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 EastWest loan calculator

EastWest loan calculator online in the Philippines in 2022. How to figure out the loan yourself? A handy tool that will show whether you can pay off a loan, help you choose lending with affordable payments.

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EastWest Bank, founded on July 6, 1994, was the first financial institution to receive a commercial banking license after the Philippines federal finance ministry liberalized banking in the mid-1990s. On August 1, 1994, the bank opened its first branch along Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue in Makati City, which also received an SEC registration certificate. Its name reflects the bank's intention to blend the East's traditional conservatism, kindness, and hospitality with the West's efficiency and forward-thinking.

EastWest Bank has steadily increased its footprint in the Philippine banking industry and competes directly with established banks like Standard Chartered Bank Philippines. The bank provides goods and services through traditional and non-traditional delivery channels and has expanded its branch network to make banking more accessible and easy for EastWest bank account holders. It has since included Internet banking as a distribution mechanism for its products and services. EastWest is a division of the Filinvest Development Corporation (FDC), a significant conglomerate in the Philippines with holdings in banking, real estate, hotel and tourism, power production, and sugar.

The bank primarily focuses on the consumer sector and the middle corporate market since it is regarded as a universal bank with a pronounced retail orientation. With more than half of its loan portfolio given to customers, it is one of the most consumer-focused banks in the Philippines today. The bank is presently one of the country's leading credit card issuers by collections that it offers. It is also one of the largest auto loan providers, and the EastWest bank loan calculators make this even better. 

What is an EastWest Bank loan calculator?

EastWest Bank loan calculators are online tools that help customers calculate their monthly payments on an EastWest auto loan and the interest they've accrued on the EastWest auto, mortgage, personal, and EEL term loans. The tools will also help them determine how much they can borrow based on their wage and other factors.

How does the EastWest loan calculator work?

This tool, as earlier mentioned, is used to compute your loan's monthly payment and accumulated interest rate. Since it is an automated calculator, it is always ready for you to enter your loan data because it displays the result as soon as the final loan data is entered. As you use the tool, some of the inputs and outputs are listed below.


The inputs are the data needed by the tool for it to be able to compute the monthly payments and some other results. To estimate your monthly loan payments, you will need the following input data and information:

Vehicle type

This refers to whether the vehicle you wish to purchase is new or used. If you don't know the interest rate, this might help you calculate it because interest rates for used automobiles tend to be higher. You must pick either a brand new or pre-owned car in the EastWest loan calculator. You must select Brand new when the car you are taking out the loan to finance is a new one, or you choose Pre-owned when the vehicle you are taking out the loan to finance is a second-hand one.

Unit amount

This is the selling or purchase price of the vehicle. Before you take out an EastWest bank auto loan, you should learn more about the automobile you want, including its pricing. In this field, enter the total selling price of the vehicle.

Downpayment percentage

This represents the total amount you pay to purchase an automobile, expressed as a percentage of the entire loan or unit amount. The quantity of your down payment may influence your interest rate. EastWest Bank typically offers cheaper interest rates if you make a larger down payment. The bank allows 20%, 30%, and 40% down payments.

Loan term

The loan term refers to how long you have to repay the debt. The longer the period, the smaller your monthly payment will be, but the more significant the total interest paid. The shorter the period, on the other hand, the larger your monthly payment and the lower the actual interest paid. The bank offers loan terms of 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, and 60 months.

Payment scheme

The loan payment scheme outlines the repayment and interest payment installments, as well as any payments that must be paid by the borrower under the loan contract and must be an essential component. EastWest Bank offers two types: regular and one-month advanced payment schemes.

Outstanding principal balance

The outstanding principal balance is the remaining loan amount after the last payment made before the moratorium.

Number of deferred amortizations

This is the number of loan installments that were suspended. The borrower can either choose two or three months.

Contractual interest rate

This is the interest rate that is stipulated in the loan agreement.


The outputs are the data that the tool will display after analyzing the information entered by the user. The following are the expected computed figures or output, as well as what they signify:

Amount of downpayment

The tool will convert the previously provided downpayment percentage into values. This will enable you to see exactly how much you are paying.

Amount financed

The tool will display the total amount of your loan here. It subtracts the downpayment percent from the unit amount you previously provided and shows the result in figures so you can view your loan amount.

Interest rate

A variety of variables govern EastWest loan interest rates. Furthermore, factors such as the customer's credit history, the type of documents used, and so on may influence the rate. The interest rates displayed on the EastWest loan calculators are the bank's average interest rates. This amount may change during the personal loan application process, but it will remain close to what is represented in the calculator.

Net monthly installment

Customers make this monthly payment to EastWest bank on a specific day each calendar month towards settling their loan. Monthly payments are used to pay the interest rate and principle until the loan is paid off entirely over a certain period. After entering all the necessary information, such as your desired loan amount, loan term, and interest rate, the monthly payment will be displayed immediately, indicating the amount you are likely to pay at the end of each month.

EastWest loan calculator formula

The formula the tool uses to calculate the fixed monthly payment is:

M = {P[(1+R)^N]}/[(1+R)^N -1]


The EastWest bank loan calculators consider the unit price of the car you purchase, your down payment, the interest rate offered by the bank, and the loan term. The total amount owed, including principal, interest, and processing fee, is paid out in equal monthly installments over the life of your loan. Although your term may vary, you should expect to make 12 payments every year.

Types of EastWest Bank loan calculator

There are three loan calculators on the EastWest Bank website:

EastWest interest on principal deferment calculator

If you want to know how loan deferment impacts your loan repayment, you can use interest on the principal deferment calculator. You could compare how much interest you would pay and when you'd pay off your debt if you deferred it for a certain period.

How it works

During a loan deferral, the borrower can usually forgo all payments until the moratorium ends. In such circumstances, the lender continues calculating and adding the monthly interest accrued (compounded monthly) to the loan amount. This means that the basis of the interest computation will shift each month when the interest from the previous month is added. This procedure, often known as compounded interest, may be readily expressed mathematically:

Interest = [B x (1 + r)^i] - B


To calculate the interest on principal deferment using the EastWest Bank interest on principal calculator, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the EastWest Bank website and click on Business. This will open a new webpage.

  2. Click on Loans, and then Personal loans.

  3. Click on Accrued interest calculator.

  4. Input your outstanding principal balance and select the number of months the loan amortization was deferred.

  5. EastWest will show your interest in the principal deferment amount immediately.

EastWest personal loan calculator

EastWest Bank personal loans are a quick and straightforward financial option that can help you receive the money you require. It is an unsecured, non-collateralized consumer loan made available to qualifying persons for personal use. This loan is multipurpose and is available in inexpensive sets of equal monthly installments. You can acquire a cash solution for all your demands and boost your financial freedom with this loan, which has loanable sums ranging from ₱25,000 to ₱2,000,000 (subject to our approval). The loan provides payment terms of 12, 18, 24, and 36 months, which makes your installments very manageable.

How it works

Customers can use the EastWest Bank personal loan calculator to estimate their monthly payments' borrowing costs. Input the amount of money you wish to borrow, and the loan calculator will calculate the monthly payment for all loan periods. The typical formula for calculating your monthly loan payment by hand is as follows:

M = [P x R x (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N -1] 


To calculate your EastWest Bank personal loan’s monthly payment, you have to follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the EastWest Bank website and click on the three parallel lines by the top left corner of the screen.

  2. Under Personal, click on Products and services.

  3. Click on Loans and select Personal loans.

  4. Click on Try our calculator and select if you have been an active credit card holder for the past twelve months or not.

  5. Input the amount of money you plan to borrow from the bank, and your monthly payment for each loan term will be displayed automatically.

EastWest auto loan calculator

You can take an auto loan, whether it's a brand new vehicle or a pre-owned car, if you are between 21 years old at the time of application and will not be more than 70 years old at the time of your loan maturity, a Filipino citizen, a foreigner residing in the Philippines for at least one year, or a foreigner with a Filipino co-maker. You should also be a salaried or self-employed Filipino with a gross monthly income of not less than ₱60,000. The loan has an affordable downpayment, competitive interest rates, a very easy-on-the-pocket amortization structure with multiple financing terms from which you can choose, and, finally, a convenient payment option.

How it works

You can estimate your monthly payment using the EastWest Bank auto loan calculator or do it manually if you're willing to do some math. The standard formula for calculating your monthly loan payment by hand is as follows:

M = {P[(1+R)^N]}/[(1+R)^N -1]


To calculate your EastWest auto loan monthly payment using the online tool, you have to follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the EastWest Bank website and click on Business. This will open a new webpage.

  2. Click on Loans, and then Auto loans.

  3. Click on Auto loan calculator.

  4. Select if you want to purchase a brand new or second-hand vehicle.

  5. Input the unit amount of the car.

  6. Select your downpayment, choose your preferred loan term and then select the payment scheme.

  7. The tool will immediately display the amount of downpayment, amount financed, interest rate, and net monthly installment.

What are the benefits of the EastWest Bank loan calculators?

Below are some advantages you have when using the EastWest Bank loan calculators:

It lets you experiment with values

An EastWest Bank loan calculator helps you to make an informed choice by allowing you to experiment with the elements that impact your monthly payments. Your loan amount, loan term, and monthly interest rate are important factors in determining your monthly payment. Why? Because your due monthly amortization is directly proportional to the principal amount you wish to borrow; the more significant your loan amount, the higher your monthly payment. Furthermore, a longer loan term allows you to minimize your monthly installments, but a shorter period increases your payment. And obviously, a higher interest rate implies a higher monthly payment.

The calculator allows you to experiment with different loan amounts and loan durations to determine the appropriate amount you can take out without causing any pain to your finances and the period you can easily repay your loan.

It saves time

EastWest Bank loan calculators do complex calculations in a matter of seconds, saving you the essential time you would otherwise have to calculate your monthly payment manually. Furthermore, because there is no room for human error, the calculator will always provide you with correct data regarding your monthly installments.

It makes calculations easier

Before completing any loan paperwork, you must first establish your monthly payment. Enter the loan amount, interest rate, and loan tenure if you are one of those clients eager to apply for an EastWest Bank loan. The loan calculator will do the required calculations and present you with the monthly payment amount as soon as possible. The calculator will also tell you how much money you can borrow.

It can be accessed anywhere

The best thing about an EastWest loan calculator is that you can use it anytime and from any location. You can use the calculator multiple times, depending on your needs. That is preferable to going to the bank and conducting intricate mathematical procedures that may get you into a state of confusion. Connect to the Internet from anywhere and utilize the EastWest bank loan calculator.

It is multifunctional

A loan-specific EastWest Bank loan calculator makes your task more accessible and more efficient. In other words, any loan, whether personal, house, or vehicle, can be calculated using a separate calculator. Although the criteria for each loan are generally the same, there can be times when you need to utilize loan-specific calculators. The tool's appropriateness can be judged in terms of a single loan and should only be used for that loan.

It gives accurate results 

The accuracy of the results is one of the most significant advantages of using the EastWest loan calculator. When you manually calculate the loanable amount, there is always the chance of making errors. You are not compelled to use pen and paper and risk miscalculating the loanable amount. You also don't have to sit and play about with different effective interest-rate combinations, desired loan rates, and loan tenures on your own. You will save time using the loan calculator, which delivers accurate and immediate answers for various loan options in seconds. The algorithm allows you to experiment with alternative loan conditions and change the elements affecting your loan without hurting your credit score negatively.

Example of calculations using an EastWest loan calculator

Example 1: Let's assume a Filipino is interested in an EastWest Bank personal loan. Their preferred loan amount is ₱800,000, and they want to take this loan for up to 36 months. Before the personal loan application, they checked and confirmed that they had passed the minimum gross monthly income eligibility and did not have a credit card. Let’s use the EastWest personal loan calculator and fix their details to see their reasonable monthly payment amount.

If we type in the above inputs into an EastWest personal loan calculator, we will get the following output:

Their monthly payment will be ₱37,342.22 a month for 36 months.

Example 2: Suppose a person deferred their EastWest Bank mortgage, which still has ₱8,011,528 to be paid off for three months on a contractual interest rate of 18%. What will be their interest on principal deferment if you use the EastWest Bank deferment calculator to calculate it?

Typing in the above details into the deferment calculator, we found that the interest on principal deferment is ₱360,518.76.

Example 3. A Filipino wants to get an EastWest Bank personal loan. Their preferred loan amount is ₱1,200,000, and they want to take this loan for up to 18 months. Before the loan application, they checked and confirmed that they had passed the minimum gross monthly income eligibility and they have a credit card. Let’s use the EastWest personal loan calculator to see their likely monthly payment amount.

If we key in the above inputs into an EastWest personal loan calculator, we will get the following output:

Their monthly payment will be ₱85,746.67 a month for 18 months.

How to perform complex calculations using an EastWest Bank loan calculator

Let's assume someone is interested in using an EastWest auto loan to fund the purchase of a car he is interested in purchasing with the following details: 

Inputting these in an EastWest loan calculator, we’ll have: