Effective ways to reduce home insurance costs

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Insurance companies reimburse the costs of dwelling, garage and other buildings renovation. When choosing a rate you should consider additional options availability. Thus, you can expect that art and luxury costs will be covered in case of their damage.

Effective ways to reduce home insurance costs

The price of insurance depends on the condition of housing and firefighting equipment. You need to consider the location of a building as specialists pay special attention to dangerous objects that can lead to severe destruction. This factor is taken into consideration during the insurance calculation.

What are home insurance rates?

The price of home insurance depends on such factors as:

  • location of the building;
  • total area of the dwelling;
  • nearby presence of a fire-fighting station.

Attention! The cost of insurance can fluctuate greatly depending on an insurance company. It is worth comparing rates prior to papers preparation. In such a way, you can find insurance with the most beneficial conditions.

Usually companies do their best to meet clients' needs. An inspector can assess the risks directly on the spot to calculate the amount of insurance coverage.

What parameters should be taken into consideration during home insurance price calculations?

The price of insurance depends not only on the area of the dwelling but also on a client's credit record.

Below are several parameters that can affect costs:

Home Characteristics

In case of fire a customer may claim compensation for home renovation. The costs of materials and labor force should be considered. Therefore, the key factor is the size of the building.


The area where the dwelling is located is taken into account when insurance is being calculated. It is crucial to check condition of firefighting equipment. When inspecting the building experts pay attention to the presence of a water hydrant. Homeowners who live in remote areas can't count on cheap insurance. The absence of a nearby firefighting station greatly increases the risk of serious damage from fire.


Rates a company sets for home insurance are based on your credit rating as well. Specialists pay attention to business reputation of a client as insurance companies prefer not to deal with people who do not fulfill their obligations. One more reason is that such people often file lawsuits to the court.

Note! For citizens protection in some states it was prohibited to consider credit record when calculating the cost of insurance. Such restrictions are in California, Maryland and Massachusetts.

Which expenses does home insurance cover?

An insurance policy includes various types of coverage that depend on a customer's choice. If necessary, a homeowner may take advantage of additional options.

Features of standard insurance

Basic set of services includes covering the expenses of home restoration. When making calculations you should remember about attached objects (a porch, a terrace, etc.). The cost of home renovation in case of an insured event depends on the market cost of the materials. Moreover, it is necessary to consider the amount of a property tax. Owner expenses depend on the dwelling cost and location. To calculate the expenses you need to know the building area.

Standard insurance includes repair costs required for all buildings. The coverage amount is 10% of an insurance full cost.

Attention! The cost of insurance depends on additional coverage which can reach up to 20%. Customers may require liability insurance which applies to cases of material or nonmaterial damage.

What are insurance options?

Home insurance rates depend on additional costs. You also need to consider a franchise cost which can range from $500 to $2000. It can happen that you need protection from floods, earthquakes and hurricanes as well, however, standard insurance does not cover such expenses.

Personal data required to obtain insurance

To receive a payment you have to provide the following information:

Personal Data

A client has to provide the company reliable information about the surname, date of birth and marital status. Additionally, the address of residence is to be specified. The insurance company should be aware of the number of household members and the presence of pets.

Insurance Information

A customer has to specify the latest insurance company name. Particular attention is paid to the claims that have been filed over the past 5 years as well as to the start date of insurance coverage.

Home Characteristics

When calculating the price of insurance the area of the housing, the year of construction and the number of floors should be considered. Moreover, you need to assess the roof condition, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. The final price of insurance depends on the location of the building.

You can use several options to get information about insurance rates:

  1. On the Internet or by phone.
  2. There is a possibility to contact an independent agent or insurance broker.

Important! Thanks to the comparison of quotes you can choose the most suitable option. In this case, you need to consider coverage limits.

Home insurance prices

Information about insurance rates can be obtained completely free of charge. A homeowner can directly contact insurance agents.

Related Insurance Agents

A related insurance agent is interested in providing the most appropriate offer as employees receive a commission or a percentage of the award for their work. Related agents can cooperate with insurance companies when issuing a policy.

Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers

Discussion of insurance options should not be limited to one company as independent agent's income is directly dependent on commissions. Therefore, such specialists can push a homeowner to buy a more expensive insurance policy. You should keep this factor in mind while choosing an insurance agent.

How much does home insurance cost?

Home insurance price according to the National Association of Commissioners is $1,200 a year. At the same time, prices depend on the home restoration cost. Average rates should have regard to the building location as some states have different rules regarding insurance and calculation of construction costs. Therefore, prices are based on the dwelling cost.

How can insurance costs be reduced?

To get the cheapest quotes for home insurance you need to compare prices for different services of insurance companies. You can save money on insurance in several ways:

  1. A homeowner can increase a franchise and it allows to reduce the amount of insurance payments by 25%.
  2. A customer can combine home and car insurance policy. In this case, an owner of a single family home receives a discount for auto insurance and insurance policy.
  3. You can use a discount when applying for home insurance but please note that such benefit can only be obtained from the same company where you have received your auto insurance. Customers who decided to purchase a new home can expect a discount. In this way, you need to remember about an obligatory condition that there are no claims.

Note! Prices directly depend on a building security condition. A homeowner can install a smoke detector, expensive locks and storm shutters. A significant factor is heating, water supply and electricity supply systems repairs.

In order to increase your credit rating you need not only pay your bills on time but also reduce your debt to creditors if any. In such a way, you can significantly reduce the cost of insurance.

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