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Cash Express Reviews

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All Cash Express’s reviews by june 2024

I initially secured a loan and diligently made on-time payments, often exceeding the required amounts. However, due to a change in my job's pay schedule, I continued to make payments as best I could, including additional funds to reduce the principal. To my surprise, I recently discovered that Cash Express claims I owe $93, which they attribute solely to interest for a single payment. This situation effectively amounts to an alteration of the loan terms, which I believe to be unlawful.
They debited an amount from my account that exceeded the available balance. I am requesting a refund for the overdrawn amount.
They offer loans with exorbitant interest rates, primarily targeting low-income families, making it extremely challenging for borrowers to pay off their loans, as a significant portion of their payments seems to serve the company's profit margins. Moreover, they create obstacles for borrowers attempting to reduce the principal amount owed. To enforce payment, they utilize an in-house attorney who sends intimidating letters to coerce individuals into paying these excessive amounts.
In my personal experience, I borrowed $1,000 in a Flex loan and ended up paying a staggering $3,331 to this company. When I expressed my unwillingness to make further payments and requested arbitration, I received a menacing letter from a purported Legal Assistant. Despite the presence of an arbitration clause in the contract I signed, they insisted on my paying an additional $591 as of today.
Cash Express stands out as the epitome of customer service excellence. Their efficiency and speed surpass the competition in every way. I place my complete trust in Cash Express without reservation.

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