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 PNB loan calculator

PNB loan calculator online in the Philippines in 2022. How to figure out the loan yourself? A handy tool that will show whether you can pay off a loan, help you choose lending with affordable payments.

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Interest rates are given in accordance with the rates of the PNB in Manila as of 26.11.2022
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Philippine National Bank (PNB), the country's first global bank, is the fourth largest privately held commercial bank in the Philippines. PNB was founded by the Philippine government in 1916 and was fully privatized in 2007. Over the years, the bank has led the industry in agricultural industrialization and trade finance assistance for the country's agricultural exports as an economic development platform.

Furthermore, the bank was a pioneer in the Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) remittance corporation, introducing many innovations such as bank on wheels, digitized banking, teller machines banking, mobile money exchange, domestic traveler's checks, e - filing and payment services for hefty tax paying citizens, and Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) ATMs. PNB has one of the most overseas offices and one of the most extensive domestic banking facilities among local banks. 

The financial institution has a total national portfolio of 670 branches and over 1,500 ATMs purposefully located throughout the country. With more than 70 overseas branches, representative offices, money transfer centers, and subsidiaries in Asia, Europe, the Mideast, and North America, PNB retains its position as the Philippine bank with one of the most comprehensive international presence.

PNB offers banking services, including deposits, expenses discounting, transaction banking, foreign currency exchange business deals, money transfer, remittance servicing, wealth management, a complete array of consumer banking and trust services, structured finance, and lending. It is through the lending services that they have PNB loan calculators.

What are the PNB loan calculators?

PNB loan calculators are automated online tools that can assist you in calculating your monthly payments on various PNB loans. You may need to take loans from a lending organization at some point in your life. Sometimes, you need more money than you have saved, whether you're purchasing a car or a house, establishing a company, consolidating debt, dealing with unforeseen expenses, or paying for education. A loan is often a better alternative than a credit card for a fast supply of cash since loan interest rates are sometimes significantly cheaper than credit card ones. 

PNB loan calculators are used to compute the terms of a PNB loan. Enter loan details such as loan tenure and interest rate to calculate the total loan amount. As the loan tenure lengthens, your equated monthly installments (EMI) will decrease, while the total loan amount (the total paid) will rise.

How does the PNB loan EMI calculator work?

The PNB loan EMI calculator calculates your monthly installment payments based on the principal component, monthly interest rate, and the number of monthly payments you'll make during the loan's duration. Using a calculator like this or crunching the figures yourself can help you figure out how much property or automobile you can comfortably afford. Working through these figures can also help you evaluate whether you need a larger down payment for your house or an auto purchase to lower your monthly payment.

The tool is easy to use and comprehend and does computations swiftly. You must submit loan details, such as loan tenure and monthly installment payment choice. The first step in figuring out your monthly payment is identifying your loan type, which sets your authorized loan payment schedule. This phase needs no mathematics. Let us look at some of the inputs and outputs we will encounter while using the tool.


The inputs are the data the tool needs to calculate the monthly payments and some other outputs. To estimate your prospective loan details, you will need the following input data and information:

Purpose of loan

This refers to the purpose of borrowing the loan. You can use the PNB housing finance for many purposes. They include the purchase of house and lot, purchase of townhouse unit, purchase of condominium unit, purchase of condominium unit and parking slot, purchase of a vacant lot, house construction/renovation/improvement, and refinancing/loan takeout. This input demands you choose the purpose of your loan from one of the listed options.

Car brand 

The term "car brand" refers to all auto manufacturers. If an automobile group has many brands, car brand refers to the individual manufacturer brand rather than the corporate one. Volkswagen AG, for example, owns the automobile brands VW, Audi, Seat, and Bentley, among others. The tool will next ask you to choose a car brand from a list of possible brands.

Car type

Car type refers to cars that are the same in terms of construction, size, shape, and materials in regions where the mechanical connection device or component is attached. The tool will prompt you to select a car type from a list of options the bank provides.

Car price

This is the amount you wish to borrow to purchase the automobile. If you want to make a down payment or trade-in, the tool will remove that amount from the car's purchase price to calculate the loan amount.

Property selling price

This is the appraised value or cost of purchasing the building you wish to buy. It is the overall contract fee you and the developer agreed upon. Before applying for a PNB housing loan, you should learn more about the property you want to buy, including all of the financial consequences of doing so. In this part, enter the total agreed-upon contract price with the dealer.


This is the total amount of money paid to purchase a home, expressed as a percentage of the total unit or loan amount. The quantity of your down payment may influence your interest component. PNB typically offers cheaper loan rates if you make a larger down payment.

I want to pay my auto/housing loan in (loan tenure)

This relates to the amount of time you have to repay the loan. The longer the loan tenure, the cheaper your monthly payment will be, but the more significant the total interest paid. The shorter the period of your loan, the higher your loan EMI and the cheaper your overall interest paid. The bank offers loans of up to 20 years for the PNB housing loan and up to 60 months for the PNB auto loan.

I want to fix my interest rate for (fixed interest rate term)

The interest rate indicates the cost of borrowing money. The cost of borrowing money expressed as a percentage of the total amount is known as the interest rate. The greater the percentage for a particular loan, the greater the amount you must repay. Even little changes in interest rates can have a significant impact. It is critical to monitor whether they rise, decline, or remain stable. Here, the tool asks you how long you want your housing loan interest rate to remain set.


The outputs are the outcomes of the tool's examination of the user's information. The following are the expected computed figures or output from the PNB loan EMI calculator:

Loanable amount

The tool will display the entire amount of your loan here. It subtracts the downpayment percentage from the previously chosen unit value and shows the result in figures so you can view the total cost of your loan.

Monthly payment

This monthly payment is made to PNB on a specified calendar day to satisfy their obligation. EMI is used to make the interest payment and principal until the loan is completely paid off over a certain period. After entering all essential information, such as loan amount, loan duration, and interest rate, the EMI amount will be displayed instantly, showing the amount you are expected to pay at the end of each month.

PNB loan EMI calculator formula

The following formula is used by the tool to determine the fixed EMI amount:

M = {P[(1+R)^N]}/[(1+R)^N -1]


The PNB loan EMI calculator considers the unit price of the mortgage or car, your down payment, the bank's interest rate, and the loan tenure. Over the life of your loan, the amount owed is paid in equal monthly installments, including principal, interest, and other fees, like the processing fee. Although your duration may differ, you should plan on making 12 payments every year.

Types of PNB loan EMI calculator

There are two loan calculators on the PNB website, they are:

PNB housing loan calculator

A mortgage EMI calculator is an online tool that estimates your monthly payment towards your loan EMIs. You can compute your EMIs using PNB housing loan's simple and user-friendly EMI calculator. Enter your desired loan amount, interest rate, and loan term and click Calculate. Based on your input, the EMI calculator will compute an approximate value. The program eliminates human mistakes and time-consuming computations and can be used to plan your house financing in seconds. For further information and advice on house loans, contact the PNB customer care professionals.

How it works

You can calculate your monthly payment using their housing loan calculator or do it manually if you're willing to do some arithmetic. The typical formula for calculating your monthly mortgage payment by hand is as follows:

M = {P[(1+R)^(Nx12)]}/[(1+R)^(Nx12) -1]


N = Loan term

The tool calculates the monthly payment based on the principle, interest to be paid, and loan term. Because the principal amount is substantial in the loan's early years, a significant component of the EMI is made up of interest payable. The interest component of the loan diminishes on loan maturity, but the principal component steadily grows.

To determine the monthly payment on your PNB home loans, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the PNB official website.

  2. Click on Personal banking, scroll down and click on Buy your dream house or car.

  3. Click on Learn more under Housing loan.

  4. Click on Click here to use the calculator, which will open the PNB housing loan EMI calculator.

  5. Choose the purpose of your loan from the list and then select the property selling price.

  6. Select your loan downpayment percentage.

  7. Choose your interest rate fixed and loan terms, and then click on Calculate my loan.

  8. You will be shown your prospective loan details under the calculator.

PNB auto loan calculator

You can use the EMI calculator provided by the bank to determine the equal monthly installment required to repay a PNB auto loan after giving some data regarding the loan for which you have applied or are about to apply. The calculator is straightforward, which is why many choose to use it. The bank's auto loan EMI calculator also includes an amortization schedule to help users visually analyze and comprehend their loan payback method and timeline during the repayment term.

How it works

You can estimate your monthly payment using the PNB auto loan calculator or do it manually if you're willing to perform some mathematics. The traditional formula for calculating your monthly loan payment by hand is as follows:

M = {P[(1+R)^N]}/[(1+R)^N -1]


Follow the steps below to determine your PNB vehicle loan's monthly payment and additional fees:

  1. Visit the PNB official website.

  2. Click on Personal banking, scroll down and click on Buy your dream house or car.

  3. Click on Learn more under Auto loan, then scroll down to locate the auto loan calculator.

  4. Select the car brand of your choice from the list of the brands available, do this also for Car type.

  5. Input the price of the car and your preferred downpayment percentage.

  6. Select your chosen loan term and then click on Calculate my loan.

  7. Your prospective loan details will be shown under the calculator.

What are the benefits of the PNB loan calculators?

The following are some of the benefits of using PNB loan calculators:

Furthermore, a longer loan term lowers your monthly payments, while a shorter duration raises them. A higher interest rate, of course, means a larger monthly payment. The calculator allows you to experiment with different loan amounts and durations to determine the appropriate loan amount to take out without experiencing financial hardship and the period you may quickly repay your loan.

Functions of PNB loan calculators

The tools are relatively simple to use, no additional abilities are required, and no unique functionalities are present. The following are some PNB loan EMI calculator functions:

  1. Percentage. A percentage is a relative figure that represents the hundredth part of any amount. Because 1% is the hundredth part, 100% signifies the full amount, and 200% defines twice the supplied quantity. For instance, 1% of ₱1,000,000 equals 1/100 of ₱1,000,000 or ₱10,000, 20% of the quantity is 20/100 of ₱1,000,000 or ₱200,000. The PNB loan calculators use percentage when it asks for your preferred downpayment. You must enter this input as a percentage.

  2. Multiplication. When we multiply, we add equal groups or items, increasing the number of objects in the group. This function is also used by PNB loan calculators, such as when the loan period is multiplied by 12. (Nx12).

  3. Raising to power. To put it simply, elevating something to power means multiplying it several times. Powers can be thought of as repeated multiplication, just as multiplication can be thought of as repeated addition. This also occurs while one is utilizing the tool. For example, this function is applicable when it elevates a function to the power of the loan term [(1+R)N].

  4. Addition. The addition is the process of determining the total, or sum, by adding two or more variables (must be on the consent of all the variables). The calculators use this function throughout the calculation procedure, such as when it adds one and the interest rate (1+R).

  5. Brackets. Brackets are symbols, similar to parentheses, that enclose a group of sentences, items, services, or variables. Any terms contained within the brackets must be regarded as a group. For example, in the tool, we have the equation (1+R)(Nx12), where (1+R) and (Nx12) are contained in brackets, indicating that we must consider them as one.

Example of calculations using a PNB loan EMI calculator

Example: For example, you opt for a PNB auto loan with the following inputs:

When you input these values into a PNB loan EMI calculator, you get the following outcome:

Example 2: Let us consider a PNB auto loan with the below inputs:

When you input these values into a PNB loan EMI calculator, you get the following outcome:

Example 3: Consider a PNB auto loan with the below inputs:

When you input these values into a PNB loan EMI calculator, you get the following outcome:

How to perform complex calculations using a PNB loan EMI calculator

Consider a PNB housing loan with the below inputs:

When you input these values into a PNB loan EMI calculator, you get the following outcome, and it shows how much your loan may cost on loan maturity: