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Gateway Financial PayOff

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Repayment of loan

You have the opportunity to pay either online or over the phone for your purchases in Gateway Financial LLC. To complete the payment for your purchase online, It is necessary for you to enter your account number and zip code. If you do not have access to that information, contact the company at 864-977-1456.

During the company's regular business hours, a Customer Service Representative will also be available to take your payment if you choose to do it over the phone. You can make your payment over the phone with their user-friendly Interactive Voice Response System (IVR). This service is available 24/7 for you. MoneyGram, Western Union, ACE Cash Express, and PayNearMe are also some other payment methods that are accepted. These various ways of payment all carry an additional cost, the amount of which depends on the method chosen.

Early payoff

There is no fee assessed for early payment. Get in touch with the customer care department of Gateway Financial LLC to receive an updated payoff statement.


What if I default on a Gateway Financial loan?

Suppose you have a loan with Gateway Financial, and it goes into default. In that case, your relationship with your lender will be shattered. It is also possible that you won't be able to acquire any additional loans in the future. It will significantly lower your credit score, make it more difficult for you to obtain further credit in the future, and even result in confiscating your belongings.

How can I pay Gateway Financial back?

You have the opportunity of making a payment to Gateway Financial either over the phone or online. MoneyGram, Western Union, ACE Cash Express, and PayNearMe are additional repayment methods.

Can Gateway Financial sue me?

Yes, Gateway Financial can sue you. If there is a dispute regarding the breach of contract, they can hire a lawyer to sue you for the underlying debt and the costs and expenses. Do not disregard a lawsuit against you; there is a possibility that you can mount a defense for yourself. 

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