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About lender

MoneyCat Financing Inc. is a leading financial services firm founded in 2010, in Pasig City. It was established with the objective of facilitating short-term loans that require immediate payout and simple loan application process. MoneyCat is a lending company that offers loans ranging from ₱1.000 to ₱20.000. The company offers its first loan at 0% interest, which attracts a lot of users. For applying, the user just has to fill out an online loan application.

Pros and cons

If you're suffering from financial constraints, applying for a loan at MoneyCat can prove to be beneficial. However, it is important to educate yourself about all its advantages and disadvantages.


  • MoneyCat is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is a certified entity.

  • They offer seamless joining, which takes 5 minutes to register.

  • Money is transferred almost instantly after completing just three simple procedures as long as all of the conditions are met.

  • MoneyCat tries to make it simple to receive a loan no matter where you are, at home or abroad.


  • Some MoneyCat customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with being called repeatedly before the payment due date and its exorbitant interest rates.

  • The highest instant online loan limit for Money Cat is ₱20.000, which is not satisfactory for large borrowers.

  • MoneyCat only supports loans with repayment periods ranging from 10 to 30 days. The contract cancellation period is also short, which may impact customers with limited financial resources.

Loan conditions

If you are borrowing money from MoneyCat, here are a few conditions you should be aware of:

Conditions for the first loan

  • The loan amount starts from ₱500 up to ₱20,000.

  • MoneyCat has a policy in place for new customers. Customers will be able to borrow at zero percent interest for the initial loan, paying only the principal loan amount and incurring no service fees or additional costs.

  • The term length varies between 3-6 months or 180 days, with approval occurring within 24 hours.

  • The loan funds are paid to the borrower's bank account shortly after approval if all legal and procedural conditions have been met.

  • It accepts loan application forms from people as young as 22 years old; however, they must be Filipinos residing in the Philippines and employed/selected professionals.

Conditions for following loans

  • Although the first loan is interest-free, the subsequent loans are charged at a monthly rate of 11.9 %, with a maximum APR of 145 %.

Methods of a loan funding

A customer can acquire a loan by filling out a registration form and receiving up to ₱20,000 in their account. The company offers access to reputable credit partners. However, the users must offer the required documents, a phone number, and a bank account in their name to obtain any loan.

Once the borrower confirms the information by entering an authentication code issued to them, the loan shall be processed. After this, a representative will contact the borrower after receiving the form to provide appropriate financial solution guidance and validate the terms, conditions, contracts, and the borrower's loan demands. After the borrower confirms their agreement to sign contracts through authentication, the funds will be transferred to their account.



What is MoneyCat?

It is a global finance company that offers convenient and quick financial solutions to its customers.

Who owns the company?

It is operated by MoneyCat Financing Inc., and Igor Vadanyuk is the current CEO of the company.

How do you qualify for MoneyCat?

To apply for a loan with MoneyCat Philippines, you must have a valid photo ID, a working phone number, and a bank account in your name.

How much can you borrow from MoneyCat ?

The loan amount ranges from ₱500 to ₱20,000.

Is MoneyCat a legitimate company?

It is a registered firm on the SEC website, which means it is operating lawfully in the Philippines, has passed all supervisory authority inspections, and can be trusted.

Company documents

Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy

MoneyCat service will bring you financial solutions easily and quickly: Get started by completing the online registration application, and we will review and transfer money to your bank account within 24 hours.

MoneyCat Financing Inc.

MoneyCat loans calculator

Calculate loan payments in MoneyCat. Loans calculator will allow you to calculate an approximate payment schedule for the loan

Loan amount

Enter the desired loan amount

500 ₱
20000 ₱
Loan term

Specify the loan term for the calculation


What to pay attention to when applying for a loan at MoneyCat?

- The company shall be registered at Securities and Exchange Commission in the Republic of the Philippines;

- You can check the availability of the Certificate of Authority on the official SEC website;

- The rules for granting microloans should be available on the company's website;

- The procedure for applying for a microloan should be published on the site;

- The procedure for concluding an agreement and receiving a payment schedule should be available;

- Other terms and conditions for granting microloans should be available.


- Get acquainted with the interest rates on microloans;

- Check the availability of general terms and conditions of the consumer loan agreement;

- Check the availability of information on the total cost of the loan in the consumer loan agreement;

- Take time to think. After reviewing the individual terms of the agreement, take the allowed time to make the final decision.

What distinguishes MoneyCat from a bank:

- Fast processing of loan applications;

- High interest on the loan for the borrower;

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