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Best Cashback Credit Cards of May 2022 in the United States

Discover a selection of the best options of credit cards that provide refund. Compare cashback credit card types and explore expert strategies to maximize your earnings.

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Best Cashback Credit Cards of May 2022

Choosing the most proper card may require much research but it is usually worth it. Below are several factors to pay attention to when choosing a card with the top money back offer:

  • Reward rates: first of all, you should check which cards provide the most awards in the main categories of expenses such as groceries, gasoline and daily expenses.
  • Registration bonus: this is another factor that should be taken into consideration when choosing a card. While the presence of a bonus is not an obligatory requirement it can significantly increase the total value of a card over the first year of use.
  • Annual charge: it is better to hold a card that doesn't apply an annual charge. But there are also options having this charge in exchange for higher rates. Whether your budget justifies paying an annual charge or not, everyone is able to find a card that meets their personal needs and preferences.
  • 0% APR duration: a number of cashback cards have a set time period within which purchasing, balance transferring or both have a starting period of 0% per annum. Those who want to finance a large buying or consolidate debt may take advantage of these cards as they are a great way to make funds while saving on rates of interest.
  • Paying capacity: you should pay attention to such aspects as the possibility to exchange rewards into convertible currency within the card family or whether the card complements other cards' spending categories. These issues help determine the level of connection of a card to other options.

The ways cashback credit cards operate

These cards provide customers a percentage (typically 1% to 5%) on every purchase.

Attention! Rewards are accrued on an account in the form of a cashback which can be used as a credit for a statement or deposited to a bank account. Cashback is an easier way to receive and redeem rewards in comparison with miles and points.

Rather than keeping an eye on the points scoring and partners transferring, customers are always aware what they are receiving with cashback in terms of redemption and cost options. However, this could also mean that cashback is more limited than miles and points because they can frequently be redeemed a much higher rate than 1 cent for a mile or point. But in case you are searching an easy way to obtain rewards that can be spent for anything, money may be your best bet.

Common types of cashback credit cards

With such a variety of options it can be difficult to shorten the list of aspects that make a card the right one for you. Firstly, you need to see what type of a cashback card you need. Here are a few common types and the benefits of each:

Fixed rate

These cards bring the same profit for all expenses.

Note! A flat rate is a great option for day-to-day spending because you don't have to juggle certain categories of bonuses.

However, this limits the potential for earning in such popular categories as restaurants or travel.


Like the majority of credit cards for traveling, cashback ones generally provide higher bonus income for certain static categories. While these cards are great for rewards maximizing in the categories a client spends the most each month it doesn't mean that you will receive bonuses for every purchasing. It is better to combine them with a fixed or additional multi-tiered card.

Categories alternating

Cards with variable categories usually offer 5% cashback for specific categories which change every quarter. While 5% is a great rate for bonuses, it should be kept in mind that such cards usually cap bonus earnings to $1,500 during a quarter and every quarter you need to activate new categories.

Choose your categories

In recent years, a new category of money back has emerged and it's a cashback card with variable categories. It allows to select the category (or categories) in which bonus rewards will be earned on a monthly basis.

Important! These cards are preferred because they afford customers to customize the reward structure in the way that is not offered by other cards.

This is a proper card type provided your spending habits vary throughout a year.

Review of the top cards

Chase Freedom Flex

It is among the best options of such credit cards because it provides 5% cashback returns in alternating categories every quarter you redeem. It also allows to receive 5% on traveling paid through Chase, refund of 3% at pharmacies and restaurants including takeaway and delivery and also 1% money back on other purchasing all the year round.

Chase Sapphire Preferred

It is designed to get cashback when dining and traveling. These purchases earn two points for 1 dollar spent while other purchasing bring one point. You can redeem points for cashback, gift cards, traveling, etc.

Chase Freedom Unlimited

It doesn't charge a per annum fee and customers can obtain 5% return on grocery purchases (excluding Walmart and Target) up to $12,000 spent over the period of the first year, refund of 5% on trips paid via Chase Ultimate Rewards, cashback of 3% on lunch and pharmacy purchases and 1.5% on all remained purchasing. In case you obtain this card and spend $500 over the period of three months of upon opening then you can get a bonus of $200.

American Express Blue Cash Everyday

It grants rewards in the form of cash on daily purchases. Clients obtain 3% cashback in supermarkets over the USA for the first $6,000 a year and after that a 1% refund. Shopping at gas stations and some department stores customers earn unlimited cashback of 2%. Additionally, 1% unlimited refund is guaranteed on remained purchasing with no per annum fee applied. New holders get $100 back after purchasing for the amount of $1,000 over the period of six months. They also get 20% (up to $200) return on buying at over the period of six months.

Discover it CashBack

This card provides refund of 5% every quarter across alternating categories like groceries,, gas stations, restaurants and when paying with PayPal, up to a quarterly high upon activation. All remained purchasing brings 1% unlimited cashback. There is no per annum fee. At the first year end of this card holding Discover will reimburse any cashback earned.

American Express Blue Cash Preferred

This option is among the list of top cards as it offers cashback on daily purchasing. Cardholders earn 6% cashback at US supermarkets on purchases up to $6,000 a year and afterwards 1%. US streaming subscriptions generate 6% cashback; paying at gas stations provides 3% cashback and 1% for other buying.

Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards

This option allows to earn a significant cashback on meals and entertainment. Clients get 3% unlimited cashback on meals and entertainment, 2% for buying at groceries and 1% on remained purchasing.

Discover it Chrome

This card is for consumers aimed to receive cashback on food and gas purchases. It provides 2% return on paying for meals and gas to $1,000 for combined purchasing quarterly. After that, 1% back as well as an unlimited return of 1% on remained purchasing. No per annum fee is applied and bonuses never expire.

Amazon Rewards Visa Signature

This cashback card is designed for frequent shoppers at Whole Foods Market and also on and it brings 3% cashback for purchasing there. Additionally, it provides 2% in pharmacies, restaurants and gas stations and 1% on remained purchases. Refunds increase to 5% in case the card is linked to an eligible Amazon Prime membership, Whole Foods Market, refunds increase to 5% as well. This card doesn't charge an per annum fee.

American Express Cash Magnet

It might get your attention if you want to earn unlimited refund with an uncomplicated reward structure. All purchasing brings 1.5% cashback which can be exchanged for merchandise, gift certificates or credit cards.

US Bank Cash + Visa Signature

This option applies no per annum fee and grants cardholders a three-tiered money back reward program. Customers receive 5% cashback on their first $2,000 spent on combined appropriate net buying quarterly in two tiers chosen and 2% cashback in one casual tier. All remained eligible net buying brings 1%. If $500 are spent on eligible purchasing over the period of 90 days upon an account opening, $200 will be earned.

What to expect from cashback credit cards

Below is the summary about the aspects to be considered at credit cards that provide refund:

  • Receiving rewards: almost three quarters of these cards offer a minimum of 2% return on rewarding categories.
  • Registration bonus value: cashback cards having a registration bonus of $300+ are rare and about 74% offer a bonus from $50 to $300. There are only a few options that don't offer registration bonuses at all.
  • Per annum fees: this fee is generally not charged by cashback cards and about 74% of the surveyed cards do not. But among those who do, the rewards are generous and the fees do not exceed $100.
  • Annual rate of interest: about 13% of cards have a minimum annual rate of interest of 14.99% or lower; about 78% have a minimum rate of 15% to 18.99% and some have a rate of over 26%.
  • Benefits: cards that provide refund generally offer consumer benefits including extended warranty along with purchase protection. Many of them provide travel insurance like travel interruption and cancellation insurance or auto rental cancellation in the event of an accident.