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EastWest Gold®
Credit cards

EastWest Gold®

Updated: 29.09.2022

About credit card

The EastWest Gold® credit card allows you to choose rewards and redeem them in exchange for limitless vouchers and gift certificates. You can use this card to purchase products globally and enjoy perks and privileges when you use it in partner merchants. Ideally, this card will suit you if you are a shopper, traveler, or a reward seeker.


You enjoy limitless rewards when you pay for goods and services using your EastWest Gold® credit card. First, you earn a reward point for every ₱100 charged to your credit card. When traveling, you get free insurance cover against accidents and other inconveniences of up to ₱20,000,000. The card has a cash advance facility that allows you to withdraw up to 50% of your credit limit from the nearest ATM. In addition, you enjoy many perks when you shop in partner merchants for food, health and wellness, and travel expenses. The EastWest Gold® credit card is accepted universally, and you can apply for supplementary cards for your family and loved ones.

Pros and cons

There are advantages and disadvantages of the EastWest Gold® credit card which you should analyze before applying for the card. If the advantages meet your financial needs, you can apply for one. The following are some benefits and drawbacks of the card:


  • You can access limitless rewards from your reward points, including vouchers, eGifts and gift certificates from partner merchants.
  • You earn a reward point for every ₱100 you spend.
  • You can access discounts when shopping in partner businesses.
  • You only need a few documents when applying for the card.


  • High minimum annual fee requirement of ₱480,000
  • High-interest rate of 24% per annum and ₱1500 late payment penalty.

How to apply for the EastWest Gold® Mastercard?

You can visit your nearest EastWest branch and ask for a credit card registration form if you hold an account and meet the minimum annual gross income requirement. Ensure you fill out all the required details correctly and attach the photocopies of the required documents, which include:

  1. A valid government-issued ID bearing your photo
  2. A certificate of employment, BIR, or the last three payslips as proof of income if you are employed. Self-employed applicants should provide a BIR form 1701/ITR or the latest audited financial statements.

Once your application is approved, your card will be processed within 10-15 working days.

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