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Motorcycle loan calculator

Motorcycle loan calculator online in the Philippines in 2022. How to figure out a loan yourself?

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Motorcycle loan calculator
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The allure of the open highway can be difficult to resist, and nothing rivals the satisfaction and thrill of touring the world on a well-tuned motorbike for many men and women. There's an ineffable enchantment that only comes when you're experiencing the world from the back of a motorcycle, whether you're riding the roads on a Triumph Rocket X or blasting through the trails on a KTM 350 EXC. There's, however, a lot to think about before you can get your hands on any of that motorcycle enchantment, and you should think hard about whether you're ready to join the ranks of motorbike fanatics. Some are prepared in terms of readiness and financially, but others require a loan to acquire their motorcycle.

What is a motorcycle loan calculator?

A motorcycle loan is a type of loan which allows a customer to finance a two- or three-wheeled motorized vehicle for personal or commercial use. In a nation like the Philippines, in which the number of motorcycles yearly registered with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has surpassed two million, there is no doubt that motorcycles are in high demand and that numerous Filipinos would prefer to own one to avoid traffic congestion, ferry passengers or make business deliveries, or have an alternative mode of transportation in the metro.

However, a one-time purchase of a motorcycle unit might place as much financial hardship on the typical Filipino as purchasing a car — it will be heavy on one's wallet and may take years to save up for. That is why a credit union develops motorcycle loans to make this desire a reality. You can apply for a loan to finance a brand-new or used motorcycle, depending on which is best for your circumstances. Motorcycle loans are a popular financing agreement in the Philippines due to the institution's simple and simplified loan application procedure, flexible payment plans, loan calculators, and a large selection of motorcycle financing options.

A motorcycle payment calculator will assist you in determining your motorcycle loan payment and the motorcycle prices you will be paying. After entering your current data, you can utilize the graph choices in some calculators to observe how alternative loan terms or down payments affect your monthly payment. Depending on the calculator, you can also click on the View report button, which can help you view your whole amortization schedule.

How does the motorcycle loan calculator work?

Most motorcycle loan calculators are fixed-interest calculators that are ineffective for adjustable-rate loans. It will compute your monthly loan payment when you select your loan amount, loan period, and interest rate. This payment will stay constant during the term of your loan, but as time passes, more of your payment will be allocated to the principal and less to interest. This notion is illustrated in the loan amortization table and the principal/interest chart.

If you intend to pay off your loan as soon as possible, put the extra monthly payment amount into the Additional monthly payment segment and see the effect on your overall loan repayment plan. Another option is the Years left to pay field, which enables the user to alter the calculator to show them where they are in their loan amortization plan at the time.

The program estimates your monthly payments based on the loan conditions you select. All you have to do is enter your information and choose the best loan duration and interest rate. The calculator will compute your projected monthly amortization and required minimum income. Also, remember that the calculation is only an estimate and does not include out-of-pocket charges such as the cost of the application form, appraisal fee, motorcycle registration fee, and any other fees associated with your bike loan application form.


The inputs are the data the program needs to calculate the repayments and other outputs. To figure out your prospective loan details, you will need the following input data and information:


The outputs are the outcomes of the tool's examination of the user's information. The following are the expected computed numbers or output from motorbike loan calculators:

What do some motorcycle loan calculators cover?

Motorcycle loan calculator formula

The formula the calculator uses to value out the fixed monthly payment is:

M = {P[(1+R)^N]}/[(1+R)^N -1]


Motorcycle loan calculators consider the vehicle's unit price, your down payment, the lender's interest rate, and the loan term. Over the life of your loan, the amount owed is paid in equal monthly installments, including principal, interest, and fees. Although your duration may differ, you should plan on making 12 payments every year.

Types of motorcycle loan calculators

There are different sorts of motorcycles that some of the tools can be tailored. Here are a few examples:

Standard motorcycle loan calculator

This is a general-purpose motorbike loan calculator. The Honda 599 and the Suzuki SV650 are typical vehicles in this category. Motorcycles in standard versions are very lightweight, and their general design makes them easy to manage while providing the rider with a comforting sensation of control. Standard model motorcycles are difficult to surpass in terms of fuel efficiency, with some models achieving more than 60 MPG. Standard versions are typically suitable for inexperienced riders, while the increased horsepower on certain variants might be scary for newcomers. Standard versions can be purchased for anywhere between ₱400,000 and ₱800,000, making them an appealing alternative for beginning motorcycle riders.

Sport bikes loan calculators

This is a motorbike loan calculator designed specifically for sport bikes. Sport motorcycles are lightweight and designed for speed and maneuverability. However, because these are high-performance motorcycles, they are not suitable for inexperienced riders. They're also expensive to maintain and insure. The popular models are the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R, Honda CBR1000RR, and BMW HP4. Sport motorcycles account for a sizable portion of the motorcycle industry, with costs ranging from ₱650,000 to ₱1,500,000. Still, they might be a risky investment if you are a first-time buyer or are not dedicated to the motorcycle lifestyle.

Dual sport loan calculators

This calculator is designed exclusively for dual sport bike financing agreements. These bikes are designed for both on and off-road adventures, making them an excellent choice for first-time riders. You can bike to work on Monday after spending the weekend on the trails. Dual sports are light and simple to learn and practice. They are also reasonably priced to purchase and insure, and most versions are surprisingly fueled efficiently. Dual sport motorcycles, notably the Honda CRF250L and Yamaha WR250R, are excellent alternatives for city travel and short-term commuting and are well-suited to riders with low to moderate expertise.

Cruiser loan calculators

This is a loan calculator designed for cruiser motorcycles. The Harley-Davidson Softail is the most well-known example of a classic cruiser. Cruisers are designed for comfort and often provide a relaxing ride ideal for extended journeys. Their low-slung seats make it simpler to get both feet on the ground, and their low center of gravity helps to compensate for the bike's considerable weight (an important consideration for less muscular riders). However, most cruisers' long, low profile can make handling difficult for inexperienced riders. Cruisers are ideal for city and highway driving, and while they are not as fuel efficient as conventional versions, they often produce 55 to 60 MPG.

Touring motorcycle loan calculators

This is a loan calculator designed exclusively for touring bikes. Touring motorcycles are built for long rides on the open road, with an emphasis on comfort as well as power. They are heavier and more costly than other motorcycles, making them unsuitable for inexperienced riders. They are powerful machines that require respect and some experience to operate. The Kawasaki Vulcan Voyager, the Victory Cross Country, and the legendary Harley-Davidson Electra Glide are all popular touring bikes. Touring bikes consume less gasoline than other models, yet their high price and complex features make them more pricey to insure and operate.

Scooters loan calculators

These are tools made specifically for those about to or repaying scooter loans. Scooters are a very practical and cost-effective alternative to a full-fledged motorcycle. However, the abilities required to ride a motorbike proficiently are not the same as those developed by owning and riding a scooter. If purchasing a motorbike is your ultimate aim, a scooter may not be the greatest place to begin because the abilities you will learn will not always convert to a good motorcycle. Scooters are ideal for urban mobility and are quite simple to use. They are incredibly fuel efficient (some versions achieve up to 90 miles per gallon) and cheap to operate and insure. However, they are less stable at greater speeds and inappropriate for congested highways and long journeys.

What are the benefits of using a motorcycle loan calculator?

Some of the advantages of using a motorbike loan calculator are as follows:

Provides accurate results

The accuracy of the results is one of the most significant advantages of using the motorcycle loan calculator. When manually calculating the loanable amount, there is always the chance of making errors. You are not compelled to use pen and paper and risk calculating the loanable amount incorrectly.

You also don't have to waste time experimenting with different effective interest-rate combinations, desired motorcycle loan rates, and loan tenures on your own. Using the loan calculator saves time since it delivers exact and quick answers for various loan options in seconds. The algorithm allows you to experiment with affordable alternative loan conditions and change the components affecting your loan without hurting your credit score negatively.

Offers time-saving features

The motorcycle loan calculator produces accurate and timely results. The tool is available online, saving you the time and effort of visiting a bank, waiting in queues, and calculating your loan terms.

Furthermore, the time-consuming task of filling out a bunch of paperwork or phoning an agent to ascertain loan amounts and interest rates is eliminated. Calculators are readily available online, allowing you to use them while strolling, taking a break at work, or even on holiday in the most distant areas of the world. All you need is a reliable and secure Internet connection.

Simplifies complex computations

Before beginning the motorbike loan application, you must establish your monthly payment. If you are one of those Filipinos ready to apply for a bike loan, enter the loan amount, interest rate, loan period, and any other information required for your specific loan type. The loan calculator will do the necessary calculations and provide you with the monthly motorcycle loan payment amount as soon as possible. You can also use the calculator to see how much motorcycle loan you are eligible to borrow.

Offers multi-purpose utility

A motorcycle loan calculator is recommended since it simplifies and expedites the procedure. Customers can, in other words, use a different calculator to calculate each sort of motorcycle loan, whether dual sport, cruiser, or touring motorcycles. Although the terms of most loans are the same, there may be times when loan-specific calculators are necessary. The tool's applicability will be assessed by a single loan and should only be used for that loan.

Provides tools for experimentation

A motorcycle loan calculator allows you to experiment with the variables that influence your monthly payments and make an informed decision. Your monthly payment is affected by the loan amount, loan period, and monthly interest rate.

This is because monthly amortization is proportional to the principal amount borrowed: the larger your loan amount, the higher your monthly payment. Furthermore, a longer loan term lowers your monthly payments, while a shorter duration raises them. Higher interest rates, of course, mean a larger monthly payment. The calculator allows you to play with different loan amounts and durations to determine the appropriate loan amount to take out without experiencing financial hardship and the period you can easily repay your loan.

Functions of motorcycle loan calculators

The tools are rather simple to use; no additional abilities are necessary, and no unique functionalities are available. Some of the functionalities of a motorcycle loan calculator are described below.

Example of calculations using a motorcycle loan calculator

Example 1. Assume a Filipino is looking for a motorbike loan, and his loan details are as follows:

When we enter them into the motorcycle loan calculator, we get the following results:

Example 2. Assume another Filipino is looking for a motorbike loan to finance her scooter, and the loan details are as follows:

When we enter them into the motorcycle loan calculator, we get the following results:

How to perform complex calculations using a motorcycle loan calculator?

Assuming you are about to get a motorbike loan to finance the purchase of a sports bike. Consider the loan details below:

When we enter them into the motorcycle loan calculator, we get the following results: