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About Unacash

Unacash was founded in 2013 to provide short-term loans at relatively cheap interest rate to small business owners in the Philippines.Today, the company's credit line offers 24/7 online financial solutions to all its clients. The company is owned and run by Digido Finance Corp. They have an application where clients access an all-digital cash loan service with minimum fuss and still use it to repay the loan before the installment due date. Suffice to say that they offer a seamless and convenient loan experience by eliminating bank visits and hidden charges.

Pros and cons

There are some pros and cons of borrowing a cash loan from Unacash.


  • It offers easy and quick cash loans with minimal requirements. Funds will reflect in your bank account within 24 hours after approval.

  • The company has a user-friendly and convenient cash loan application. This convenient loan app offers seamless navigation and access to cash loan products.

  • The company offers cash loans at competitive interest rates.

  • The customer service is efficient and friendly. They offer customer service through email from Monday to Saturday.

  • Unacash offers competitive interest rates on their cash loans.


  • It does not offer large loan amounts.

  • All their loans are short-term.

  • Compared to bank loans, the percentage of use for the loan is higher.

  • There is an additional late payment fee if you fail to meet the actual payment deadline

Looking at the advantages and disadvantages, it is safe to say that an Unacash loan is meant to be a short-term solution for your financial requirements. You need to weigh your options before choosing one of their loan products.

Loan conditions

You have to be a Filipino citizen of at least 18 years with a valid identification document and proof of income. Additionally, you need to have a valid and registered phone number and email address. These two will be used to verify your application.

Funding a loan

The application process is straightforward. After choosing the loan product and amount you want, it takes 5-10 minutes to approve the cash loan. After approval, the company will notify you whether your funds are available. The money will be transferred to your account within 24 hours, sometimes even sooner.



What is Unacash?

Unacash is an online cash loan service provider based in the Philippines. The company offers convenience in applying for short-term loans without leaving the comfort of your home.

Who owns Unacash?

Unacash is owned by Digido Finance Corp.

How much can you borrow from Unacash?

If you are a qualified Filipino applicant, you can borrow up to ₱50,000. However, the exact loan amount you qualify for will depend on your credit score.

Is Unacash a legitimate company?

Yes, Unacash is a legitimate company. Besides being under the management of Digido Finance Corp., the company is registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission with the registration number CS202003056.

Company documents

Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions


Convenient cash loan application without leaving the safety and comfort of your home.

© Digido Finance Corp.

UnaCash loans calculator

Calculate loan payments in UnaCash. Loans calculator will allow you to calculate an approximate payment schedule for the loan

Loan amount

Enter the desired loan amount

1000 ₱
50000 ₱
Loan term

Specify the loan term for the calculation


What to pay attention to when applying for a loan at UnaCash?

- The company shall be registered at Securities and Exchange Commission in the Republic of the Philippines;

- You can check the availability of the Certificate of Authority on the official SEC website;

- The rules for granting microloans should be available on the company's website;

- The procedure for applying for a microloan should be published on the site;

- The procedure for concluding an agreement and receiving a payment schedule should be available;

- Other terms and conditions for granting microloans should be available.


- Get acquainted with the interest rates on microloans;

- Check the availability of general terms and conditions of the consumer loan agreement;

- Check the availability of information on the total cost of the loan in the consumer loan agreement;

- Take time to think. After reviewing the individual terms of the agreement, take the allowed time to make the final decision.

What distinguishes UnaCash from a bank:

- Fast processing of loan applications;

- High interest on the loan for the borrower;

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