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China Bank home loan for march 2023

China Bank
Get a home loan at China Bank. On 25.03.2023 there are 1 options available to you. Increase your chances of getting a loan — fill out an application with a free credit rating check.

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China Bank HomePlus
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up to 80% of home price

Loan term for the financial product

up to 25 years

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30 years
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0 month
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175 069

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How to get a home loan in ChinaBank?

Fill out your application
Fill out your application
On our website you can fill out a short application form for a mortgage loan.
Pass a credit check
Pass a credit check
We will offer you to check your credit score online for free.
Send your application online to the suggested companies
Send your application online to the suggested companies
After checking your credit rate, you will be able to send your loan application to the appropriate companies.
Wait for a response from the lender
Wait for a response from the lender
If necessary, the lender will contact you to clarify the details.
Get your loan!
Get your loan!
Sign the agreement and get the money to the bank account.
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04.02.2023 at 11:20
Great Online Loan. Low interest. No hidden charge. Full amount receive. Mababait at magagalang mga staff.
Analyn T
Analyn T
06.12.2022 at 16:45
I get Tala loan easily, choose the date to pay. I recently tried another lenders but they send me a fixed date when I must pay...
Albert T
Albert T
02.12.2022 at 09:25
The best interest – lower than other companies. I've been using Billease for 2 years, and want to say thanks. You may use it with no fear to pay for you smartphone or smth.
Allan P
Allan P
01.12.2022 at 09:55
With Tala I forget about banks and offices. Everything is in mobile, I could control my money and loan. Choose limit. I just needed driving license and phone number to register account...
Marvin T
Marvin T
27.11.2022 at 13:25
Billease is for you when you need to buy a new gudget but can't afford it, you may pay by parts. And I don't even need a credit card...
Joan T
Joan T
24.11.2022 at 19:07
Tala is an option if you need cash quickly. I urgently borrow money I needed. Downloaded the app, apply and it take 5 min to get my cash. App is essy, interface is comfy.
China Bank home loan for march 2023

Try the China Bank HomePlus if you’re looking for a mortgage. Owning a home is more straightforward and inexpensive with China Bank home plus. They state that it includes:

  1. High loanable amount.
  2. A flexible repayment terms, which could be up to:
    • 25 years for a house purchase or a lot.
    • 15 years for the purchase of vacant lots.
    • 10 years for the purchase of condominium units.
  3. Low rates of interest. You can opt to have your interest rate fixed for one year, five years, or ten years to protect yourself against future rate rises.

They contend that the advantages go beyond rates and terms. Therefore, they add value to each partnership for a home loan by taking the time to comprehend your financing requirements. They also guarantee the following:

  • Transparent transactions, meaning no additional fees.
  • Quick processing, which means that your loan could be approved in a few days.
  • Low insurance premiums, which are offered by China Bank Insurance Brokers Inc., a subsidiary of the bank.
  • Automatic debit arrangements to make loan payments simple.
  • Advisory services to help you own your ideal home. They claim to have connections with reliable real estate developers who can assist you in purchasing a residence you can afford and love.

According to China Bank, the HomePlus program is not limited to the purchase of a lot, a house and lot, or the construction of homes because you can use it to:

  • Remodel your house
  • Reimburse recent residential property purchases or development costs
  • Refinance a current mortgage loan with additional lenders

Types of China Bank home loans

The types of home loans offered by China Bank include:

  • China Bank HomePlus purchase of condominium units
  • China Bank HomePlus home renovation/home improvement
  • China Bank HomePlus purchase of house and lot
  • HomePlus house construction
  • HomePlus lot purchase
  • HomePlus refinancing

Important! These loans can be for individuals or partnerships/corporate.

How to apply for a China Bank home loan?

To apply for a China Bank HomePlus, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the China Bank website, scroll down, click on Customer loans, and then China Bank HomePlus.
  2. Scroll down and look under Download forms. Click on the home plus form of your choice (corporate or individual auto plus).
  3. The application form will be downloaded. Fill up the form and ensure you do not leave any blank space.
  4. Take the filled-up form and other needed documents to any China Bank branch closest to you or the China Bank consumer banking center near you to complete your application.


There are different requirements for different home loan types, but the general conditions are:

For employed applicants

  • W-2 form and most recent income tax return (ITR)
  • Certificate of employment detailing the number of years of service and the monthly salary

For self-employed applicants

  • ITR and audited financial statements for the previous three years (BIR stamped)
  • Certificate of business name registration
  • Company Profile
  • A complete list of clients and suppliers

For OFWs

  • Certificate of employment detailing the number of years of service and the monthly salary
  • POEA Agreement
  • ITR (if any)
  • Payslips of the last six months
  • Power of attorney unique bank form

Attention! All documents must be certified by the Philippine Embassy or Consul if issued overseas.

Collateral requirements

  • Condominium Certificate
  • Current tax declaration
  • Current receipts of tax
  • Current tax declaration
  • Location plan
  • Occupancy permit


To be eligible, applicants must:

  1. Be a Filipino of legal age but not older than 65 when the loan expires.
  2. Have a reliable, consistent, and provable source of income.
  3. Have worked for a respected organization for at least three years in a managerial or supervisory capacity; (for employed individuals).
  4. Have a minimum gross monthly income (GMI):
    • For Metro Manila and Metro Cebu is ₱50,000 per month.
    • For other provincial districts, it is ₱35,000 per month.
  5. Be able to pay an equal monthly amortization of 35% of GMI and 75% of net disposable income (NDI).
  6. Have no adverse credit history, such as bounced checks, debts that haven’t been repaid, canceled credit cards, etc.

Insurance and fees

  • Filing fee of ₱3,500 (non-refundable).
  • Processing charge.
  • Cost of mortgage registration.
  • Authentication stamp tax.
  • Premium for mortgage redemption insurance (MRI).
  • Premium for fire and earthquake insurance.

Pros and cons

Below are some pros and cons of China Bank HomePlus to consider:


  • The transaction is transparent, meaning there are no extra or hidden charges.
  • The loan application is fast.
  • There are several home loans to choose from.
  • The loanable amount is high and it has flexible loan terms.
  • There is a fixed interest rate, meaning that the rate you started with will be the same on loan maturity.
  • There is a loan calculator to help compute the terms of the loan.


  • The application is offline. The only thing you can do online is to download the form.
  • There’s a long list of requirements

How to repay a China Bank Home loan?

Loan payments may be made over the counter at any China Bank branch closest to you or via automatic debit arrangement. Fees are charged from your China Bank deposit account.


How long does it take for a China Bank HomePlus loan application to be processed?

Depending on how many required documents you can provide, a loan application can take up to two weeks.