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Best Credit Cards With Refund Option in the United States

Do you think of applying for a credit card? Consider an option that provides a refund of part of the purchase price. Just pay with your card for goods and services and receive welcome bonuses in the form of cash back to your account!

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Best Credit Cards With Refund Option

How do cards with refund for purchase interest work?

Such credit cards provide customers money deposits in the form of interest on purchases. The contract terms usually specify a refund between 1% and 5 % of each item purchased. These amounts are deposited to a customer's account in the form of cashback and can also be used as a credit or transferred to a personal bank account.

Note! Cashback is a return of money for making purchases. After goods payment verification a cardholder is deposited with funds according to the terms of the contract.

Cashback is more convenient than other loyalty programs where you have to keep track of miles, points and other terms and conditions which, by the way, are quite beneficial for consumers as well.

Advantages of cashback cards

  1. Decent rewards for shopping;
  2. Significant bonuses for registration;
  3. Low or no annual service fee;
  4. A wide range of acceptable annual interest rates;
  5. Extended purchases warranty and a choice of up-to-date insurance types.

How to choose a credit card with refund for purchase?

If you are impressed by the benefits of this banking product and have decided on the best offer then you should take a look at the following points:

  • Order and size of reward rates. It is important to choose the highest reward percentage and pay attention which items of expenditure are entitled to it. It is advisable to have a card that offers reimbursement for food, gasoline and other essential expenses. Many credit cards refund at least 2% of purchases.
  • Availability of a registration bonus. Some cards have a bonus of $300 or more, the majority offers rewards between $50 and $300 while some have no such type of incentive on offer. You should read terms and conditions of this bonus program carefully and compare its pros and cons.

Attention! Sign-up bonuses can increase the cost of card maintenance considerably during the first year.

  • Fee payment for each year of usage availability. There are cards with no annual service fee or with higher interest rates along with no annual service fee. The annual fee is set at a maximum of $100.
  • The value of annual interest rate. Minimum rates are 14.99%, 15% or 18.99% and rarely over 26%. Many offers have a 0% annual rate clause for a certain period which is very beneficial for large purchases during this interest-free time period.
  • Paying Capacity. This factor shows how closely a credit card is linked to other banking products.
  • Variety of insurance programs. Insurance is provided for shopping, traveling, car rental and more.

Types of card refunds

The following criteria will help you to choose the best cashback credit product:

  • Fixed rate. In this case, all expenses bring profit in the same value. Suitable for regular daily expenses but the profit potential is limited in categories such as travel or meals.
  • Multilevel. Offers a high income for certain categories of services and products. Such type is better to be combined with a fixed rate type.
  • Rotating categories. 5% refund is usually offered according to a category and the list of categories changes quarterly by activation. Bonus earnings are limited to $1,500 per quarter.
  • Selectable categories. You can choose your preferred product categories yourself, therefore, customizing your rewards structure. This type is especially suitable for customers with varied expenses.

Credit products with cashback overview

Chase® Freedom Flex

One of the best cashback credit cards providing 5% back on your account in categories which you activate yourself and which can be changed quarterly. The company offers 5% cashback on your travels, 3% on meals (this includes takeaway and home delivery) and pharmacies, and 1% on all other purchases.

Chase® Sapphire Preferred

Intended to bring benefit from 2 points per dollar spent when traveling and meals. Respectively, the rest of the expenses bring 1 point per dollar. Points can be exchanged for gift cards and other offers.

Chase® Freedom Unlimited

No annual fee. Cashback is:

  • 5% - grocery shopping (excluding Target and Walmart) up to $12,000, valid for the first year of use;
  • 5% - trips paid for via Chase Ultimate Rewards;
  • 3% — meals, purchases at the pharmacy networks;
  • 1.5% - other contractual expenses.

In case you spend $500 within the first 3 months following a card opening you'll receive a nice bonus of $200.

Discover® it Cash Back

You get 5% cashback quarterly in rotating categories (e.g., restaurants, grocery shops, gas stations) and when you pay via PayPal. A limit to the maximum refund amount is set and the rest of your purchases bring you 1% cashback in an unlimited amount. There is no annual fee. At the end of the annual period the earned cashback is reimbursed.

Blue Cash Preferred by American Express®

This exclusive product holders can get as much as 6% back on purchases up to the $6,000 threshold in American shops and 1% after. There is also 6% refund on US streaming subscriptions and 3% refund on expenses at the United States of America transit and gas stations.

Blue Cash Everyday by American Express®

It contains very beneficial conditions:

  • 3% cashback on purchases at various US supermarkets up to an amount of $6,000 per year, with 1% transferred afterwards;
  • 2% - on expenses of gas tank filling up and purchases at certain shops in the USA, unlimited;
  • 1% — from other purchases.

Important! No annual fee requirement for this offer. New card holders get $100 off $1,000 and 20% off purchases on for the first 6 months.

American Express® Cash Magnet

Customers are entitled to unlimited 1.5% cashback on all expenses. It is possible to redeem bonuses for various goods, gift and credit cards.

Capital One® SavorOne Cash Rewards

You can earn substantial rewards of 3% for eating out and entertainment, 2% for grocery shopping and 1% for other spending.

Citi® Chrome

It offers 2% refund (until you reach $1,000 expenses) on paying for gasoline at stations and eating out. After gaining $1,000 on your card an unlimited refund of 1% is granted. No annual service fee, opportunity for rewards does not expire.

Amazon® Rewards Visa® Signature

The card is suitable for frequent shoppers at Whole Foods Market and as it allows 3% refund and if the card is paired with an Amazon Prime membership even up to 5%. You get refund of 2% on expenses at gas stations, pharmacies, restaurants and 1% on all other types of expenses. No annual service fee.

US Bank® Cash + Visa® Signature

The following return program is offered:

  • 5% cashback is awarded on purchases from 2 categories that you choose. Cashback is carried out for the quarter and prior to the accumulation of $2000 purchases.
  • 2% for everyday purchases of goods from one selected category.
  • 1% is refunded for other eligible expenses.

An opportunity to earn $200 in case you spend $500 within 90 days on relevant purchases.