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AFPSLAI loan calculator

AFPSLAI loan calculator online in the Philippines in 2022. How to figure out the loan yourself? A handy tool that will show whether you can pay off a loan, help you choose lending with affordable payments.

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Calculate the loan at AFPSLAI
Interest rates are given in accordance with the rates of the AFPSLAI in Manila as of 01.12.2022
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30000 ₱
1500000 ₱
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A loan is often a better alternative for a ready supply of cash than a credit card since interest rates on loans are typically much lower than interest rates on credit card purchases. There are certain exceptions to this rule, such as payday loans, but utilizing a loan calculator will help you assess whether the loan you're contemplating is reasonably priced and appropriate for you.

You can use the AFPSLAI loan calculators to evaluate any loan that you are considering. You will obtain an idea of the potential overall cost by adjusting the loan amount and loan period. You will see that as the period of the loan lengthens, your monthly payments decrease while the total cost of the loan (the total amount paid) grows. Consider any costs you may be billed for mortgages and other forms of borrowing.

What is the AFPSLAI loan calculator?

An AFPSLAI loan calculator is an automated tool that can help you understand what your monthly loan payments and total loan cost would be. The AFPSLAI website contains a variety of loan calculators, including those for mortgages and other types of debt. The AFPSLAI loan calculator is a straightforward interest-only loan calculator. It is intended to calculate monthly payments for interest loans based on particular terms and interest rates at the time of use.

An AFPSLAI loan calculator is not a legally binding tool. In reality, when you utilize one of these loan calculators, it is frequently unrelated to any specific AFPSLAI loan. That means the data you obtain from one of the loan calculators is merely an estimate. However, if you want to apply for an AFPSLAI loan, that estimate might be useful. A calculator allows you to estimate your monthly payment based on numerous circumstances.

This helps you determine whether you can manage a loan—you can check if the monthly amount due fits within your own budget. You can experiment with different loan terms to see what works best for you. For example, using the calculator, you may discover that you cannot afford an AFPSLAI loan with a 12-month duration. However, you may be able to finance the same cash with the same rate of interest over a prolonged period of time, resulting in lower monthly payments.

Types of AFPSLAI loan calculators

As previously stated, the bank has many loan calculators, which are:

How does the AFPSLAI loan calculator work?

The tools take your loan principal and loan term into consideration. The AFPSLAI loan calculator you need to use to determine your payments is affected by the type of loan you have. To calculate your loan's monthly amortization, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the AFPSLAI website.

  2. Go down and click on Loan calculators.

  3. Select the type of loan you are interested in.

  4. Enter the loan amount you want.
  5. Choose the number of years you want your loan to be amortized.
  6. To find out your monthly amortization, click COMPUTE. You can also use RESET to clear entries.
  7. Enter your desired monthly amortization amount.
  8. Choose the number of years you want your loan to be amortized.
  9. Click COMPUTE to find out how much loan you can afford.
  10. Calculate your monthly amortization.
  11. Find out how much money you can borrow.

AFPSLAI loan calculator inputs

Below are the data you will be required to input to use these tools:

AFPSLAI loan calculator outputs

The loan outputs includes:

Functions of AFPSLAI loan calculator 

The functions the tool uses are: