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Percentage calculator online

Online percentage calculator for mathematical calculations in the Philippines

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What is a percentage calculator?

A percentage is simply another term for a fraction. A percentage can also be used to express a relationship between two figures. For instance, we can state that 5 is 20% of 25 or that 2 is 5% of 40. When we talk about percentages, the percent sign can be thought of as 1/100.

A percentage calculator is an online tool for calculating the percentage of a number as a percentage of the total. It's also utilized to figure out what a percentage represents. Percentages can be divided into fractions with a denominator of 100. The percentage calculator determines what percentage of a value corresponds to a specific number. It also aids in calculating the exact value that is expressed as a percentage of the total. A percentage represents an amount or a fraction of a hundred.

Percentage formula

The ability to calculate percentages is rooted in the word. The term comes from a Latin phrase that means "by the hundred," which is why it is now expressed as a ratio with a denominator of 100. Although the percentage formula can be stated in various ways, it is essentially a three-value algebraic equation:

P × V1 = V2

V1 is the first value that the percentage will change, and V2 is the result of the percentage's operation on V1. The calculator automatically transforms the input percentage into a decimal to compute the result. However, when solving for a percentage, the result is the actual %, not its decimal form.

What is per mille?

Per mille is similar to percentage, with the only difference that percent is 1/100, whereas per mil is 1/1000. Its associated sign is ‰, which might look similar to a percent sign %, but it comes with an extra zero or o in its divisor.

Types of percentage calculators

There are varieties of percentage calculators that help us solve percentage-related problems in no time. Some of them are as follows:

Percentage difference calculator

The value of the ratio of their difference and their average multiplied by 100 is the percentage difference between any two numbers. The measurement of two different experimental values when one value is higher than the other is called percentage difference. In other words, the absolute value of the ratio of the difference between two numbers, and their average, presented as a percentage, is the percentage difference.

The measurement of two different experimental values when one value is higher than the other is called percentage difference. In other words, the absolute value of the ratio of the difference between two numbers and their average, presented as a percentage, is the percentage difference.

These are the steps we need to follow to determine the percentage difference between the two values:

  1. First, we need to find the difference between the initial and later numbers.

  2. Find the average of both numbers.

  3. Calculate the difference to average ratio.

  4. Simplify your result by multiplying the fraction by 100.

Here is an example to make this concept easy:

Two values, a= 40 and b= 10

Answer: the percentage difference is 120%.

Percentage change calculator

The percentage change calculator calculates the difference between two values in percentages. It's extremely important in various mathematics disciplines, including finance, chemistry, and exponential growth and decay. In contrast to percent increase and percent decrease, we may see both change directions with percent change. The percent increase calculator, for example, determines the amount of increase, which we would express as "x percent increase." The percent decrease calculator determines the amount of reduction, as in "x percent reduction." "x percent increase or decrease" would be the outcome of using the percent change calculator.

Below steps need to be followed to find the percentage change between the two values:

  1. First, subtract the final value from the initial value

  2. Divide the difference value by its absolute value.

  3. Multiplying the result by 100

Here is an example of this concept:

Answer: the percentage change value is -66.66%

Percentage increase calculator

The difference between the end and initial values, stated as a percentage, is called a percentage increase. The initial and enhanced (new) values are required to determine the percentage. In percent form, a percentage growth describes the eventual rise in the amount. The percentage increase formula compares a quantity's growth through time from its beginning value to its final value. This formula is expressed mathematically as the difference between the end and initial values, divided by the initial value and multiplied by 100.

Percentage formula = (new value- original value)/new value x 100

Example: Two values,  new value= 500, original value=200

Answer: (500-200)/500 x 100

300/500 x 100= 60%

The percentage increase is 60%

Percentage decrease calculator

When a value is dropped over time, the percentage change in the value is referred to as a percentage decrease. This percentage formula calculates the amount that decreases relative to its initial value.

Percentage formula = Old value - initial value/old value x 100

Example: two values, old value = 50, initial value = 30

(50-30)/ 50 x 100 = 40 %

Answer: 40% decrease in percentage. 

What are the benefits of using a percentage calculator?

The ease of use of the percentages calculator is one of its main features. Everything is displayed right on the screen, just like a genuine calculator, with even recommendations to assist you in simplifying your calculations. The majority of these calculators can display the results of even the most difficult calculations.

The online percentage calculators offer various advantages by eliminating the need to worry about losing your calculator. No matter where you are, you can perform any computation without difficulty. The outcomes are precise. This is especially important in stressful situations where perfection is required. When conducting various tasks, percentage calculators can assist you in avoiding blunders.

Several unique qualities distinguish percentage calculators. It can help you with calculations that are difficult to do with conventional calculators or under particular circumstances. With the aid of a percentage calculator, you may free up a significant amount of time and energy to devote to other important activities in your life. Most complex computations may be completed quickly; all you need to do is enter the numbers. 

Functions of a percentage calculator

How to use a keyboard for online percentage calculations?

A conventional keyboard can be used to run the percentage calculator. A simple online calculator with memory functions operates similarly to a portable handheld calculator. Some of the basic memory and clear features are as follows:

Examples of calculations using a percentage calculator

These calculators are necessary for practically every aspect of life and are critical for financial management. A real-world example: if you've ever been to the grocery store, you've almost certainly seen coupons or signs proclaiming "discount!" or a bill with a complicated percentage computation, and this is where a calculator would be useful. Here are a few other examples of using online percentage calculators:

Sales tax

You may increase the price of your goods or services by the tax rate. To convert a percentage tax rate to a decimal tax rate, multiply it by 100. Then use this number in the multiplication procedure. Determine the list price as well as the tax rate. Divide the tax percentage by 100 to get a decimal tax rate. To compute the tax amount, multiply the list price by the decimal tax rate. To compute the final price, add the tax amount to the list price. You're in the market for a new coffee maker for your kitchen, for example. The coffee machine costs ₱10000 plus sales tax of 15% in your state. Calculate the following using this percentage formula:

  1. The list price is ₱10000, excluding a 15% tax rate.

  2. Divide the tax rate by 100; 15/100= 0.15

  3. Multiply the price by the tax rate in decimals: 10000 x 0.15= 1500

  4. A ₱10000 coffee machine will cost you ₱1500 in taxes.

  5. To determine the total price, add the tax to the list price: 10000 + 1500= ₱1500.

Discounts and markdowns.

Have you ever purchased something on sale that was 20% off? Or have you used a coupon to save 30%? If so, you've taken advantage of a deal. A discount is usually expressed as a percentage of the original cost. The sale price is calculated by subtracting the percentage from the original price.

For example, if a shirt costs ₱1000 and is on sale for 50% off, the true cost of the clothing is ₱1000- (50% of ₱1000) = ₱500.


If you've ever eaten at a restaurant, you've almost certainly given your waiter a tip. When you receive service, a tip is a tiny sum of money that you add to your payment. A gratuity is usually calculated as a percentage of the total bill. For average service, you may leave a 15% tip in a restaurant.

For example, if your entire bill is ₱2000 and you decide to tip the waiter 10%, the total amount you would tip the server is ₱200: 10% of ₱2000 = ₱200

How to perform complex tasks using a percentage calculator?

A percentage calculator is ideal for both basic and advanced calculations. First and foremost, what is X of Y? The tool is simple to use and master in no time. Fill in two fields, and the required answer will be automatically filled in the third field after you push calculate. There are various free online tools available for calculating the percentages. 

To get an understanding of how this works, one should try entering different combinations in different fields. It also displays the whole history of your calculations for simple tracking.

Percentage-based value

By the traditional method, we apply the percentage formula V = P percent * X to determine the value based on the percentage.

To calculate 20% of 300, for example, we can apply the formula described above.

With the help of the percentage calculator: In the first field, enter '20,' and in the second field, enter '300.' The calculator will then display the number 60, which is the same as the number we calculated.

Conversion of value to percentage

While there are various methods for computing a percentage of a number, the most straightforward is to use the percentage formula P = X1 X2 * 100. This can be written as X1 is P% of X2.

  1. For example, we can apply the formula P = X1/X2 * 100 to determine what percentage of 200 is 80.

  2. We have X1 as 80 and X2 as 200 using the formula P = X1/X2 * 100.

  3. We get P = 80/200 * 100 by substituting the variables in the formula.

  4. 80/200 is 0.40

  5. The decimal form is 0.40. We must multiply it by 100 to convert it to a percentage.

  6. To convert 0.40 to a percentage, multiply by 100 to get 40%.

  7. As a result, 80 is 40% of 200.

By using the percentage Calculator: In the first field, enter '80,' and in the second field, enter '200.' The calculator will return the value of 40%, which matches the result of our computation.

Percentage increase/decrease

Increase: For instance, if a product's price has risen from ₱200 to ₱240 and we need to calculate the percentage change, we apply the percentage formula P = (V2 - V1 )/V1 * 100.

With the percentage calculator: All you need to do is input 200 in the first field and 240 in the second field to compute the percentage increase. This will result in a 20% increase in production, indicating a 20% rise from 200 to 240.

Decrease: If the price has dropped from ₱200 to ₱180 and we need to calculate the % change, we utilize the same formula. P = V2 - V1 \sV1 \s * 100

With the help of a percentage calculator: We must enter 200 in the first field and 180 in the second field to compute the percentage decrease. The calculator returns a result of -10%, showing that the price has dropped 10% from ₱200.

With the help of the above examples, we can see that using a percentage calculator, one can easily do any complex calculation within no time.