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Security Bank Fast Track Secured Credit Card®
Credit cards

Security Bank Fast Track Secured Credit Card®

Updated: 17.09.2022

About credit card

The Security Bank Fast Track program helps account holders save and get a credit card faster. If your credit score is low, you can grow it by gradual savings through the fast-track secured credit card. In addition, you enjoy rebates and reward points for every transaction.


The Fast Track Secured Credit Card is the fastest processed card with a three-day maximum processing period. The savings in your account earn interest while improving your credit score by up to 80% of the accumulated amount. Furthermore, all transactions earn you reward points redeemable for purchases and other offers. With this credit card, you can enjoy discounts and participate in promos, including the welcome gift of ₱ 3000. Aside from that, the card lets you grow your credit limit and establish your credit history, allowing you to reach your financial goals faster. 

Pros and cons

Raising your credit score and earning interest are benefits of the Fast Track Credit Card. However, it takes time to grow your credit limit if your savings are low. Therefore, you should compare this card's benefits and drawbacks before applying. The advantages and disadvantages of Security Bank Fast Track Secured Credit Card include: 


  • Your savings earn interest while building your credit score. 

  • Your card is processed within three banking days after application. 

  • You require no minimum gross annual income like other credit cards. 


  • Your savings account must have a minimum hold-up deposit amount of ₱25,000 and a ₱100,000 time deposit to qualify for the card. 

  • You cannot apply for a credit card online, hence inconvenient if there is no branch nearby. 

  • You do not build your credit limit quickly as it takes time. 

How to apply for a Security Bank Fast Track Credit Card?

This credit card requires a minimum age of 21 and a government-issued ID. The Fast Track credit card is also exclusive to Security Bank Mastercard customers. Go to your nearest Security Bank location to apply for the Fast Track Credit Card. Inform the customer care agent that you require the Security Bank Fast Track Credit Card application form. Fill out the application form with accurate information. Make a minimum deposit of ₱25,000 for a savings account and ₱100,000 for a time deposit. Then, send your completed form to the customer service representative and wait 72 hours for approval.

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