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Eastwest Bank home loan for february 2024

Eastwest Bank
Get a home loan at Eastwest Bank. On 24.02.2024 there are 1 options available to you. Increase your chances of getting a loan — fill out an application with a free credit rating check.
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Eastwest Bank
Home Loan
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from 5.75% APR

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up to 30 years
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50000 ₱
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30 years
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Eastwest Bank home loan for february 2024

Eastwest Bank will assist you in obtaining your own home, whether it is a house and lot, a condominium, a townhouse, or even a vacant lot for future building. The loan payment term is up to 30 years, and the interest rate is as low as 5.75%.

Types of Eastwest Bank home loans

Below are the types of home loans offered by the bank:

  • Home or condominium acquisition. A loan used to purchase a house, townhouse, condominium, or dwelling accommodation (with a maximum of four doors) ​

  • Lot acquisition. A loan for the purchase of a residential lot.

  • Home construction. A loan utilized for home construction.

  • Reimbursement. A loan intended to reimburse the borrower for acquiring a residential property within one year of the transfer of TCT/CCT.

  • Home equity loan. A multi-purpose loan for personal use, such as travel, medical treatment, education, business loans, etc.

  • Top-up loan. The ability to use the paid-off portion of an existing loan for any purpose.

How to apply a home loan?

Follow the steps below to apply for a home loan:

  1. Choose the best rate, period, and payment plan for you.

  2. Visit the Eastwest Bank official website.

  3. Click on the three parallel lines on the website's top left-hand side.

  4. Under Personal online banking, click on Loans and then Home loan.

  5. When the new page opens, click on Apply now.

  6. Fill out the application form and read the terms and conditions before proceeding.

  7. Make scanned copies of all the supporting documentation needed and upload them where necessary.

  8. Submit the online application form and wait for their confirmation. They will take care of everything.

Requirements for Eastwest Bank home loans

General documentation requirements

  • Filled application form.

  • Two valid government-issued ID cards.

For refinancing

  • Mortgagor's most recent statement of account.

  • Proof of payment for the previous six months (Might be any of official receipts, cleared checks with bank statements, or ledger)

For self-employed applicants

  • SEC/DTI business registration certificate.

  • Financial statements for the previous two years that have been audited.

  • Interim financial statement if the most recent AFS is more than six months old.

  • Recent 6-month bank statements accompanied by an authorization to undertake bank verification.

  • References for the trade (at least three suppliers and three customers with telephone numbers and contact persons).

  • By-laws and articles of incorporation.

For locally employed applicants

  • Certificate of employment and compensation (COEC) must indicate position and length of service.

  • Recent income tax return (ITR).

For OFW - direct hire

  • Certificate of employment and compensation (COEC) with original six-month remittances.

  • Certificate of employment and compensation (COEC) with original six-month payslips.

For OFW - seaman

  • Crew contract, which POEA must validate.

  • Attorney-in-fact ID cards and application form.

Pros and cons

Check out these honest pros and cons before applying for an Eastwest Bank home loan.


  • The loan term is up to 30 years, which makes your monthly amortization light and easy.

  • The interest rate for this loan is fixed, which means you are free from erratic rate variations.

  • The bank offers interest rates that are as low as 5.750%.

  • The bank has limited loan requirements.

  • The home loan applications can be completed online.


  • A borrower who misses monthly payments will have many issues, risking being sued.

  • It takes time before a loan can be approved.

How to repay?

The loan can be repaid through any of the following methods:

  • Eastwest online. Eastwest online is accessible to Eastwest deposit account holders who wish to make home loan payments online at Direct debit payments received before the cut-off time (8 p.m.) are posted within 24 hours. Your loan balance will be updated the next business day.

  • Eastwest automatic debit arrangement. You can utilize the automatic debit arrangement if you have an Eastwest deposit account.

  • Eastwest ATMs. Eastwest ATMs accept direct auto loan debt payments if you have an Eastwest or Bancnet member bank ATM account. Simply follow the on-screen directions. Payments received before the cut-off time (midnight.) are posted the next banking day. Your loan balance will be adjusted two banking days after payment is received.

  • Eastwest rural bank stores. Eastwest rural bank locations only accept cash payments. Payments made during store hours (Monday through Friday) are posted the next banking day. After two banking days from the date of payment, your loan balance will be revised.


Can I apply for an Eastwest Bank home loan besides the online application?

Yes. You may also apply through any Eastwest Bank branches or call the bank's customer service through (632) 8888-1700 or their chatbot ESTA. For the list of Eastwest Bank stores, visit their website.

What if I fail to make my Eastwest Bank home loan monthly payment?

In the event of a payment delay, a penalty of 10% of the past due amount or ₱1,000, whichever is greater, will be levied for each month the account is past due.

Can I pay my Eastwest Bank home loan in advance?

Yes, you can make loan payments in advance. However, an early payment processing fee of 10% of your remaining principal balance or ₱1,000, whichever is greater, will apply.