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Citibank loan calculator

Citibank loan calculator online in the Philippines in 2022. How to figure out the loan yourself? A handy tool that will show whether you can pay off a loan, help you choose lending with affordable payments.

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Calculate the loan at Citibank
Interest rates are given in accordance with the rates of the Citibank in Manila as of 01.12.2022
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Fill out an application for a loan!
Fill out an application for a loan!

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The right loan at the right time can save a life, a business, or a relationship. Knowing the right loan that best suits your needs and income is essential. Before taking a loan, a borrower should understand the terms of the loan, the interest to be paid, the loan term, and the amortizations for each month. They can then compare it with their income or other loan options. Figuring all these out can be both stressful and time-consuming. Citibank has made calculating the payments for loans simpler through its online loan calculator available on their website.

What is a Citibank loan calculator? 

The Citibank loan calculator is a tool the bank provides for intending borrowers to see the loan amounts available to them and automatically calculate the cost of repayment. The tool allows the borrower to input different loan amounts and immediately see the different amortizations to be paid over varying time ranges.

Citibank personal loan calculator

This tool is provided for personal loans. As the name implies, the loan is for taking care of some personal needs. The loan amount ranges from ₱20,000 to ₱ 2 million. Clicking the Loan amount drop-down button provides options that range from ₱20,000. The user can scroll down through intervals of ₱100,000 (except at the beginning, where it jumps from ₱20,000 to ₱50,000 and then ₱100,000) until they get to the maximum limit of ₱2 million. The loan tenure ranges from 1 year to 5 years. Clicking the drop-down button labeled Tenor provides options for 1 to 5 years of loan tenure.

The user can click the buttons for the desired loan amount and the loan tenure. The loan calculator will estimate the monthly payments for the term. As the applicant increases or decreases the loan amounts, the amortizations for each loan tenure option are displayed automatically. For example, a loan input of ₱200,000 and a loan term of 2 years indicates monthly installments of ₱10,865.91. It becomes ₱8,154.32 for 3 years and ₱6,845.12 per month for 4 year loan terms.

How does the Citibank personal loan calculator work?

The Citibank loan calculator is easy to use. These are the steps for using it:

  1. Go to the Citibank website.

  2. Choose Yes or No to indicate whether you own a Citibank card.

  3. Click on the drop-down button with Loan amount. Scroll down to choose a loan amount.

  4. Click on Tenor to select the loan tenure. The monthly installments for the loan tenure will be displayed. 

  5. If you're comfortable with the monthly payments, you can click Apply to begin the application process for the loan.

Citibank loan calculator inputs

These are the data that must be given to the loan calculator to estimate the monthly payments. These include:

Citibank loan calculator outputs

This is the information displayed after the borrower has provided data to the loan calculator. These outputs include: 

Functions of Citibank loan calculator

Citibank loan calculator uses several functions to perform its calculations. They include: