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About lender

TendoPay is a Philippines-based fintech firm founded in 2018 that allows you to buy now and pay later for all of your online purchases from various online merchants. Consumers can purchase and pay in installments ranging from 2 to 24 months, with simple credit for e-commerce purchases without the requirement for any credit card or bank accounts.

Pros and cons

Sometimes, having an extra credit limit is a good way to avoid financial constraints. However, it's important to know all its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Easy application

  • Fast approval

  • More access to merchants


  • 20% down payment

  • Different voucher system

  • High-interest rates

Loan conditions

The initial loan is subject to the user's verification, and the user must make the first installment payments at the time of purchase. The initial payment determines the terms of subsequent loans; when you make more purchases with TendoPay and settle your installments on time, TendoPay will increase your credit limit. While paying, ensure each payment is completed on or before the given due date.



What is TendoPay?

TendoPay is a safe and secure service that allows you to shop online at your favorite stores and pay later, at your leisure, without using a credit card or bank account.

How do you qualify for TendoPay?

A full name and date of birth are required to access TendoPay. A potential active user must be 18 or above and should have at least one government-issued identity card. Users must also have a valid email address and a phone number in the Philippines.

How much can you borrow from TendoPay?

Using the TendoPay account, users can lend up to ₱30,000 depending on the application's assessment; however, the more online purchases made, the faster the user repays, and the higher the credit limit. Users can also avail of extra pay later credit.

Is TendoPay a legitimate company?

Yes. TendoPay is a financial service business incorporated under the laws of the Philippines, and it is permitted to operate as a financing company by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Company documents

Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions

TendoPay lets you buy now and pay later at your favorite stores at a schedule that’s convenient for you. An easy and transparent way to shop, we’ll show you your repayment schedule before you complete any purchase.

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TendoPay loans calculator

Calculate loan payments in TendoPay. Loans calculator will allow you to calculate an approximate payment schedule for the loan

Loan amount

Enter the desired loan amount

2000 ₱
30000 ₱
Loan term

Specify the loan term for the calculation


What to pay attention to when applying for a loan at TendoPay?

- The company shall be registered at Securities and Exchange Commission in the Republic of the Philippines;

- You can check the availability of the Certificate of Authority on the official SEC website;

- The rules for granting microloans should be available on the company's website;

- The procedure for applying for a microloan should be published on the site;

- The procedure for concluding an agreement and receiving a payment schedule should be available;

- Other terms and conditions for granting microloans should be available.


- Get acquainted with the interest rates on microloans;

- Check the availability of general terms and conditions of the consumer loan agreement;

- Check the availability of information on the total cost of the loan in the consumer loan agreement;

- Take time to think. After reviewing the individual terms of the agreement, take the allowed time to make the final decision.

What distinguishes TendoPay from a bank:

- Fast processing of loan applications;

- High interest on the loan for the borrower;

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