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China Bank Prime Mastercard®
Credit cards

China Bank Prime Mastercard®

Updated: 14.10.2022

About credit card

The China Bank Prime Mastercard can be used to purchase in places with point-of-sale terminals by cardholders. With the Prime Mastercard, you can pay easily through various methods, such as automatic debit plans, in-person, and the mobile app. Additionally, you are eligible for a free virtual card that lets you pay for online transactions anywhere in the world.


You can use the China Bank Prime Mastercard to pay for goods domestically and abroad because it is widely recognized. The card contains security features like 3D Secure, EMV chips, transaction alerts for online and in-store purchases, and mobile transactions. Additionally, it offers a lost card protection feature to safeguard you from charges after you've notified the bank that your card has been lost. Moreover, you are relieved of credit interest when you promptly pay the amount on the statement of account before or on the due date. 

Pros and cons

The Prime Mastercard from China Bank has the following benefits and drawbacks, which you should carefully consider before applying. They include: 


  • You can make your payments on time after paying the account balance statement fully before the due date and have access to interest-free credit. 

  • You can make flexible payments using the amount on your statement account, the minimum installment, or any amount greater than the minimum installment. 


  • You pay a minimum installment of ₱3000, which is expensive, especially if you are a low-income earner. 

  • You are ineligible to get reward points as a supplementary cardholder. 

How to Apply for a China Bank Prime Mastercard?

Before filling out the application form for a Prime Mastercard, you should ensure you are eligible. Some requirements include government ID, and proof of employment. Once you qualify for the card, you can apply for it in the following steps. To apply for a China Bank Cash Rewards Mastercard online, follow these steps: 

  1. On the China Bank website, go to the Credit Cards section.
  2. Choose Prime Mastercard.
  3. Select Apply Now.
  4. Scroll to the Credit Card Application Form and click the Download button.
  5. Read the instructions carefully before filling in all the required fields.
  6. Fill out all the fields and submit the scanned application form with the required documents, such as the government-issued ID.
  7. Submit the form to and wait for processing within ten days.
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