DBP home loan for april 2024

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DBP home loan for april 2024

The DBP home loan is a financial facility for the housing sector. This is called the Building Affordable Homes Accessible to Every Filipino (BAHAY) program, which covers the entire process of housing development, from land acquisition to site development and shelter construction. It supports social development by providing readily available funding to aid in the supply of secure tenure and shelter production, which is in line with DBP's strategic emphasis.

The BAHAY program hopes to help the government achieve its goal of creating inclusive, secure, resilient, and long-lasting cities and human settlements by providing funding through loans. By offering credit support through short-term and long-term financing, the program also intends to contribute to addressing the gaps in the housing sector.

Types of DBP home loans

The loan could be short-term or long-term. Below are some of the aims of the BAHAY program:

  • Land purchase. This is for purchasing a lot solely for building homes (available to LGUs only).
  • Developing or enhancing a site. This involves transforming undeveloped land into serviced parcels with minimal infrastructure and services.
  • Site enhancement. This consists of the maintenance and improvement of current infrastructure and facilities.
  • Development of community facilities. This involves building public amenities, comprising both commercial and noncommercial.
  • Shelter construction. This involves building actual dwellings on developed or serviced sites.
  • Supplies and materials for construction. This is the purchase of building supplies, including the importation of eco-friendly materials.
  • Financing of government subsidies through receivables. Government cash and subsidies for housing projects might be advanced or bridge-financed.
  • Housing unit inventory build-up. This involves housing units being built or buildings being completed.

How to apply for a DBP home loan?

Follow the below steps to apply for a BAHAY loan:

  1. Visit the DBP branch that is most convenient for you and speak with an account officer about the DBP home loan. Depending on the type of BAHAY loan you are applying for, the officer will tell you the list of requirements you need to meet.
  2. Gather the necessary paperwork and head to the DBP branch with it.
  3. Ask for a copy of the loan application form and fill it out with the required data.
  4. DBP will evaluate and process your application as necessary after submission. If your application is accepted, DBP will inform you in writing and via phone.
  5. Open a DBP account if you don't already have one after your application has been accepted. After that, everything will be done through your DBP account.

Attention! Assuming all paperwork is in order, processing a loan typically takes 30 to 36 days.

Call the bank's customer care at (02) 683-8324 for more information.


Below are some requirements to be eligible for a DBP BAHAY loan; additional requirements may be necessary depending on the loan type and the nature of the project to be financed.

Eligible borrowers

  • Local government units (LGUs).
  • Governmental institutions.
  • Private sector organizations like:
    • Real estate developers.
    • Subcontractors working on housing projects awarded by Key Shelter Agencies (KSAs) and real estate developers.
    • Private businesses.
    • Cooperatives.
    • A government agency or another business funds non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

General documentary requirements

  • Application letter outlining the loan amount and its use.
  • Company license and registration.
  • Copy of the organization's bylaws, including any modifications and its articles of incorporation.
  • Authorized board resolution and a secretary's certificate list the signatories and the person authorized to make the loan.
  • Assurance financial statements (latest three years).
  • Copy of the most recent ITR that the BIR has duly received.
  • Valid identification from the borrower, mortgagee, third-party mortgagee, surety, or guarantor.
  • Copy joint and solidary signature (JSS) parties' statement of assets and liabilities (SALN).

Pros and cons

Below are some pros and cons of the BAHAY loan:


  1. There are a lot of BAHAY loan details available on the DBP website, so you can know if you are eligible for a loan or not without having to visit the bank.
  2. There is an option to choose between long-term and short-term funding.


  1. There is a long list of requirements before a loan is approved.
  2. It takes time for a loan to be approved.

How to repay a DBP home loan?

There is not much info from the bank about loan repayment, but the majority of housing loans in the Philippines are paid back in fixed or equal monthly payments that include both the principal and interest. Call the bank's customer care at (02) 683-8324 for more information.


What are the general loan terms and conditions for a DBP BAHAY loan?

Below are some of the DBP BAHAY loan terms and conditions:

  • The loan term is determined by the project or borrower's cash flow.

  • The credit spread and applicable benchmark rates of DBP determine the interest rate.

What are the eligible projects for a DBP BAHAY loan?

The eligible projects for this loan are:

  • Projects for affordable and mass housing.

  • Vertical and horizontal developments.

  • Various types of shelter (houses and lots, duplexes, row houses, condominiums).