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BPI Amore Cashback Card®
Credit cards

BPI Amore Cashback Card®

Updated: 11.10.2022

About credit card

The BPI Amore Cashback Card enables you to get cashback when you use your card to pay for eligible purchases. You can use it at any store or online, which makes it very convenient. You may also use it to get cashback on a number of other local purchases, like groceries, prescription prescriptions, and utility bills.


With this BPI credit card, you get cashback for every 1,000 you spend locally. You also  get 4% cashback at grocery stores, 1% at drugstores and utilities, along with 0.3% on all other local retail purchases. You also get perks and privileges like unlimited access to Ayala Malls’ exclusive customer and family lounges. Keep in mind that you must be 18 years old to participate in the Ayala Rewards Circle program. Besides this, a physical membership card is not required but is available upon request for a 200 fee. Use the digital badge in the mobile app to use your privileges. 

Your credit limit may also be converted to cash and paid in up to 36 monthly installments. Alternatively, you can avail of a cash advance instead of purchasing by installments and withdraw up to 30% of your available credit limit. Then when you make purchases at global stores that use a different currency than peso, you can enjoy a foreign exchange of 1.85%. Furthermore, you enjoy 0% installment when you use the Buy Now Pay Later feature and an additional installment limit with the Bonus Madness Limit.

Pros and cons of BPI Amore Cashback Card

Although the BPI Amore Cashback Card has a lot of advantages, it also has some drawbacks. Therefore, be sure to take the cons into account as well before deciding to apply for this cashback card. 


  • You can earn cashback and points from your purchases, which you can redeem for goods and services. 

  • Your first monthly installment payment will be due three months after your purchase date. 


  • You must pay a 550 early termination fee for any SIP transactions terminated after the initial billing. 

  • You can only join the Ayala Rewards Circle for five years. 

How to apply a credit card?

You can apply for a BPI Amore Cashback Card online or at the BPI branch. To apply online, select Cards on the homepage, then choose Credit Cards. Click on BPI Amore Cashback Card and then tap on APPLY NOW. Then, fill out all required fields with accurate information, including your email address, as you will receive notifications there when your card has been approved and is ready for pickup. 

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