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Credit cards immediately approved in the United States

Nowadays numerous issuers of credit cards apply instant confirmation to attract customers by just submitting an application and getting a response within a couple moments.

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Credit cards immediately approved

Applicants can obtain a within a minute answer regarding credit or prepaid card issuance. While issuers are keen to grant approval whenever possible, under certain circumstances it may take longer to determine if an application is approved, rejected or requires additional review.

The idea of immediately approved credit cards

The concept “instant approval” requires little context. At first glance, this means making a decision in seconds or perhaps minutes. But many applicants would agree to get a decision within a day but a positive one. A quick fix is not such a merit in case it is "no".

Indeed issuers are aimed to approve applications and to do it quickly. They know that a pending response provides an option for applying for another card which may be confirmed faster. That's why there are various credit card ads promising instant preliminary assessment which is actually issuers' tricky move.

In case of a card's pre-qualification issuers have at least one hook that can abate a desire to apply elsewhere. The point is that issuers tend to delay feedback on your application making “instant approval” a feature that might be worth less than advertised.

The ways such cards operate

There is nothing special in the way credit cards with instant confirmation operate. In case an applicant has good or excellent rating and expects quick approval then the issuer should be grateful for being granted their choice.

In fact, some consumers want an immediate confirmation as they worry about their bad rating. Provided having bad score, a quick fix will avoid time of anxious waiting. At the same time, some applicants would prefer quick disapproval to a drawn out process that can ultimately lead to confirmation.

Therefore, it is important to focus on the ways applicants having credit history of a poor level are able to obtain such sort of credit cards. Options aimed for a subprime community often come with a lot of additional charges, lower credit limits, little incentives and high percentage rates. Indeed, the ability to quickly approve applications can be the card's greatest asset.

Considering the restrictions inherent to the bad credit segment in the instant approval area, it is really important for such cardholders to follow the rules strictly for their applications being approved. This includes timely paying, charging a minimum required amount and never exceeding limits of credit. Good behavior will lead to minimal additional fees and, ultimately, a higher credit rating.

Obviously, responsible loan usage is important for all cardholders. The difference is bad credit score cardholders have much less room to wiggle, both in terms of the of penalty fees' effecting monthly budget and the way downgrade of an already credit rating of a bad level will complicate an ability to obtain loans or get extra credits even more.

There is another group for whom instant approval is of paramount importance. These are customers who consider a fleeting deal not having enough credit to take advantage of. Instantly approved cards which can also be used on the same day, can provide a shopping win that will be savored for years to come.

Finally, we will mention those consumers standing in need of a little emergency loan despite their poor creditworthiness. They represent the intersection of those who possess credit score of a poor level and wishing to use their card at the same day. For such people the ability to get a cash advance quickly can be a real solution to their problems and is certainly superior to alternatives like payday or pawn loans.

The ways of getting instantly confirmed credit cards

The majority of options propose instant pre-approval which is almost as good as instant approval. “Almost as good” because prior approval does not guarantee final one, it just increases the odds in your favor.

In order to get instant pre-approval you should decide the exact credit card you would like to own. To that end, there are reviews of the best instantly approved cards. It is worth considering cards that suit your needs in terms of credit requirements, rewards and benefits, zero annual percentage introductory promotions for balance transfers and special challenges students and businesses face.

Once you have selected the appropriate card you should visit the issuer's website by clicking the card name or the “Apply” button and complete the online prequalification form. This requires some basic data about you, your income and expenses. After submitting the form the issuer will immediately execute a soft request for your credit report.

Such inquiries provide issuers only partial information but it is usually sufficient to make a pre-approval decision. You will benefit from soft claim because it will not spoil your credit history. If you have received pre-approval and request final approval the issuer (with some exceptions) will make your credit report's careful review before making a final decision.

Detailed queries provide issuers with complete credit history. Unfortunately, they can cut an applicant's credit rating by 5-10 points for up to a year. This is why pre-approval is so important as no reason to downgrade credit rating if you are not going to go through this stage.

In case of getting approval card will arrive in about a week or 10 days. Sometimes free of charge or fee-based expedited shipping is offered by issuers.

Upon a card's arrival you will see a sticker attached which contains a phone number or website address to confirm the card receipt and activation. After that you can remove the sticker and start using your card.

If the card has a signature strip you must sign it. Additionally, an enclosed booklet should be kept in a safe place as it will be helpful in case you have questions about fees or benefits.

Options of credit cards immediately approved for applicants

In today's online environment almost all cards require immediate approval. A better question to ask is that instantly approved cards are appropriate for different consumer groups.

  • Bad credit. Getting a secure Mastercard® introduced by Capital One® is easy because you deposit a cash collateral to keep the credit line secured. It can be used for obtaining a loan as it reports the holder's activities to every major credit bureau. This option does not charge a per annum fee and is able to boost credit limit over time without additional collateral.
  • Fair loan. Capital One® Platinum credit cards with immediate approval don't require an annual charge, offers contactless payment and allows to choose the most suitable monthly payment term. It also provides fraud protection and automatic processing of a higher level credit limit.
  • Cashback. Cards of Chase® Freedom Unlimited are instant approval cashback cards offering regular and bonus reward levels, a registration bonus, an initial 0% annual rate on purchasing and no annual payment. There is no minimum redemption amount and rewards will not expire while the account remains valid.
  • Miles for flights. Capital One® Venture Rewards immediately confirmed card proposes a generous registration bonus and flat rate reward on all purchases. You also get credit to reimburse payments for TSA or Global Entry, miles transferring to 10+ loyalty programs and no overseas transaction fees.
  • Balance transferring. Credit cards Citi® Simplicity provide an initial 0% APR on purchasing and balance transferring, with no late, annual fees or penalties. It offers 0% liability protection, identity theft solutions as well as payment term upon a client's choice.
  • Student. The program Journey Student Rewards by Capital One® lets you receive a flat refund rate on all buying and raises the rate if you pay on time. No per annum or overseas transaction fees. Responsible card usage may increase a credit sum and bring a credit limit of a higher level.
  • Businesses. Ink® Business Preferred instantly approved cards have tiered bonus points and a substantial registration bonus together with the absence of commission for international transactions.

All the above mentioned cards offer immediate approval and have received the highest ratings.

What option allows the easiest approval?

As secured cards are the easiest to obtain, Secured Mastercard® by Capital One® is among the best options as it does not require a minimum credit rating and a deposit protects the card from missed payments and exceeding a limit for spending.

The starting credit line is of $200 but a client can deposit a lower amount to secure the card. Depositing extra money before opening an account allows an introductory credit limit.

Secure Discover it credit cards are easily obtained and quickly dispatched after approval. A customer chooses a credit limit regarding a refundable deposit amount. Tiered cashback rewards are paid as well as unlimited cashback to new cardholders at the first year end.

Credit cards for students are also easy to obtain (if you're a student) and as noted above the program Journey Student Rewards by Capital One® is among them. However, the Cash Rewards by Bank of America® student credit is close in the rankings. It offers tiered cashback rewards, registration bonus and an initial 0% APR rate on purchasing and balance redirecting.

Do prepaid cards offer immediate approval?

All you have to do to get a prepaid card is to pony up money to top up it. They can be considered as instant approval ones in the sense that the merchant will accept your money. But prepaid cards differ significantly from credit ones.

Prepaid cards are like debit ones but do not require a bank account. They let spend the funds deposited to the card instead of paying by cash or cheque. Such cards have no credit limit because there is no credit, you just load the required amount of money.

You can buy prepaid cards at pharmacies, grocery, retail and other stores. You can download (and re-download) prepaid cards at stores, online, by phone, credit unions and a number of banks. You can add money by cash, cheque, money order or directly.

Instantly confirmed credit cards provided for people having bad credit rating

Score of a bad level shouldn't stop an applicant from owning a credit card with immediate approval. In fact, most cards designed for low credit ratings (less than 580 points on the FICO scale) offer instant pre-approval which lets you know about the eligibility for the card without compromising credit score. Please note that prior approval does not guarantee final approval.

In case you really need instant approval without a pre-approval step then you should choose a secure card. As with all secure cards, your cash deposit secures the card's credit limits so your poor rating is irrelevant to the issuer's approval.

There are several options in case you want to get an unsecure card while having low credit scoring. The best choice is the Surge Mastercard which accepts applications from all consumers. Like most of its competitors, this option has instant pre-assessment, commissions and reports on your monthly activity to 3 main credit bureaus.

Indigo Unsecured Mastercard is another highly rated card. It is intended for consumers who come with imperfect credit history including previous bankruptcies. The card provides fast pre-assessment, mobile-friendly access and fraud protection in case of the card's loss or theft.

Immediately affirmed credit cards for businesses

Owners of business who look for an instantly confirmed card should compare rewards provided by one or two competing players of the market. Some benefits like free employee cards and $0 liability protection are common:

  • Ink® Business Preferred cards with immediate approval enable clients to get tiered points rewards which are worth additional 25% when spent for traveling through the program of Chase® Ultimate Rewards. This option of cards offers a sizable registration bonus, lack of overseas transaction fees as well as protection for travel, shopping and mobile phones.
  • Instantly confirmed Ink Business Cash credit cards are a multi-tier option with a modest registration bonus and 0% annual interest introductory promotion for purchases. No annual fees for travel and emergency services, extended warranty coverage and waiver of the right to rent a car in the event of an accident.
  • American Express® Business golden card allows to select 2 eligible purchase categories (for example, gasoline and airline tickets) bringing bonus points up to the annual limit on combined purchases. They are worth more 25% when booking flights via American Express® Travel. These cards offer a registration bonus, provide useful expense management tools and have a moderate per annum payment.

Credit cards for businesses enable clients to receive rewards on the employee cards you have issued. They can also save you money on business purchases such as stationery, business meals and commuting.

Store cards providing instant confirmation

There are hundreds of store cards providing instant approval available. This is not surprising because many retailers offer their own credit or debit cards to shoppers at checkout where immediate confirmation is a must. But online retailers also offer such cards for pretty much the same reason - to attract consumers when they pay.

Most store cards are limited to purchases at the issuing store and possibly some retail partners. The list of such cards popular brands include:

  • Store card by is handy for shopping on the website. Requiring no per annum charge it has a high annual interest rate that is why keeping the balance for several months is relatively expensive. The card may provide special financial offers if your order exceeds the specified minimum.
  • You can use Target REDcard at and Target stores to save 5% on purchases. Like most store cards, without charging a per annum fee it has a relatively high per annum percentage. This card serves consumers with all rating types including those with a FICO rating of 580 or more.
  • To become a Costco Anywhere Visa® cardholder an applicant needs to be a Costco member and membership costs around $60 and more per year. The per annum percentage rate is lower than of some other stores' cards and you get tiered cashback on purchasing at Costco. You get extended warranty coverage and free overseas transactions.

Store cards are becoming more versatile if you can use them outside of the retailer. It is worth examining the ones that offer good rewards, do not claim an annual charge and come in stores where you can shop even without a card.

The ways credit cards with immediate approval affect the FICO score

Instantly approved cards have no more impact on the FICO score than regular ones, it is simply faster. Upon receiving a new card the FICO score may rise or drop depending on a specific financial situation. Below are the ways a new card affects the score of FICO:

  • Ratio of Credit Utilization (CUR). CUR, which is 30% of the FICO score, is the amount of a used credit which is divided by total limits of credit. A new card adds a new credit limit to the denominator, thereby lowering CUR and boosting credit score. A client can cancel this benefit by spending most of a new limit of credit.
  • Age of credit history. The duration of credit history constitutes 15% of the FICO score. It should be kept in mind that a new card shortens the age of an average one and the newest account has a slightly negative effect on credit rating.
  • Set of loans. Provided a new card is appears to be the first one then its obtaining expands the range of credits available. This is a good point because it affects 10% of the score of FICO.
  • New credit. Most issuers of new cards make credit reports reviews prior to approving applications. A new loan constitutes 10% of the score of FICO and each detailed request can lower it by 5-10 points for about a year.

In general, unnecessary credit cards are better not to be held. In contrast, customers should not close accounts that no longer in use as this can increase their loan utilization rate and worsen credit rating.

Reasons for card issuance refusal

In case an issuer rejects to produce a credit card then an applicant must be informed about the reason. Besides credit rating of a really low level the reasons may be the following:

  • High loan utilization rate. When you utilize most or the whole available loan it could be a sign you live on credit and need a new card to redeem an already existing debt.
  • Small credit portfolio. In case this happens, your best bet is to get a secure card or be an authorized user.
  • Too many complex queries. If you have a bunch of loan requests within a short time period lenders may feel like you are desperate for a loan.
  • Application requirements for specific banks. Some issuers like Chase® have requirements for the number of cards you can receive within a definite time period.
  • Too many loans from one bank. If a bank discovers you have too much credit fund on several cards you may be rejected.
  • Identity or other data cannot be verified. In this case you need to call the bank. In addition, if you have a current or savings account you can request this information to be used for your identity verification.
  • Recent negative articles in credit reports. While such issues as late payments and bankruptcy can affect your application you should keep in mind the earlier these negative events have happened, the less important they are.
  • Too low income. True data needs to be provided otherwise, it is considered as an action of fraud.
  • Too young for applying. An applicant must minimum 18 years old to submit an application for a credit card.
  • An application contains mistakes. Provided it happens, an applicant should contact the issuing bank and specify the possibility to make amendments.

Credit rating is the most important factor along with a number of others which can cause rejection for a credit card with immediate confirmation issuance. The higher your score is, the more likely your application will be approved.