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The lowest rates on car loans of September 2022 in the United States

The lowest rates

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Mariner Finance
Finance Car Loan
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$500 - $50,000

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3% - 36% APR

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12 - 72 months

Ace Cash Express
Nalya L
Nalya L
16.09.2022 at 10:57
A normal lender who used loans before payday, I have a constant problem with this at work-they delay from a week to a month...
Olesya T
Olesya T
12.09.2022 at 18:52
You can take a loan on more favorable terms, but this is if a decent salary, otherwise you can not count on a lot, and I don't need a lot) I like that if you send a request before 7 o'clock, then...
12.09.2022 at 14:56
There are peculiarities in terms of loans in this company, but it is convenient for me, I have used it several times and they helped me out...
Big Picture Loans
12.09.2022 at 11:12
For me, this company has become a reliable means of livelihood, because when there is a salary delay, and there is no money in stock, there is nothing left to do but take a micro-loan...
Anastasia K
Anastasia K
22.08.2022 at 15:25
I am a user of this service, I sometimes have to resort to micro-loans, but I try not to do it so often, because I have to return the interest in any case...
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia
24.06.2022 at 00:13
Many loan options and great customer support.
The lowest rates on car loans of September 2022

The idea of car loans and how they operate

Auto loans are secured ones and the vehicle you are purchasing is used as collateral. Usually you are asked to pay a flat rate of interest and a monthly instalment over the time period of 24 to 84 months after which your car will be repaid. A lot of dealerships provide their own financing but it is also possible to find lending at national banks, online lending institutions and local credit unions.

As far as car credits are secured, they typically apply lower rates of interest rather than unsecured options such as personal loans.

Note! The average annual interest rate for a new car ranges from 3.24% to 13.97% based on your credit rating while the rate for a used car ranges from 4.08% to 20.67%.

What is necessary to be aware of prior to applying for an auto loan

When searching for an appropriate car loan it is worth checking several lenders before deciding. It is related to the fact that each creditor has their own methods for approving a borrowing and setting percentage rates and conditions.

Important! Generally, your credit rating will have the greatest effect on the rates offered.

High credit rating leads to lower rates received. Having a credit rating of a high level can also allow you to get a larger loan or have access to a wider choice of terms of repayment. Selecting a longer maturity lowers your monthly instalments, however, in general you will have to redeem more interest.

If you find several creditors that you like, you should check whether they provide pre-approval because undergoing this process will allow you to see what rates you are eligible for without affecting your credit rating.

How to obtain an auto lending

The process of obtaining a car loan is the same as obtaining a loan of any other type. Here's how to get started:

  • Take a closer look. It is generally better to compare the conditions and rates of at least 3 lenders before submitting an application for an auto loan. You should make an effort to find options that have an annual interest rate and repayment terms that fit your budget.
  • Pre-qualification with creditors is frequently the first step in the process of applying and it allows you to be aware of the potential rates without conducting a hard credit history check.
  • Fill in the application. In order to do it you will likely need information about your vehicle, including sales contract, registration and name. You will also need documents such as proof of income, proof of residency and driver's license.
  • Start paying your lending. Your schedule of payment is applied as soon as you receive your car loan. If necessary, you may set up auto-payments or a calendar reminder for keeping track of your monthly instalments and avoid arrears.

Some of the top rates on car credits

Finding a great new car, truck or van can be an exciting time. Performance comparison, test drive and new car smell will help you imagine life in a new car. However, when it comes to paying for this vehicle, things can get a lot less exciting. Many buyers are so eager to drive home in their new car that they sign an agreement for the first loan they can get.

While this can quickly get you behind the wheel, it can throw you back financially. In fact, if you don't find a suitable loan, you could overpay significant amounts over the loan maturity. Whether you are buying a new trip, a new thing or refinancing an existing loan, it is important to find the best possible terms. The following lenders and brokers offer low rates or other benefits.

Consumer Credit Union

Customers typically like credit unions as they frequently have lower rates of interest as compared to banks. Anyone with a credit union account is a co-owner, so these institutions can offer incredible deals to their members instead of paying huge salaries to a few top bankers.

A lot of credit unions claim specific qualifications for membership such as military personnel, high school graduate or state resident. However, it is required by CCU to pay a $5 fee and keep at least that amount in your savings account. Instead, you can be offered the rate of 2.99%.

Note! These loans include mechanical repair coverage, fixed rates and a simple interest rate method that allows you to pay less over the loan term.

A potential disadvantage to CCU credits is that not everyone gets approval. You need to have a credit rating of at least 640 and CCU requires a hard credit verification on every application, that's why it is better to apply only if you really need to purchase a vehicle.


The wrong loan shouldn't stop you from getting the car you want. Although you shouldn't wait for low rates that those with big credit amounts have but with Oportun you are able to avoid overpaying. With the help of this online lender you can obtain a car lending from a car dealer or private individual. Since buying from a private person can be cheaper, it can save you a lot of money rather than buying through dealers.

Note! If you have a great car and would like to get a more suitable loan, you can use refinancing options provided by Oportun.

The minimum credit rating for this lender is 500 which is significantly lower than many others require. You must also have a minimum income of $2,000 a month to apply. The loan amount can range between $5,000 and $35,000 and it typically allows to get the vehicle you want. One more advantage of Oportun is that it doesn't apply a hard credit history check for applications. So, the processing will not damage your rating. It takes only a couple minutes to complete an application as the system is fully integrated in the network and a decision is made instantly. This is a great choice provided you live in the state where Oportun is available.

Capital One

Understandably, some people don't feel comfortable when they need to apply to niche or lesser known lenders for such an important thing as a car credit. Capital One may be your best choice in case you need the support of a large financial institution with a well-known name. If you are looking to buy a new or used vehicle, you can apply for a prequalification for car loans using the Auto Navigator banking software. This early step will not affect your credit as it is a soft check.

Attention! Prequalification is valid with over 12,000 dealers nationwide and each of them can be found on the Capital One website.

You can just present a qualification record at a participating dealership and start process of applying as soon as you find your perfect vehicle.

OpenRoad Lending

Although getting a new vehicle is fun, there is a lot to be said about borrowing. However, if your creditworthiness has improved, you have discharged the debt or received a raise since the first car loan financing, you may be covering too large sum on the loan.

Note! OpenRoad Lending provides eligible candidates with the opportunity to refinance existing credits and save on average the amount of $100 a month on loan instalments.

The process of applying is simple and completely online. Within an hour after submitting your application you can receive the decision with complete information about the loan.

If you have any problems regarding the application, you can always contact OpenRoad Lending customer support. Probably due to this fact 98% of clients say they are happy with their borrowings. Prior to applying you should be aware that a hard credit history check is applied and this service is only for applicants who have serious intentions for refinancing. You should also remember that the higher your credit rating is, the better rates will be offered. OpenRoad Lending provides rates from 1.99%.


Every industry seems to be cutting back on resellers these days and the auto industry is not an exception. Carvana is the proper website provided you prefer not to deal with dealerships and banks altogether. This service allows to choose a car, apply for an automobile loan and get the vehicle without leaving home. If you want to exchange the old vehicle you can do it with the help of this service too. Carvana will quote you and after that will pick the car from your home.

The best part is that the loans are easy to obtain and there are great deals for all types of borrowers.

Attention! No minimum credit rating is required and anyone who earns at least $10,000 a year is eligible for a credit.

Carvana finds offers from multiple sources and this allows you to shop at prices without lowering your account and rest well knowing that you've got the best deal Carvana can offer. Moreover, without pushy sellers you can be sure you'll get exactly the vehicle you want. In case you are unsure about the loan sum you can afford it is worth using the Carvana Car Loan Calculator to avoid complicated inquiries about your loan while shopping.


If you are thinking about buying a new vehicle but don't know exactly whether it fits your budget then you should check out LendingTree. You may not worry about shopping from different lenders as utilizing this service has influence on your credit rating. You can use this feature for refinancing, purchasing a new or used vehicle or leasing. Just enter the details such as the type of loan you want, down payment, financial position and the car you want. After that LendingTree will select appropriate lenders.

It is worth comparing various offers in order to find the most proper prices and conditions for you personally. If you have decided to submit an application the creditor will require a complete one. LendingTree can also assist to calculate loan instalments, verify your credit rating for free, etc.

Lending Club

Despite Lending Club is known as the lender of peer-to-peer personal borrowings, nowadays it offers auto loan refinancing too. If you're searching the ways to lower your monthly instalments then you can check refinancing options that Lending Club provides. Complete the initial application first and receive available offers instantly. Soft credit history check is applied and it will not change your rating. After that you can review the details of each offering to decide which one suits your personal needs best. You can find a suitable lender that will lower the existing percentage rate, lengthen the loan term, or both.

Once you select an offer, you can fill out the formal application. The process is completely online and simple.

Important! Although Lending Club is a broker you will not be charged any loan origination fees.

Finally, you can relax and enjoy lower monthly instalments. The rates start at 3.99%. Regardless if you want to refinance or just see what's out there on the market, Lending Club is a worthy option.

What is a good percentage rate on an auto

Percentage rates on auto loans are based on am applicant's creditworthiness, the car financed, loan details as well as current market rates. Creditworthiness is actually a combination of your income, credit rating, payment records and whether you have previously financed a car. The interest rate is influenced by such factors as the loan term and whether you want to purchase a new or used vehicle.

Available rates are also affected by current market rates. Usually credit unions provide clients with lower rates than other creditors offer.

Note! The market fluctuates constantly but a rate below 5% is generally considered as good one.

Is it possible to agree on percentage rates

Similar to a car value, rates of interest are often the subject of discussion. Sometimes applicants can negotiate either with a dealer or directly with a creditor. The better your overall financial circumstances, the more beneficial rate you can get while negotiating. You can also discuss the terms of the loan. For example, maybe you want financing for 60 months and not 48 or not to pay for the first 90 days.

How to receive the best rate on your auto loan

In order to receive the best rate you need:

  • Compare what your credit union and the dealer have on offer
  • Try to improve your credit rating
  • Pay your bills on time
  • Have a steady job with an enough low debt-to-income ratio
  • Take a closer look at prices as some cars that dealers want to sell asap will have a special price tag.