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11 Instant Cash Payday Loans That Accept Chime

31 min.

Chime, a popular online banking platform, has emerged as a unique option for borrowers looking to access payday loans. With Chime, borrowers can access loans instantly without having to worry about the lengthy waiting periods and tedious application processes associated with traditional lenders.

11 Instant Cash Payday Loans That Accept Chime

This article highlights 11 instant cash payday loans that accept Chime and provides information on the loan conditions and benefits.

How does Chime Work?

Chime is a mobile bank account and financial services platform that was founded in 2012. Chime operates as an online bank and offers users the ability to conduct banking transactions and access financial services through a mobile app.

Chime allows users to open a free checking account that comes with a Visa debit card. Users can transfer money, make purchases, and withdraw cash from ATMs using their Chime debit card. Chime also offers a savings account with a high-yield interest rate that is automatically linked to the user's checking account.

With an early deposit feature, Chime enables users to receive their paycheck up to two days earlier than traditional banks. Chime does not charge any fees for the early direct deposit service, making it a popular feature among users who need access to their money sooner.

Chime also has a feature called SpotMe, which allows users to overdraft their account up to a certain amount without incurring any fees. SpotMe is available to users who have direct deposit set up and meet other eligibility requirements. When a user overdrafts their account with SpotMe, Chime covers the overdraft amount, and the user is notified within the app to pay back the overdraft as soon as possible.

Chime offers a range of other financial services through its app, including mobile check deposit, bill pay, and the ability to send money to friends and family instantly. Chime also has a rewards program called Chime Rewards, which allows users to earn cashback on certain purchases made with their Chime debit card.

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Top 11 Payday Loans that Accept Chime

Payday loans are a popular form of short-term borrowing that many people turn to when they need cash quickly. Chime is a popular banking app that allows its users to receive direct deposits up to 2 days earlier than traditional banks. For those who use Chime and need a payday loan, here are 10 payday loan companies that accept Chime:


Klover provides you with the opportunity to obtain a cash advance of up to $150, given that you meet certain eligibility requirements. You must have received at least three direct deposits of a minimum of $250 from the same employer into your primary checking account within the past two months. Furthermore, your account should have been active for a minimum of three months and should have weekly or biweekly deposits.

However, Chime clients have a limited partnership with Klover, restricting them to only qualify for up to $20 in cash advances. The collaboration between Chime and Klover is still being trialed.

To link Chime with Klover, you can easily follow the steps provided when logging into your profile. This will allow you to access Chime bank loans.

However, borrowers should be cautious when taking out payday loans, as they often come with high-interest rates and fees. These loans can be a helpful solution in emergency situations, but they are not long-term financial solutions. Borrowers must ensure that they can repay the loan on time to avoid additional fees and potential damage to their credit score.


Dave is an application that allows users to connect their external accounts, including Chime, in order to provide early access to their paychecks. It comes with a fixed fee of $1 per month and enables users to get a payday advance of up to $100 without interest.

The repayment of the advanced amount is due on the next payday or the following Friday, depending on the advanced amount. The advanced amount is based on several factors, such as direct deposits, expected income, deposit and transaction history, account balance, and negative account balance history.

One of the advantages of using Dave payday loans is that they are available to individuals with poor credit. The app does not perform a hard credit pull, which can impact a person's credit score. Instead, the app performs a soft credit check, which does not affect the score. Additionally, the loans have a low interest rate compared to traditional payday loans.

Chime provides a convenient platform for users to access Dave payday loans. Users can manage their loans and repayments through the Chime app without having to visit a physical location. The app provides notifications when loan repayments are due, making it easier for users to keep track of their payments.

Varo Money

Varo is an all-in-one digital financial services platform that offers debit cards and a range of premium products, including a high-yield savings account that has an interest rate of up to 3%. Furthermore, if you have an active account that is over 30 days old with direct deposits amounting to more than $1,000 in the last 31 days, you can access a cash advance of up to $100 from Varo with a credit period of 15 to 30 days.

One interesting feature of Varo is its working relationship with Chime. To effortlessly link your Chime account to your Varo account, you can open your profile, choose the "link an account" option, look for Chime, and input your Chime account details.

Varo Money allows borrowers to repay their loans in installments over a period of time, typically ranging from two to six weeks. This gives borrowers the flexibility to repay the loan at their own pace without having to worry about incurring late fees or penalties.

Honest Loans

Honest Loans is a lending platform that connects borrowers with lenders. They offer payday loans, installment loans, and personal loans. One of the unique features of Honest Loans is that they work with a wide range of lenders, including those that accept Chime bank accounts.

When it comes to payday loans, having a Chime account may be beneficial for borrowers. Some lenders require borrowers to have a traditional bank account, but with Chime, borrowers can still access payday loans. This is because Chime provides users with a routing number and account number, which are essential for lenders to deposit funds into a borrower's account.

To apply for a payday loan through Honest Loans with a Chime account, borrowers need to provide personal and financial information. This includes their name, address, income, employment information, and Chime account details. Once the application is submitted, lenders will review the information and decide if the borrower qualifies for a loan. If approved, funds are usually deposited into the borrower's Chime account within one business day.

Payday loans should only be considered in emergencies and only if the borrower can repay the loan on time. They are short-term loans with high-interest rates and fees, and if not repaid on time, they can result in additional fees and a cycle of debt. It's best to explore other financial options before resorting to a payday loan app.


Cleo is an app that is widely used for managing finances. It allows you to connect all your financial accounts, and not only does it provide budgeting and spending tracking features, but it also offers fee-free cash advances to help you get through until your next payday.

This app determines the amount of cash advance you can borrow based on your spending history and balance. By subscribing to Cleo Plus, you can access up to $100 cash advance by paying a $5.99 monthly fee. Moreover, Cleo also supports Chime, and all you need to do is log into your profile and follow the provided instructions to gain access.

One of the benefits of using Cleo payday loans is that they are fast and easy to obtain. Users can apply for a loan within minutes, and the funds are usually transferred to their Chime account within a few hours. Moreover, the loan application process is simple and straightforward. Users only need to provide basic personal and financial information to apply for the loan.

Another advantage of Cleo payday loans that accept Chime is that they are accessible to a wide range of users. Most traditional financial institutions require users to have good credit scores to be eligible for a loan. However, Cleo's payday loans are available to users with all types of credit scores. This means that even users with poor credit can access short-term loans through the Cleo app.

Figure Loans

Figure Loans is a financial technology company that offers a variety of lending products, including personal loans and home equity loans. They are known for their streamlined application process and fast funding times.

While Figure Loans does not offer payday loans specifically, they do offer personal loans that can be used for a variety of purposes, including unexpected expenses. These loans can be repaid over a longer period of time, typically up to three years, and may have lower interest rates than payday loans.

Chime accounts can be used to receive funds from Figure Loans loans and to make payments towards the loan. The account provides a convenient way to manage funds and make payments without the need for a traditional bank account.


MoneyLion is a digital platform that helps manage your finances and offers an Instacash program based on the size of direct deposits. The amount of Instacash you can receive, which ranges between $250 and $1000, depends on your positive balance and the subscribed products. In addition to Instacash, MoneyLion provides other services, such as credit builder loans, managed investing, credit score tracking, and personal loans. Users can also link their Chime bank account to their MoneyLion account to access same-day payday loans. To do this, go to your profile, click on the 'Transfers section' or the 'More Options' menu under the Finances tab, and select the Add Account option.

To apply for a MoneyLion payday loan, you need to meet some basic requirements. You have to be at least 18 years old, have a steady income, and have an open and active checking account. If you have a Chime account, you can link it to your MoneyLion account to speed up the application process.

Once your application is approved, you can receive your loan funds in as little as one business day. You can use the money to cover unexpected expenses like car repairs, medical bills, or utility bills. It's important to note that online payday loans should not be used as a long-term financial solution, as they can be expensive due to high interest rates and fees.


Albert is a money management application that supports Chime bank loans. The basic version of the app is free, whereas the premium version, Albert Genius, comes with additional features, such as financial tips, live expert advice, a 1% savings interest rate, and a smart micro-investment account. In addition, Albert provides advances ranging from $100 to $250, depending on the user's credit score and income level. However, there is a monthly fee of $3.99 for Albert Genius and $4.99 for the basic version.

To access payday loans through Albert, users simply need to link their Chime account to the app. Once this is done, they can apply for a payday loan directly through Albert. The loan application process is simple and straightforward, with users providing basic information about themselves, their employment, and their financial situation. Albert will then review the information provided and determine whether or not the user is eligible for a payday loan.

If approved, the loan amount will be deposited directly into the user's Chime account, usually within one business day. Users can then use the funds for whatever financial needs they may have.


With Empower, you can manage your finances by creating a budget, monitoring your spending, and saving automatically. Plus, eligible members can apply for a cash advance of up to $250. To qualify, you need to have a healthy bank account, receive regular employment deposits of $500 or more, and pay an $8 monthly fee. Additionally, your account must have a balance of $100 for the previous 10 days and have received at least two deposits of $100 in the previous 2 months.

Empower payday advance app doesn't charge interest or overdraft fees, and there's no minimum balance requirement. It's also one of the payday advance apps that work with Chime. To connect Chime to your Empower account, go to your profile, look for Chime, and enter the required information.

Heart Payday

Heart Payday is a payday loan lender that offers quick and easy loans to people who need cash fast. They also accept Chime bank accounts as a form of payment and verification, which makes it easier for people who use Chime as their primary banking platform.

A payday loan is a short-term loan that is typically used to cover unexpected expenses or bills. It is called a payday loan because the borrower is expected to repay the loan on their next payday. These loans usually have high interest rates and fees, so they should only be used as a last resort for emergency expenses.

Chime is an online bank that offers fee-free banking services through its mobile app. They provide their customers with a spending account, savings account, and debit card, making it easy to manage their finances from anywhere. Chime also offers early direct deposit, allowing their customers to access their paychecks before the traditional payday.

When applying for a payday loan with Heart Payday, Chime users can use their account as a form of verification. This means that Heart Payday can verify the borrower's identity, income, and bank account information without the need for additional paperwork or verification processes. This can speed up the loan application process and make it more convenient for Chime users.


Earnin is a cash advance app that offers loans without any interest. You can withdraw your earned income before payday, and the app does not charge any fees, but it does recommend a tip. It offers a unique feature called the Balance Shield, which sends push notifications to customers when their account balance falls below a specified amount, up to $400. Customers can also use Balance Shield Cash Outs to get up to $100 of their earnings in advance.

If you are a Chime user, you may wonder if Earnin works with Chime. Currently, the partnership is in beta testing with a select group of Chime users. You can use Earnin's "Add Bank" tool to search for Chime and see if you qualify for the partnership. If it is accessible, the option to add the account will be displayed.

Bad Credit Loans that Accept Chime

Bad credit loans are designed for individuals with poor credit scores. If you have bad credit, getting approved for a traditional loan might be difficult. Fortunately, there are lenders who specialize in bad credit loans, and as long as you have a steady income, you can still qualify for a loan.

Chime is a mobile banking platform that offers a variety of financial services, including direct deposits, savings accounts, and debit cards. While Chime itself might not be a lender, there are several lenders that accept Chime accounts for bad credit loans.

  1. AnyDayCash is a fast and easy way to get a bad credit loan. They require no credit check and accept Chime accounts. The application process is simple, and you can get your funds the same day. AnyDayCash understands that people with bad credit often struggle to secure loans from traditional lenders, and their service provides a valuable alternative to those in need of immediate financial assistance.

  2. FindFundsNow offers short-term loans to help you cover unexpected expenses. They don't require a credit check and can provide funding in as little as an hour. This means that individuals with bad credit who use Chime can still apply for a loan with FindFundsNow.

  3. LendConnector. They offer personal loans to individuals with bad credit. LendConnector has an easy online application process, and you can get approved within minutes. They also offer flexible repayment terms.

In conclusion, if you have bad credit and need a loan, there are lenders that accept Chime accounts. AnyDayCash, FindFundsNow and LendConnector are just a few of the lenders that can help you get the funds you need. However, it's important to remember that bad credit loans typically come with high interest rates and fees, so it's important to carefully consider your options before taking out a loan. Additionally, it's important to only borrow what you can afford to repay to avoid falling deeper into debt.


What loan companies work with Chime?

Chime is a mobile-only banking platform that does not offer loans directly. However, Chime has partnered with several online lenders that offer personal loans, instant payday loans, cash advances, and installment loans with competitive interest rates and favorable terms. Some of the loan companies that work with Chime include Cleo, Empower, and Dave.

Can I get a loan with a Chime account?

Yes, Chime account holders can get loans through the online lenders that partner with Chime. The process of getting a loan involves downloading the lender's app and linking your Chime account to the app. After that, you can apply for a loan, and the lender will assess your eligibility based on a range of factors, such as credit score, income, and employment status. If approved, funds will be deposited into your Chime account within minutes, and you can use the funds for any purpose.

Can you get a cash advance through Chime?

Yes, Chime offers a cash advance feature known as SpotMe to its account holders. The feature allows eligible customers to overdraft their accounts up to $100 without incurring any fees. However, SpotMe is not a loan, and Chime does not charge any interest or fees for the service. When your account balance goes back to positive, Chime will automatically deduct the advanced amount from your balance. You can also use other cash advance apps that can be connected with Chime.

What payday loans work with Chime bank?

Chime works with several payday loan apps that offer fast funding and favorable terms. However, payday loans are one of the most expensive forms of borrowing, and they come with high fees and interest rates that can dig customers into a cycle of debt. Therefore, Chime encourages its customers to exhaust other alternatives, such as personal loans, borrowing from friends and family, and cutting expenses before considering payday loans. Some of the payday loan companies that work with Chime include MoneyLion, Cleo, and Albert.
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