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Hyundai Mastercard®
Credit cards

Hyundai Mastercard®

Updated: 29.09.2022

Hyundai Mastercard®

A Hyundai Mastercard® allows you to earn up to 5% rebate for all retail purchases. A Hyundai Mastercard®’s cardholder can earn a 5% rebate on fuel purchases at any preferred gasoline station nationwide and up to 0.5% rebate on other retail purchases at any merchant globally. Cardholders also get a 10% discount when they visit any Hyundai dealer for preventive maintenance services. In addition, Hyundai Mastercard® holders can access a cash advance equivalent to 50% of their credit limit and apply for up to nine supplementary cards for family members.


  • Cash advance. You can access cash advance using Hyundai Mastercard from any ATM amounting to 50% of your credit limit.
  • Universal acceptance. Hyundai Mastercard is accepted worldwide by over 30 million businesses.
  • Rebates and discounts. For all instore and online purchases, you receive a 5% rebate. Whenever you visit a Hyundai dealer for preventive and maintenance services, you are given a 10% discount.
  • Supplementary cards. You can request for supplementary cards for your family and set a monthly limit to each card.

Pros and cons

Knowing the benefits of a credit card and its drawbacks can help you gauge whether it meets your financial needs. Some advantages and disadvantages of Hyundai Mastercard are as follows:


  • You earn rebates on all purchases including groceries, gas, drugs and fuel.
  • You get up to a 10% discount in all Hyundai centers when you purchase fuel and hire PMS.
  • Your card is accepted in over 30 million businesses worldwide.
  • You get cash advance from selected ATMs to meet urgent financial needs without visiting the bank.


  • The bank charges an annual membership fee for the principal and supplementary cards and a ₱1500 for late payment.
  • The bank gives a 10% discount only at Hyundai dealers.

How to apply for Hyundai Mastercard®?

You can apply for a Hyundai Mastercard® by visiting any EastWest bank branch. Once you are at the bank, head over to the customer service desk and request for a credit card application form. Fill out the required details accurately and submit the application to the bank after attaching all requirements such as your government-issued ID, proof of income such as payslip, or BIR and proof of residence. Once approved, your application will be processed within one week.

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