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About lender

Pera247 is a duly registered lending company in the Philippines offering quick cash. The company offers short-term loans with flexible repayment schedules. Borrowers can benefit from the easy loan application process and enjoy an instant loan approval when they use the credit organization's services.

Pera247 is a short-term digital lending institution registered as a financial platform allowing borrowers in the Philippines to access quick loans. The company is powered by AsiaKredit, a global tech-based financial service company that provides digital lending solutions to customers in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Pera247 allows convenient financial management, easy loan application, and fast loan approval, enabling users to obtain loans that can come in handy during emergencies. Other than providing online loans to its customers, Pera247 also offers teaching opportunities through its blog section for clients to acquire basic financial literacy and enable them to manage their finances, encouraging responsible borrowing. Borrowers enjoy different loan products and instant disbursement of approved loans to a bank account of their choice.

Pros and cons

Pera247 is a credit organization allowing registered users to access quick loans with flexible repayment terms. Borrowers can access different loan products and enjoy instant loan disbursement once their application is approved. They can also make monthly payments of their loans as agreed by the lender. Unlike other traditional financial organizations, Pera247 allows the unbanked population in the Philippines to access fast loans to meet their different financial needs through a fast and convenient process. Besides, you do not need collateral when applying for these loans, and you can repay them within a short time, which encourages responsible borrowing. Loan seekers with immediate financial needs can benefit from the quick loans offered by the lending institution at any time.


  1. 24/7 customer support
  2. No collateral needed
  3. No paperwork
  4. Safe to use
  5. No hidden charges
  6. No processing fees
  7. Promotes responsible lending
  8. Promotes financial inclusion


  1. Penalties for defaulting
  2. High-interest rates
  3. High late payment fees
  4. Only available for Android users

Loan conditions

Pera247 allows eligible borrowers to access different loan products.

  • The most common loan product is the instant loan, which offers instant cash, allowing eligible customers to borrow money from a minimum loan amount of ₱1000 to a maximum of ₱3000, payable within 10 to 90 days. Because of the instant approval and disbursement, users who take this loan product will pay an interest of about 36.18% per month.
  • The other loan product that loan seekers can apply for is an installment loan, which is only available for established borrowers with good credit ratings. You can get a minimum loan amount of ₱2000 and a maximum of ₱20000, payable within six months. You also get to enjoy lower interest rates of 5.5% per month.
  • Lastly, borrowers can consider eShoppingLoan, which they can use to purchase items from the lender’s partner stores. It allows customers to access a minimum loan amount of ₱2000 to a maximum of ₱50000 payable between 6 and 11 months at an interest rate of 8.6% per month.

Whether you are a new or established customer, the lending institution factually reviews your application and allows you to access different loan products with easy repayment schedules. Pera247’s fast approval and instant disbursement of approved loans entice many first-time seekers to apply for a loan.

Funding a loan

Pera247 offers different credit products, attractive for both first-time and repeat customers. A first-time loan seeker can get a low financial amount with a faster or short-term repayment plan. New borrowers also enjoy a convenient process and reliably fast approval of their loans. Borrowers can also enjoy the best possible interest rates depending on the loan amounts they request from the lender, usually ranging from 5.5% per month, and have up to 11 months to repay their loans. Funding your loan can be instant if you choose an instant loan or can take up to 24 hours for other loan products.



What is Pera247?

Pera247 is a duly registered lending company allowing Filipinos to access various credit products from their mobile phones. Upon activation of their accounts, borrowers can access loan products processed by the system within minutes.

Who owns Pera247?

Pera247 is registered under SEC as Pera247 Lending Corporation and licensed to operate as a lending company in the Philippines. The data-driven consumer lending platform was founded by Mike Singh, Adrian Chng, and Krasnov Grygorii in 2017 and operates under AsiaKredit, a renowned Southeast Asia digital consumer lender.

How do you qualify for a Pera247 loan?

Every citizen can apply for a Pera247 loan if they meet the following requirements:

  • Filipino nationality residing in the Philippines

  • Aged between 18 and 69 years

Besides, it would be best to have a good credit score because Pera247 will determine your loan eligibility depending on your creditworthiness.

How much can you borrow from Pera247?

New borrowers can access loans from a minimum of ₱1000 to ₱3000, while repeat ones can access up to ₱15000 with an instant loan and ₱50000 with an e-shopping loan. The loan amount you get can also depend on the type of a loan product you choose to take, whether the instant loan, installment loan, or e-shopping loan.

Is Pera247 a legitimate company?

Yes, Pera247 is a legitimate company. It is registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as Pera247 Lending Corporation.

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For honest and hard-working individuals, pera247 aims to be a lender that identifies credit-worthy customers through their digital footprint and delivers a decision and access to funds.

pera247 Lending Corporation
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