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About credit card

The ZALORA Credit Card is a fashion and lifestyle credit card that allows users to enjoy rewards as they shop online. ZALORA understands the emerging online shopping behavior of most users and anticipates strengthening customer loyalty by providing exclusive discounts and rewards for online shoppers. You have the joy of shopping more with this credit card as it offers many benefits, such as free ₱5,000 shopping credits as a welcome gift, unlimited free shopping with the ZNOW feature, and a free virtual card, allowing you to enjoy a safe online shopping experience. ZALORA Credit Card also allows you to earn rewards such as up to 6% cashback on ZALORA as well as other online purchases and flexible rewards points on your other retail spending. ZALORA Credit Card also boasts of being the first eco-friendly credit card in the Philippines, which helps to lower our carbon footprint.


Before considering ZALORA Credit Card , you need to understand some of the card’s features. The following are some of them.

  • Budget management. ZALORA Credit Card has features that can help you manage your budget. The Unli Installment feature allows you to convert your straight purchases to installments for a maximum of 36 months. The Spend Monitor helps you monitor your credit card spending with real-time SMS advisories. The Spend Analyzer feature helps you keep track of your credit card transactions. Other helpful features are Fast BillsPay, Easyterms, and Balance Transfer, which you can use to manage your credit card. These features enable you to have a lifestyle shopping experience.
  • Enhanced security. You enjoy increased security with the EMV chip technology and shop secure features. The card is one of the Mastercard credit cards designed to be safe and secure with the contactless feature, which enables you to shop quickly and safely with just a tap of your card.
  • Rewards. Your ZALORA Credit Card allows you to earn attractive rewards that you can redeem for airmiles or cashback.

Pros and cons

Before applying for this fashion and lifestyle credit card, you will need to check the following advantages and disadvantages to ascertain that it can meet your needs.


  • You enjoy ₱5,000 ZALORA shopping credits for every minimum spend of ₱30,000 within 60 days of getting your card.
  • You ZALORA 6% cashback on all online ZALORA purchases and up to 2% cashback on other online purchases.
  • You get VIP access to ZALORA’s exclusive sales, events, and brand launches.
  • You enjoy flexible, non-expiring reward points for every ₱50 you spend on all other purchases you make with your ZALORA Credit Card.
  • You can convert your reward points to ZALORA cashback or airmiles to enjoy free travel or even pay your annual membership fee.
  • You get unlimited free express shipping with ZNOW for one year.
  • You get a free virtual card immediately after your ZALORA Credit Card is approved.


  • You pay an annual fee of ₱4,000 as a membership fee for the principal ZALORA Credit Card.
  • You pay a membership fee of ₱2,000 per year for the supplementary ZALORA Credit Card.

How to apply for ZALORA Credit Card?

Before applying for ZALORA Credit Card, you must confirm that you meet the applicant’s qualifications. Basically, you must be between 21 and 65 years old as a principal cardholder and 13-65 as a supplementary cardholder. You also need to have a mobile number and proof of a minimum of ₱300,000 annual income. You can complete your credit card application by following these steps upon meeting these qualifications.

  1. Go online to RCBC Homepage and head over to credit cards & loans.
  2. Select ZALORA Credit Card from the co-branded cards.
  3. Click Apply now.
  4. Read the card’s terms and click “I Accept” at the bottom of the page.
  5. Fill out the required details in the application form: pre-qualification details, your personal information, employment and financial information. Ensure that you have provided correct details in each field.
  6. The bank will verify your application digitally before you complete it.
  7. Submit your application form and wait for verification and processing. Once your card is ready, the bank will notify you of your card delivery.

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