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ShopNPay Visa Prepaid Card®
Debit cards

ShopNPay Visa Prepaid Card®

Updated: 14.10.2022

About debit card

The ShopNPay Visa prepaid card is a redeemable stored-value card that allows you to load sufficient money to make purchases, make payments, or withdraw cash from ATMs anywhere in the globe at any time.


The ShopNPay Visa prepaid card is a product that allows customers to make purchases, remittances, and get cash anywhere and at any time. It can also conveniently be used in making payments.

Pros and cons

Before acquiring the ShopNPay Visa prepaid card, it is wise to understand the upsides and drawbacks which accrue with having a prepaid card.


  • The card creates convenience as the holder can use it anywhere and at any time.
  • The ShopNPay prepaid card ensures control of funds, as the cardholder can only spend what is available on their card.


  • The prepaid card carries funds the holder is willing to spend at a given time.
  • The cardholder may experience shortages when expenditure exceeds the budget.

How to apply for ShopNPay Visa prepaid card?

To apply, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Sterling Bank website.
  2. Highlight your mouse to Personal > Card > Prepaid card.
  3. Go down and click on Apply now.
  4. Follow the on-screen directives to complete the application.

Before you apply, you must meet the following requirements.

Eligibility requirements

For a ShopNPay Visa prepaid card, take two valid IDs to the nearest Sterling Bank of Asia branch, and your card application will be processed immediately for a minimal fee. It isn't compulsory to own an account with the bank.

Documentary requirements

  • Corporate or organizational documents, for example:
    • Tax identification number (TIN)
    • Social security system (SSS)
    • Government service insurance system (GSIS) number
    • Licenses and permits to conduct business
    • Contact information such as email address, office phone number, and mobile phone number
    • Financial and credit information, including economic status, credit background, and source of funds
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