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Home Credit credit cards for october 2023

Home Credit
Apply for a credit card at Home Credit. On 03.10.2023 you have access to 1 credit cards. Increase your chances of getting money — fill out a multi-application with a free credit rating check.
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Home Credit
May Home Credit Card
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Recommended FinScore™
up to ₱20,000

Effective interest rate on the product

2% per month
Submit your credit card application online
Submit your credit card application online

Take advantage of our credit card selection system with a free credit check!

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Credit Card Application Online of October 2023

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Home Credit credit cards for october 2023

The Home Credit card could be your strategic partner. Your routine expenditures will be more lucrative with this credit card. The following are the perks of the Home Credit card:

  • No additional fees for bill payments. Zero fees when you pay bills for utilities, etc., using the My Home Credit App.
  • Get a 5% discount when buying loads. It is also more convenient to pay bills and do shopping with QR using the My Home Credit App.
  • Enjoy up to 45 days - interest-free. Apart from the 30-day billing period, there is a grace period of 15 days before the payment due date.
  • Manage your card with a single tap in the My Home Credit app. You can check your balances and transactions in real-time, connect with the Home Credit help centre, pay bills and even buy loads.

How to issue a Home Credit card?

Below are the steps to take in order to get the Home Credit card:

  1. Existing Home Credit customers will be contacted through telesales professionals when they are eligible for a Home Credit card. Customers can also get a text message, an email, or a push notification regarding their pre-qualification.

  2. Once you are pre-qualified, select a Home Credit associate store near you using the shop locator on the Home Credit website.

  3. To progress with your credit card application, go to your chosen partner store and display your offer ID to their salesperson.

  4. Follow all the directives the salesperson will give to complete your application.

Requirements for Home Credit card

The following are the eligibility conditions for the Home Credit card:

  • If you are an existing or prior Home Credit client, they will tell you if you are qualified for a Home Credit card through SMS, call, email, or the My Home Credit app.
  • If you acquire a Home Credit commodities loan, you can also get a Home Credit card. However, applications are subject to approval.
  • One valid government-issued ID.
  • One ID card with your address.

Pros and cons of the Home Credit card

Below are the pros and cons of the Home Credit card:


  • The card is always protected. If you misplace it, you do not have to worry about unauthorized transactions.
  • The card comes with some promos and offers.
  • There are no additional fees if you use the card to pay your bills.


  • The interest rate isn’t precise, which means you must enrol for and get the credit card before knowing your interest rate.
  • There is no online application.

How to repay your Home Credit card?

You can pay with your Home Credit card's 10-digit account number, which is located just below your name. You must make checking your app a habit in order to track your transactions and control your costs. Also, maintain a copy of your authorized signatory in case you have to report a lost payment.


How soon will I receive my Home Credit card after applying?

Your credit card will be dispatched to your delivery location within five working days if it is in Metropolitan Manila or 10 business days if it is in a province. When your card is ready to be delivered, you will be notified via SMS.

My Home Credit card is yet to arrive. Are there any additional shipping options?

The card can be picked up at its authorized courier location. They will send you an SMS with information on when and where you can pick up the card.

Can I use my credit card while expecting my Home Credit card to arrive?

Yes, you can use your virtual Home Credit Credit card while you wait for the actual card by using the My Home Credit app. You can begin purchasing prepaid loads at a 5% reduction, conduct QR or cashless operations at their associate retailers, and even pay your electricity bills at over 200 billers without incurring any additional costs.

How can I get my Home Credit card to work?

There are two methods for activating your credit card:

  • For Android users, select the Activate now option on the My Home Credit app's main screen and apply the on-screen steps to activate your credit card. You can get the current My Home Credit app for free from the Google Play Store

  • Don't hesitate to get in touch with their customer care hotlines for iPhone customers too at Globe (02) 7-753-5711 or Smart/PLDT (02) 8-424-6611.

In all cases, make sure you have your physical credit card and the cellphone number you supplied when you applied for the card. When your card is registered, you will receive a text message from Home Credit informing you that it has been activated.

What happens to my commodities loan if I apply for the Home Credit card in addition to the commodity loan but do not activate the card?

Even if the card is inactive, you must still pay the commodities loan on or before the due date via the usual payment channels.

Where can I make use of my Home Credit card?

You can use your card everywhere Visa is accepted, including supermarkets, department shops, restaurants, drugstores, petrol stations, and even online for meal delivery, reservations, subscriptions, and ride-sharing applications. You can also shop and pay wherever and anywhere you like. Using the My Home Credit app, you can pay with QR, purchase load credits from any mobile phone network or prepaid electricity service, and pay bills including over 200+ billers countrywide.