

Note! Another possible way is to set up a Roth IRA and make investments in mutual funds, bonds, ETFs, etc. in order to make profits.

These funds increase independently, typically till a client's retirement. But provided the goal is the growth over a short time period then contributions can be withdrawn and if the market situation is good, it is possible to earn more than have been invested.

Treasury securities with the 5-year inflation protection

Inflation-protected treasury securities, also known as TIPS, are inflation-indexed government bonds.

The TIPS percentage rate is fixed but the security's base cost increases regarding to inflation assessed by the consumer price index.

Only 0.5% of interest payable semi-annually can be received but in 5 years the bond's value per year may rise by 2.5%.

As a result, upon expiry the initial investment will cost the same as it was at the first investing. However, interest will be earned.

Attention! TIPS can be purchased directly from the government at However, most depositors prefer investing in TIPS, ETFs or rather mutual funds because TIPS percentage is taxed.

Presence of a brokerage account is obligatory for purchasing ETF or mutual fund stocks.

Municipal and corporate bonds

TIPS and also other treasury investments are less risky than municipal bonds but the majority of municipalities do not default on their bonds.

Under such conditions a percentage rate risk is actually of more significance. In a low rate of interest environment bond's value decreases to compensate increase of market rates.

Important! Nowadays getting 4% on municipal bonds is considered to be excellent. But rates rising together with bond value decreasing of 6% leads to funds loss. However, a decline in the bond's value has an effect only if it is sold prior to maturity.

Corporate bonds are even more risky than municipal and treasury ones because they are not supported by the state, local or Federal government.

But as usually an increased risk may mean higher profits.

The same risk issue refers to corporate bonds and holding to maturity is able eliminate this single risk.

Availability of a brokerage account is necessary in order to be able to trade ETFs, individual bond certificates and mutual funds.

Debt redemption with a high percentage rate

Debts at high percentage rates are worth being redeemed in order to obtain a great return on investments.

Provided a client holds a credit card with a 15% rate of interest and a $10,000 balance then a big return on investment can be made.

Paying this debt off will be like making a 15% return on $10,000.

Thus, it allows not only get a better revenue on investment but also save funds on future expenses and improve the overall financial position.