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La Salle Greenhills Visa Card®
Credit cards

La Salle Greenhills Visa Card®

Updated: 18.10.2022

About credit card

The card allows you to make contactless payments and provide an opportunity to earn rewards points. You also get to contribute by donating a portion of your card transactions to La Salle education funds and outreach activities. There are other special benefits such as installment and rebate schemes, and make payments with ease thanks to various monthly payment choices.


Below are some of the features of this card:

  • Charity. You can contribute to the UnionBank-La Salle Greenhills scholarship effort by using the La Salle Greenhills Visa card, as 50% of your yearly fee will be automatically contributed to the La Salle Greenhills on your behalf. Additionally, 0.5% of your spending at any retail establishments are also being sent to La Salle Greenhills.
  • Reward points. Earn points for every spending you make. The corresponding amount will also be given to La Salle Greenhills automatically. You can also donate 1% of the interest on your card revolved balance.

Pros and cons 

Check out the below pros and cons before applying.


  • The card provides a 0% payment plan for 3 to 36 months at participating businesses.
  • The card lets users enjoy cheap interest balance transfers payable from 3-36 months for as little as 0.99% monthly interest rate dependent on payment duration.


  • The card has many fees and charges.
  • The card also has a monthly maintenance balance and an annual fee.

How to apply for the Union Bank La Salle Greenhills Visa card?

Follow the steps carefully:

  1. Visit the Union Bank website.
  2. Go down and click on Cards. Click on Credit card.
  3. Go up and click on See cards.
  4. Look for and click on La Salle Greenhills Visa card.
  5. Click on Apply now
  6. Select if you have a reference code or not.
  7. Choose if you are a Union Bank customer or not, input your account number or your card number if you are.
  8. Select La Salle Greenhills Visa card.
  9. Choose if you have a principal card with another bank or not.
  10. Select if you have a valid ID and a financial document or not, click on Next when done.
  11. Input all the needed data and information and then follow all the onscreen descriptions to complete your application.

Make sure you meet the below requirements before applying:

  • You must be between 18-70 years old.
  • You must fill out the application form correctly.
  • You must have a copy of a valid government-owned ID card with your picture and signature on it.
  • You must have a copy of your source of income.
  • You must have an alien certificate of registration if you are a foreigner.
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