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Best rates on loans for new vehicles of December 2021 in the United States

How to get a car loan on beneficial terms in the USA. The impact of credit rating on the interest rate. Comparison of conditions and interest rates in different companies. Tips for choosing an acceptable interest rate.

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What is necessary to know prior to applying for an auto credit

Rates of interest: the rate an applicant receives depends on the credit rating and income, the length of the loan chosen and the vehicle. If you have a loan and make regular and timely instalments and your credit rating improves then you can refinance the car credit to obtain a higher rate and cut your monthly instalment.

Loan term: a number of lenders propose loans with the term up to 84 months.

Important! It is better to redeem a car loan quickly as vehicles depreciate rapidly.

A debt on a loan that exceeds the cost of the car is called "upside down" or "being under water" which is a risky financial environment.

Note! The best percentage rates are provided for credits with shorter duration.

For new cars the maturity of 60 months is recommended and of 36 months for used vehicles.

Soft or hard lending: some lenders use soft lending to pre-qualify a customer for a loan.

Note! This doesn't spoil credit history but it also does not guarantee that you will be approved for a loan or that you will receive the exact rate previously specified.

Other loan suppliers carry out a full credit verification and it temporarily reduces applicant's credit score by several points. But consumers should remember that the final rate may differ slightly from estimated. In all cases, it will take a significant effort before the loan is processed.

Compare various rates: contacting multiple lenders is helpful in finding the most competitive percentage rate. However, it can result in being contacted by multiple creditors or dealers when you are applying for a credit, especially a service that compares various offerings is being used.

  • Submit all applications promptly. Credit reporting agencies make several complex inquiries made over a specific period, usually 14, 30 or 45 days, as one request. However, it is also wise to verify your credit score later to make sure this is the case.
  • If you are bothered by calls and e-mail messages then it is better to set up a new e-mail account and get a free Google Voice phone number that can be checked separately.
  • You should also review terms of a loan offered by a credit union or a bank. Their rates can be competitive with those of online lenders.

Restrictions: some loan suppliers cooperate only with a dealership network while others don't finance car purchasing from private sellers. In addition, lenders might exclude certain car brands, models and vehicle types like electric ones.

Financing: once the loan is arranged the lender typically offers a maximum loan sum at the specified percentage rate. For this reason, they provide funds in numerous ways like a no-obligation cheque, a direct transfer to your bank account or a certificate that can be leveraged at a car dealership. When it comes to loans refinancing a new lender usually pays the old one and a customer starts paying the new lender.

Summary of the top rates on auto credits

PenFed Credit Union offers the best overall rate

PenFed Credit Union quotes some of the lowest available rates.

PenFedrates offers the rates starting at 2.14% on 36-month new and refinanced loans and staring at 2.99% on loans for used vehicles for a period of 36 months. Large discounts are accessible for members using the credit union's services for purchasing a car and these discounts start at 1.39% per annum for a new car and 2.24% per annum for a used one.

Attention! It is obligatory to be a credit union's member in order to access these rates but the requirements for joining are fairly easy to fulfill.

Membership is open to current and former military personnel and families in 50 states as well as Puerto Rico. Non-military individuals can join by making a one-time donation to the National Association of Military Families or by donating $15 to Votes of America.

PenFed auto loans start at $500 and reach $100,000 which is far superior to many lenders.

The PenFed's underside is that only on the shortest term loans they offer the most flexible lending amounts. For instance, a minimum of $500 is provided to a 36-month credit for a new vehicle while on a 84-month loan you will get $20,000 minimum. As with the majority of loan providers, it is necessary to have excellent credit scores to get the lowest rates.

The rates provided by PenFed credit union are among the best ones available on the market and members using its service for purchasing a vehicle are able to receive a full percentage discount on the offered rate. It also provides flexible lending amounts and a range of car loan options for members. While membership is required which may be a disadvantage for some customers, joining requirements of PenFed are pretty straightforward.

Basic information

  • Range per annum: from 1.39%
  • Minimum amount of a credit: $500
  • Maturity: 36 to 84 months
  • Credit rating recommended: undisclosed
  • Accessibility: 50 states

Bank of America is the most proper option for obtaining an auto credit

Bank of America (BofA) is a major financial institution offering a range of options of auto credits including those for new, second-hand cars, refinancing, lease and retail loans.

Note! The most creditworthy borrowers are provided with the per annum percentage rate for new cars starting at 2.59%.

The rates for used vehicles start at 2.89% per annum and refinancing at 3.49%. Bank customers who are members of the Preferred Rewards program can receive a discount of up to 0.5% of the applied rate.

This bank provides a free online app that can find a proper offer over the time period of 60 seconds. Applicants can choose the duration of 48, 60 or 72 months but there are additional options in case an application is submitted through the branch or over the phone.

The main disadvantage of obtaining a car credit at Bank of America is the restrictions which cars can be financed. It doesn't issue loans for vehicles over 10 years of age, mileage of 125,000 and more or the cost under $6,000. Loan of less than $ 7,500 are not provided as well.

Basic information

  • Range per annum: from 2,59%
  • Minimum amount of a credit: $7,500 for purchase and $8,000 in Minnesota
  • Maturity: 12 to 75 months
  • Credit rating recommended: undisclosed
  • Accessibility: 50 states

Consumer Credit Union is the top union for receiving an auto loan

The Consumer Credit Union (shortly CCU) quotes its members a rate of interest of 2.69% on credits for new vehicles with the 60-month term. Similar to other credit unions, membership is required but joining is easy.

Attention! It is possible to become a member by contributing a lump-sum membership due of $5 and keeping at least that amount in the savings account. No employment or geographic requirements are specified.

CCU doesn't apply a minimum or maximum lending amount. The procedure of credit approval is based on an applicant's credit rating, report as well as information about the vehicle. There is no minimum term of a credit as well.

Typically, applicants who have excellent credit ratings are eligible for the lowest rates from a CCU. However, even members having no excellent rating may get an access to discounts. For those who pay automatically from the CCU account, there is a 0.5% discount. The discount is reduced to 0.25% for those making automatic payments from a third-party financial institution.

Basic information

  • Range per annum: from 2,59%
  • Minimum amount of a credit: neither minimum not maximum sum is applied
  • Maturity: 0 to 84 months
  • Recommended credit rating: undisclosed
  • Accessibility: 50 states

MyAutoLoan is the best lender for customers having for bad credit history

This is a marketplace allowing customers to make comparison of multiple offerings depending on a credit profile. This company may help expand the range of offers and receive the best deal. Various credits for new, second-hand vehicles, refinancing, lease and retail loans are represented on the platform.

Important! One of MyAutoloan benefits is speed. The online form can be filled out in just a couple minutes and once your application is submitted it will match you with up to four lenders' proposals.

Once you the lender is chosen the applicant obtains a cheque or an online certificate over a 24-hour period.

MyAutoloan' requirements differ depending on the lender but borrowers can usually only have a credit rating of 575 and still be eligible for a loan.

Basic information

  • Range per annum: from 2,49%
  • Minimum amount of a credit: $8,000 for purchasing and $5,000 for refinancing
  • Maturity: 0 to 84 months
  • Recommended credit rating: 575 points
  • Accessibility: 48 states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)

AUTOPAY is the best company for auto refinancing

It is a marketplace allowing to shop easily and at the best prices. It serves people who are improving their creditworthiness.

Note! AUTOPAY offers more refinancing options rather than many other creditors. Besides traditional refinancing, borrowers can opt for cashback and rent refinancing.

Although the rates of AUTOPAY start at 1.99%, only customers who have excellent credit history are eligible. According to AUTOPAY, those with an average history generally receive a rate of just 5.72%.

Basic information

  • Range per annum: from 1,99%
  • Minimum amount of a credit: $2,500
  • Maturity: 24 to 84 months
  • Recommended credit rating: undisclosed
  • Accessibility: 50 states

Lightstream is the best option for online automobile loans

This is the online lending subdivision of SunTrust Bank. It is notable for its process of online lending.

Important! Borrowers are able to submit an online application, sign a credit agreement online and on the same day obtain funds through a direct deposit.

Lightstream also provides a surprisingly wide range of options of car loans including purchasing new and used vehicles from dealerships, refinancing and leasing. There is even the possibility to get an unsecured credit for customers with excellent credit rating.

Lender rates start at 2.49% and it includes a discount of 0.5% on auto payments. The maximum rate for a car loan is 9.49%.

The reverse side is that the lowest rates provided by Lightstream are only granted to the clients who have excellent credit history. This is not unusual, but it does mean that this may be not an appropriate lender for applicants with spoilt credit profiles. Lightstream holds exact credit requirements in confidence but generally determines excellent credit as the presence of a five or more years credit history with various types of accounts, a proven capability to save, an excellent payment records as well as a sufficient and stable income.

Basic information

  • Range per annum: 2,49%-9,49%
  • Minimum amount of a credit: $5,000
  • Maturity: 24 to 84 months
  • Recommended credit rating: undisclosed
  • Accessibility: 50 states

Carvana is the best option to obtain a car loan with a fair credit history

Carvana is a fully online maintained car dealer providing direct funding. This allows to get financing and buy a car from the comfort of your home.

Attention! The financing program doesn't claim any minimum credit rating and makes it an attractive option for borrowers who have fair scores.

However, it is obligatory to have a $4,000 yearly minimum income and not to hold active bankruptcies.

Applicants with the highest level of credit history receive highly competitive rates starting at 3.9%. The Carvana Auto Loan Calculator is a helpful tool to make an estimation of the monthly instalment that will be received based on your creditworthiness and credit rating.

Basic information

  • Range per annum: 3,9%
  • Minimum amount of a credit: not applied
  • Maturity: 36 to 72 months
  • Credit rating recommended: not applied
  • Accessibility: 48 states (excluding Hawaii and Alaska)

How to obtain an auto loan?

A number of consumers may pay cash for a new car but most receive funding from banks, non-bank car lenders, credit unions or dealers. Below is the information about the steps that should be taken in order to obtain a car credit:

  1. Verify your credit report and correct any mistakes. Your credit rating determines the rate of interest that will be offered.
  2. Consider multiple lenders including major banks, public banks, online loan suppliers and credit unions. Check rates, conditions, credit rating requirements as well as other aspects.
  3. Send an application and receive pre-approval for a loan from multiple lenders to see which one provides with the best offer. Please be aware that any loan requests that occur within 14-45 days count as only one request for a credit so it is best to purchase over a short time period.
  4. Specify the vehicle and compare the financial proposal of the dealer with your pre-approval.
  5. Complete the offer with your loan supplier by adhering the instructions and filling in the necessary papers to fulfill the credit transaction. You should make sure the loan has been negotiated. Prior to signing the agreement it is worth checking the per annum rate, the amount funded and the funding fee.


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