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Best Visa® Cashback Credit Cards in the United States

Visa offers credit cards providing cashback for different needs and budgets which allows to maximize money back reward for increasing your earnings. There are many options available and it is worth being a holder of at least one.

Other credit cards offers

Best Visa® Cashback Credit Cards
They propose a very convenient and flexible reward option which is cash. Points and miles may be of little value and may have limited redemption flexibility. But a dollar in cash is a dollar that can be spent by any way.

Besides, cashback cards are usually the simplest bonus ones as you get a set amount of cash for every dollar spent. You can receive more money for certain types of expenses, for example, in restaurants or at gas stations.

If you spend $60 at a restaurant with a card that returns 3% of such expenses then you earn $1.80. You should note that a cashback card is like a discount on anything you buy with the card. The most interesting issue is thanks to your card regular usage your cashback accumulates.

Yet top-of-the-line credit cards with refund are probably not as flamboyant as travel reward ones but like in the story about the hare and the turtle, sometimes that wins the race who is slow but steady.

Credit cards' offering cashback advantages and disadvantages

Among advantages the following can be listed:

  • The way of earnings is easy to understand. Keeping track of the amount earned in the form of rewards as well as their cost is rather easy. Typically, a 1% return means a customer gets 1 cent for every dollar spent. Some cards with refunds track earnings as points but converting them is a simple issue as usually 1 point is equal to 1 cent.
  • Easy cashback withdrawal. Some cards may require having a certain amount of cash rewards, for example, $25 before a client can redeem them. But once earned, they are easily cashed out.
  • Bonus categories variety. Some card options propose the highest rate of cashback for certain purchases such as 2% cashback for booking tickets or 6% cashback in supermarkets. Using a certain card, the categories of bonuses vary in the course of a year which gives various opportunities to earn additional rewards. But please keep in mind that many of these categories have dollar limits.
  • Bonuses for registration. Rewards providing credit cards sometimes offer registration bonuses ranging from $100 to a couple hundred dollars. Customers can also get extra cashback by an authorized user adding to the account or by attracting new cardholders.
  • Benefits for cardholders. They are not exclusive to cashback cards but often include access to special events, extended warranty, zero liability fraud protection, rental car insurance, on-road dispatch services, purchasing protection and luggage loss indemnification.


  • Credit requirements. Getting top credit cards guaranteeing cashback usually requires a high credit rating of at least 670 FICO points.
  • Registration bonus requirements. Applicants have to meet spending requirements if they want to receive a registration bonus. These requirements vary by card but range from $500 to several thousand dollars and usually have to be met during 3 months after setting up an account.

But it is not worth increasing spending just to get a registration bonus. If you are unable to meet the requirements as part of usual buying habits then this may not be the right cashback card for you.

  • Bonus categories monitoring. In case you are willing to earn the most cashback using a card with alternating categories then you will need to invest time and effort to keep track of categories and cashback rates.
  • Potentially less valuable rewarding comparing to other cards. Points of credit cards providing refunds may be blocked at a certain level which means a client is unable to earn more. This is in contrast to airline and hotel combined cards that sometimes allow points to be redeemed at different rates.
  • Less benefits. Other types of bonus credit cards, especially elite passes, may offer more benefits than cashback ones. A tourist credit card is possibly the best bet in case you like travel deals and free checked-in baggage.
  • Charges. You may realize spending an annual charge which is higher than earning on cashback rewards. And when thinking you have a balance you would be better off with a lower percentage credit card. Keeping a balance with a bonus credit card can lead to a debt.

How to choose the most appropriate refundable card?

The selecting process of a proper credit card for getting money back can be rather complicated and in order to ease it applicants should follow the next steps:

  • Calculate your potential income
  • Consider registration bonuses
  • Deduct annual fees
  • Learn about benefits for cardholders

Calculate your potential income

Rewards can be received at different rates and it depends on the type of a cashback card, where you shop and whether the bonus category is applicable. You should analyze expenses and find a credit card bringing bonus rewards in the most beneficial categories.

Fixed rates credit cards allowing cashback

Typical 1% and 2% rates for all purchasing although it is possible to find a promo card with a higher rate. A card with higher interest can be useful if your spending is evenly spread across multiple categories or if you don't want to check which credit card can bring the most reward on purchases.

Cards with bonus categories

This type of cards offers different cashback rates for certain categories. Thus, general categories include payments for traveling, food, gasoline, at groceries and department stores. A card with high reward rates at grocery stores might be a good choice if you spend thousands of dollars for such purchases every year.

A bonus for registration factor

Many issuers attract potential clients by offering registration bonuses. A cashback card with a big bonus can certainly help boost earnings but you should know the requirements for minimum buying amount to get such a card. If you have to spend more than usual for achieving the bonus then this card is probably not suitable.

Deduct per annum fees

Per annum fees are sometimes charged and they are normally less than $100. It's worth considering whether income or benefits by using the card offset the annual fee. If not, you would probably better choose a free of charge option.

In case of per annum fee for the first year absence you may be able to cancel a card or downgrade to a free version at the end of the year and avoid the fee paying. A client can call and ask the issuer for an offer for holding a credit card such as a loan statement or a reward to offset the commission.

Understanding the benefits for cardholders

Many issuers and card networks offer benefits beyond bonus programs which can include not only free access to credit rating but also extended guarantees, insurance against travel accident, concierge services, anti-theft and fraud protection as well as low cost guarantees.

The ways to obtain the most out of cashback rewards

Below are the ways how to obtain more rewards while not spending more on a refundable credit card:

  • Avoid current balance. This is #1 rule for any bonus credit card.

Rule #2 is to refuse holding a cashback card in case you start having a balance.

A revolving balance can result in more interest paid than earned in cash. But the worst thing to happen is having a debt on your card.

  • Select a card that matches spending habits. A reward card with bonus categories that match your usual spending can help increase refund.
  • Search an achievable registration bonus. Such bonuses can help earn a lot of cashback quickly but you shouldn't waste money that you would not otherwise have.
  • Earn additional refund. Some options have referral programs and offer a bonus or additional cashback for attracting new cardholders. You can get additional cashback by adding an authorized user as well.
  • Don't forget about other provided benefits. Sometimes credit cards providing cashback propose extended warranty, purchasing protection or other benefits.
  • Get a hold offer. This is an incentive from an issuer to keep a card which may require negotiation. For example, you can waive or reduce the annual fee but need to call the issuer and ask for it. The higher your credit score is, the higher your chances for success outcome.

The best Visa® cards with cashback

There is certainly no shortage of refund credit cards associated with the Visa card network. It is difficult to find a more flexible reward category than cashback especially during redemption.

Let's have a look at Visa® cards that perform well in this category.

Chase® Freedom Unlimited credit cards

It is nice to know that you can pull this card out of your wallet and make good money on most day-to-day purchases. It can also quickly become the one for large purchases that don't fall under any of bonus categories.

Freedom Unlimited cards without an annual charge is an amazing source of earnings, redemption and benefits.

  • 5% cashback refund for new cardholders for grocery stores purchasing within 1 year from the date of card approval
  • Chase Travel portal provides 5% refund for travel payments made through this service
  • Cashback of 3% for meals and paying at pharmacies
  • 1.5% on the rest of purchases
  • Exchanging rewards for travel, refunds, merchandise or gift cards
  • Transferring points to Chase® Premium Cards for extra redemption power, up to 50% more
  • Additional insurance against damage in case of an accident when renting a car
  • Extended warranty, purchasing protection.

Bank of America® Cash Rewards credit cards

If you do not spend too much but want to be rewarded for purchases, this card might be the right choice. The good news is you can choose bonus categories for maximum income and no annual charge is applied.

While the card does not propose many travel and shopping benefits it does offer good earnings on popular daily spending categories.

  • Welcome bonus
  • 3% cashback in a category of your choice including online stores, gas stations, pharmacies, household items and furnishings, restaurants or travel
  • 2% refund on buying at wholesale clubs and groceries
  • Combined limit of 3% and 2% bonus categories is $2,500 for quarterly purchasing
  • Eligible customers of BofA Preferred Rewards can claim earnings up to 5.25% (quarterly limit of $2,500 is applied)
  • Unlimited cashback of 1% on the rest of purchases
  • Per annum 0% on purchases for the first 12 payment cycles
  • 0% per annum on transferring balance during 60 days following card approval date for 12 payment cycles

US Bank® Cash+Visa® Signature credit cards

For a consumer who aims for flexibility to choose cashback bonus category the US Bank Cash+Visa Signature offers this creative solution. This cashback card's feature is the ability to make good money on everyday buying.

  • Welcome bonus is normally between $150 and $200
  • No per annum fee
  • Unlimited return of 2% on income while paying at groceries, restaurants and gas stations.
  • 5% cashback for bonus categories selected by a holder, quarterly up to $2,000
  • Get rewarded on credit card statement, a gift card or deposit to a US bank
  • Starting rate of 0% per annum for balance transfers for 12 payment cycles to transfer the balance during 60 days following card approval date (commission charged)
  • Visa Signature benefits such as collision waiver, on-road dispatch, extended warranty and purchasing protection

Below are the 5% cashback categories:

  • Cellular Providers
  • Department stores and individual clothing stores
  • Online shops
  • Fast food
  • Surface transport
  • Furniture shops
  • Fitness centers and gyms
  • Utilities
  • Cinemas
  • Sporting goods stores
  • Internet, TV, streaming services

You can find a vast selection of refundable reward cards that Visa® network has on offer. However, most Visa® cashback cards including the ones mentioned above work well in home country but charge fees for overseas transactions. That is why not every card may be suitable for international use.