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BPI business bank accounts for October 2022 in the Philippines

Open a business account at BPI. On 03.10.2022 there are 1 options available to you.

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Business Checking
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₱10,000 minimum initial deposit

Effective interest rate on the product

0% per year

Interest rates on loans in the Philippines

According to the guidelines for Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Circular No. 1133, Series of 2021, on the ceiling/s of interest rates and other fees charged by lending companies, financing companies, and their online lending platforms, the maximum nominal interest rate for unsecured loans is 6% per month (0,2% per day), and the maximum effective interest rate is 15% per month (0,5% per day). The caps apply to unsecured loans of no more than ₱10000 and payable within four months.

Other types of business bank accounts

How to open a business bank account

Fill out your application
Fill out your application
On our website you can fill out a short application form for a business bank account.
Send your application online to the suggested banks
Send your application online to the suggested banks
After the parameters being checked, you will be able to send your application to the appropriate companies.
Wait for a response from the bank
Wait for a response from the bank
If necessary, a bank specialist will contact you to clarify the details.
Open your account!
Open your account!
Sign the contract and open your account online or at the bank's branch.
Apply Your data is securely protected
BPI business bank accounts for October 2022

You can focus on running your business while BPI handles all your financial needs with the help of BPI business banking, which is a reliable business partner. You may use valuable tools to manage your accounts, transactions, government payments, loan applications, and other things more effectively.


Grow and expand your business

BPI lets you grow and expand your business if you partner with them by offering:

  • SME term loan. This loan is perfect for funding operating capital, paying suppliers, buying inventory or equipment, and making capital improvements or expansions.

  • SME credit line. This is a credit line arrangement to fund sudden, unforeseen costs and meet your company's working capital needs.

Organize your business transactions and cash flow

With a BPI business account, you can manage your business' cash flow through:

  • Bizlink. A one-stop-shop for all of your online business transactions.

  • Maxi one. A card-based all-in-one account with characteristics similar to checking and a savings account.

Secure your business

With a BPI business account, you can protect and secure your business through:

  • Life and health. With insurance policies designed for you and your employees, you can live in the present and worry less about the future.

  • Asset protection. You may relax knowing that what you've worked hard to achieve is secure.

How to apply?

Opening a BPI business account is simple. Applicants must open an account online or nearby to begin the procedure. When creating a business bank account with the bank, the following paperwork is necessary:

  • Personal identification, business formation paperwork, an employer identification number (EIN), or Social Security number (SSN);

  • Property ownership agreements.

  • A business permit.

  • Attestation of assumed name.

  • Monthly income from credit cards.


Apart from general requirements like promoter’s ID proof (any accepted ID listed on the website), TIN, police clearance, you will also need the following to open an account.

  • The company’s articles of incorporation

  • The company’s documents proving its status as a member of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

  • The company’s letter autthorized by its board members to open a bank account which is duly notarized.

Apart from these, you may be required to submit other related documents based on the nature of your business and other aspects.

Pros and cons

BPI offers optimal business accounts to people who want additional features supporting their operations that can help them expand their business even further. However, before applying, it’s always important to gauge all its advantages and disadvantages.


  • BPI offers favorable interest rates.

  • Many people can sign checks, make deposits, and process debit card transactions using BPI corporate accounts. Some of the obligations of the business owner may be lessened as a result.


  • Some products attract many charges.

  • It requires you to maintain a minimum balance to be operational.


Can I conduct business transactions using my BPI account?

You can use it if you're a lone proprietor because it shows that both your business and you are legitimate.

What is the function of a BPI business bank account?

BPI business checking and savings accounts function similarly to personal checking and savings accounts, even though they are tailored to your business needs. When a customer pays you or purchases online, money might be automatically sent into your bank account if you connect it to your online payment method.

What documents must BPI business accounts owners maintain?

Record all sales and other revenue from your firm, and keep the supporting documentation, such as invoices, bank statements, and paying-in slips. Record all purchases and other business expenses as they occur and save invoices and receipts unless the amounts are tiny.