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Motorcycle loan calculator

Motorcycle loan calculator online in 2022: assessment of the best motorcycle loan in the USA

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The best motorcycle loan calculator
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Fill out an application for a motorcycle loan online!
Fill out an application for a motorcycle loan online!

Take advantage of our motorcycle loan selection system with a free credit rating check!

What is a Motorcycle Loan?

Even though prices on new or used motorcycle are generally lower than cars, you may still need a loan to buy them if you don't have enough cash. Or, you can make a motorcycle payment with cash but go for a loan that can help you build your credit, mainly when interest rates are low. The cost of a brand-new motorcycle may not differ from the price of a good car. Well, motorcycle loans are either personal credit or special loans that you use to buy a motorcycle. A motorcycle loan is similar to an auto loan: the lender provides the financing which you have to pay back. Your monthly loan payment is issued according to the established schedule in your financing agreement. The loan amounts are usually less for motorcycles than for cars, trucks, or other vehicles, because of motorcycle prices being lower. It may seem that getting a loan to buy a bike is different from a car loan, but in fact, this loan can be issued on a motorcycle.

To apply for a loan, you need to prepare a package of documents such as identity verification, income certificate, extracts from the work record book, and documents confirming the existence of the property. A down payment is not always necessary. If a person receives a salary in a bank account, it will be enough for them to show their passport and submit an application. Some banks allow you to arrange everything online.

However, bad credit history can prevent you from taking out a loan without hindrance. Besides damaged credit history, a low income of a person and his status in a particular financial organization can become an obstacle to getting a consumer loan. Also, a bank may establish additional loan requirements. It is essential to familiarize yourself with them before registration to avoid unpleasant moments in the future.

Types of Motorcycle Loans

There are several types of motorcycle financing:

Why You Need a Motorcycle Loan Calculator

Motorcycle loan calculator is a variety of financial calculators for online calculation of the amount of payment, overpayment, real interest rates, or motorcycle loan rates. You will also be able to find out which part of your monthly payment goes to cover the principal payments of the loan and which serves to repay the interest on the loan. A similar tool should be used to quickly estimate the monthly payment on motorcycle financing.

There are also options for calculating sales tax, trade, and discounts to your calculation. The motorcycle loan calculator allows you to estimate the affordable price of a bike based on your current savings and monthly budget. You will be able to make the motorcycle loan payment on a monthly basis.

Borrowers often find it difficult to accurately predict whether they will repay their long-term loan at the appointed time. To successfully use the loan calculator, you need to familiarize yourself with the functionality and primary conditions for accurate calculation. The loan calculator has various functions. For example, you can determine the number of loan payments for different incomes, find out the total amount of overpayments, or choose the amount of savings in case of early repayment of loans. Moreover, it helps to find the most profitable option for early repayment: with a reduction in the repayment period or with a decrease in the amount of monthly payment.

The menu of the credit calculator can represent a significant number of banks. You can choose any banking organization and calculate the loan. The loan estimator will automatically reconfigure itself after selecting a loan and a financial institution. You will immediately see the loan programs of specific lenders and information about the terms of the credit. The calculator can help you divide the full purchase price into separate monthly payments. You will know in advance for what period you will be able to repay the loan. Note that you will need to pay origination, prepayments, and other fees if they are stated in your financing agreement. To make a good use of your loan, make sure to meet your monthly payment schedule.

How to Calculate Motorcycle Loan Payments


Everything seems quite simple: you need to add up the number of payments according to the schedule, subtract the initial loan amount from the received value, divide by the number of years or by the number of months, and then multiply by 12.

However, since loans are different, as well as ways to repay them, a more complex formula for calculation is provided:

FCL = i NBP 100%, where

FCL is the total cost of the loan as a percentage per year;

i is the interest rate of the base period and not in percentages, but in decimals;

NBP is the number of base periods during the year.

The most difficult is calculating the interest rate of the base period. It can be a day, a month, a quarter, or an entire year. However, it makes no sense to calculate the FCL manually: even banks do all this exclusively in automatic mode. And at home, you can make a calculation in Excel, for example, through the internal rate of return function.

Using Calculator

Instead of burdening yourself with unnecessary actions and counting such a loan manually, you can use the motorcycle credit calculator. It is straightforward to calculate a motorcycle loan without the help of a bank specialist. Enter the cost of the bike and the amount you are willing to make as a down payment. Then select the loan term and enter the interest rate. The actual APR on a loan can be found on the websites of motorcycle dealerships or banks. These are all the necessary parameters for calculating a motorcycle credit. As a result, you will receive the number of monthly payments, the amount of overpayment, and a detailed repayment schedule. If you plan to repay the loan ahead of time, add early payments to the calculator. You can add both one-time and regular payments.

In case of partial early repayment, the bank will offer to choose the method of recalculation of the remaining debt. You can reduce the number of payments or the term of the loan. Select the desired option in the calculator. Loan calculator is a universal tool for self-calculation of motorcycle credit online. It does not matter which bank you will receive a loan from. You can independently make any calculations on financial calculators. The calculator is also able to show detailed calculation results for a personal loan.

How to Compare Motorcycle Loans Using Calculator

For motorcycle financing, you have a variety of options. Almost all major banks offer the same loans, and numerous traders join them. For this reason, it is crucial to compare motorcycle loans with each other and how different loan terms. The comparison criterion, in this case, is the annual interest rate. Annual percentage rate indicates the actual cost of borrowing that you have to pay during the loan term. Of course, to be able to compare different offers with each other, you do not need to manually request from different banks.

You can easily use the online loan calculator: in the input masks, enter the desired loan amount and repayment period; start the comparison and calmly review the offers; head to the cheapest bank and apply for a loan. Another advantage of online comparison is that you can play with different execution times. Compare how a shorter-term affects borrowing costs and the monthly burden on the household budget. You do not necessarily have to take out a special-purpose motorcycle loan. You can also take out a conventional installment loan, which you can then use freely. As a rule, however, the interest for this is slightly higher because you do not deposit the vehicle registration document as collateral.

How does a motorbike loan work?

Such loans, due to increased risks for banks, are issued for a shorter period: on average, 2-3 years, in exceptional cases—5-7 years. It is a mandatory requirement to make at least 10% of the down payment, and it is almost impossible to issue a loan without it.

How should I decide on a lender?

If we talk about choosing the right lender, pay attention to the main components: legal support and documentation of the transaction, the rating of creditors, the processing time of loan applications, the line of financial products, and financial benefits.

What is the average interest rate on a motorcycle loan?

The average interest rate on such loans today is approximately 17% per annum.