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CCB Community Bank

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CCB Community Bank is a full-service bank that serves communities throughout Alabama and Florida. The bank offers a variety of financial products and services to meet the needs of its customers, including personal and business checking and savings accounts, loans, and online banking.

One of the unique features of CCB Community Bank is its commitment to local communities. The bank takes an active role in supporting local businesses and organizations and encourages its employees to volunteer and get involved in community events.

CCB Community Bank also prioritizes customer service and strives to provide its customers with personalized attention and support. The bank has a team of experienced professionals who work to help customers achieve their financial goals and navigate their banking needs.

Overall, CCB Community Bank is a trusted and reliable banking institution that is committed to serving the needs of its customers and local communities.

Key Features

Some of the key features of CCB Community Bank include:

  1. Local Commitment. The bank is committed to supporting the local communities it serves through various initiatives such as community events, volunteering, and support for local businesses and organizations.
  2. Full-service Banking. The financial institution offers a wide range of financial products and services, including personal and business checking and savings accounts, loans, and online banking.
  3. Personalized Service. CCB Community Bank places a strong emphasis on providing its customers with personalized attention and support to help them achieve their financial goals.
  4. Experienced Professionals. The bank has a team of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about the banking industry and work to provide exceptional customer service.
  5. Competitive Rates. CCB Community Bank offers competitive rates on its various financial products and services, providing customers with affordable and attractive options for their banking needs.


The specific requirements to open an account or access the services of CCB Community Bank may vary depending on the type of account or service requested. However, some general requirements include:

  1. A valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport.
  2. Proof of current address, such as a utility bill or lease agreement.
  3. A Social Security number or Tax ID number.
  4. An initial deposit, which may vary depending on the type of account opened.

For business accounts, additional documentation may be required, such as articles of incorporation, business licenses, and financial statements.

To access online banking and mobile banking services, customers must have a valid account with CCB Community Bank and may need to complete a registration process. This process may include providing personal and account information, creating login credentials, and verifying identity through a security process.

It's recommended to contact the bank directly or visit their website for more information on specific requirements for opening an account or accessing their services.

Access on the Go

CCB Community Bank offers mobile banking services that enable customers to access their accounts and manage their finances on-the-go. Here are some of the ways customers can access their accounts with CCB Community Bank while they are out and about:

  1. Mobile App. It can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. With the app, customers can view account balances, transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks, and locate branches and ATMs.
  2. Online Banking. Customers can access their accounts through CCB Community Bank's online banking platform, which can be accessed through a web browser on a smartphone or tablet. With online banking, customers can manage their accounts, pay bills, and transfer funds.
  3. Text Banking. Customers can enroll in CCB Community Bank's text banking service, which allows them to send text messages to the bank to check account balances, view recent transactions, and receive alerts about account activity.
  4. Telephone Banking: The bank also offers a telephone banking service that allows customers to access their accounts and perform banking transactions over the phone.

Overall, CCB Community Bank provides a range of options for customers to access their accounts and manage their finances on-the-go, making banking convenient and accessible from anywhere.

Products and Services

CCB Community Bank offers a range of financial products and services to meet the needs of its customers, including:

  1. Checking Accounts. The bank has personal and business checking accounts that come with various features and benefits, such as no minimum balance requirements, online banking, and debit cards.
  2. Savings Accounts. CCB Community Bank also offers personal and business savings accounts that can help customers save money and earn interest on their deposits.
  3. Loans. Customers are offered various loan options, including personal loans, auto loans, home loans, and business loans. Customers can also apply for a line of credit to meet their financing needs.
  4. Credit Cards. The bank provides personal and business credit cards that come with rewards programs, competitive interest rates, and other benefits.
  5. Online Banking. The bank's online banking services allow customers to manage their accounts, pay bills, transfer funds, and view transaction history from anywhere with an internet connection.
  6. Mobile Banking. CCB Community Bank's mobile app enables customers to access their accounts, deposit checks, transfer funds, pay bills, and manage their finances on-the-go.
  7. Wealth Management. The bank provides wealth management services, including investment management, financial planning, and retirement planning, to help customers achieve their long-term financial goals.

Overall, CCB Community Bank offers a comprehensive suite of financial products and services to help customers manage their finances, achieve their financial goals, and plan for the future.

Which associations does CCB Community Bank belong to?

CCB Community Bank is a member of several banking associations and organizations, including:

By being a part of these associations and organizations, CCB Community Bank is able to stay informed about industry trends, regulatory changes, and best practices, while also supporting the local community and the banking industry as a whole.

CCB Community Bank


Who owns CCB Community Bank?

The CCB Community Bank in Andalusia, Alabama, is owned by the parent company of Citizens Bank & Trust, a community bank headquartered in Guntersville, Alabama. Citizens Bank & Trust acquired CCB Community Bank in Andalusia in 2018, and the bank operates as a division of Citizens Bank & Trust.

Is CCB Community Bank a good bank?

CCB Community Bank has received generally positive reviews from customers and has been recognized for its exceptional customer service.

The bank has received a 5-star rating from Bauer Financial, an independent rating agency that evaluates financial institutions based on their financial strength and performance. CCB Community Bank has also been recognized as one of the "Best Banks to Work For" by American Banker magazine, which highlights banks that excel in employee satisfaction, workplace culture, and career development opportunities.

Additionally, CCB Community Bank has been recognized for its community involvement and philanthropic efforts. The bank has donated funds and volunteered time to support local organizations, schools, and events in the coastal Georgia region.

Overall, CCB Community Bank appears to be a reputable financial institution that is committed to providing excellent customer service, supporting its employees, and giving back to the community. However, as with any financial institution, it is recommended that customers thoroughly research and compare their options to ensure that the bank they choose meets their specific needs and preferences.

Is CCB Community Bank hard to get approved for?

CCB Community Bank has its own lending policies, credit standards, and approval criteria that are used to evaluate loan applications.

The difficulty of getting approved for a loan or credit product from CCB Community Bank will depend on various factors, such as the type of loan, the amount requested, the borrower's credit history, income, and debt-to-income ratio. Customers with strong credit scores, a stable income, and a good repayment history are more likely to be approved for loans and credit products.

It is recommended that customers interested in obtaining a loan or credit product from CCB Community Bank speak with a loan officer or representative to discuss their options and learn more about the bank's lending policies and approval criteria. Additionally, it is important to thoroughly review and understand the terms and conditions of any loan or credit product before agreeing to the terms.

CCB Community Bank disputes number

If you need to dispute a transaction or have a question about a charge on your CCB Community Bank account, you can contact the bank's customer service department at 1-855-491-2273. The bank's customer service representatives will be able to assist you with any disputes or inquiries related to your account.

If you believe that your CCB Community Bank debit or credit card has been lost or stolen, you should contact the bank immediately at 1-800-472-3272 to report the issue and take steps to protect your account.

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We are proud of our rich history. Our commitment to the financial success of our clients, committed employees, and sound management has been the backbone of our bank's growth and success.

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