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Credit cards number generator in Philippines 🇵🇭

Select the country, bank name, payment system, card type and get a complete list of BIN of the selected bank.

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What is a credit card generator?

A credit card number generator is a unique web-based tool that allows the user to generate completely random yet realistic, fake credit card numbers at a button. One can easily find credit card generators for any card, including debit cards.

As mentioned above, the credit card number generator is software that generates unique and realistic credit card numbers, which excludes a certain sequence if they do not conform with the rules or the algorithms. The working principle of a fake credit card is similar to that of a real credit card which is why they surpass all the verification and testing processes. One of the best things about credit card generators is that one can generate an unlimited amount of fake credit card numbers that would seem to be original. The generator allows you to take benefit of the limited trial versions and online offers.

How does a credit card generator work?

 Credit card generator tools are based on a similar algorithm used by major credit card companies to generate credit card numbers. One should remember that these credit card numbers are neither real numbers nor expired ones.

A credit card number generator randomly gives valid credit card numbers based on bank identification numbers and determines the card's major industry identifier. To issue a credit card number, the tools use the Luhn algorithm to generate credit card details, which is why they are unique and pass all the tests given by major credit card issuers. These tools can generate credit card numbers for any credit card company, including visa credit cards, axis bank with the valid CVV code, individual account identification number prefixes, and account numbers.


Before generating a credit card number, this credit card generator uses the Mod 10 algorithm and Luhn algorithm. This Mod 10 algorithm is a checksum (detection of errors) formula; this digit is the last digit of the credit card number and verifies whether or not the credit card number is valid.

Can I buy something using a credit card generator?

No, the tools that generate the random yet valid credit card numbers are only for testing purposes. Do not make the mistake of using these fake credit card numbers to make any purchases whatsoever. The primary reason these card numbers won't help you buy anything is that they are not connected to any valid bank account or have a good credit card company. So, if one tries to buy something using the fake credit card numbers generated from different tools or software, this will fall under the purview of credit card fraud. One can use these random credit card details as test credit card numbers for data verification purposes, to use a limited trial version, or to avail of online offers without divulging the real details of your credit card.

What can a credit card generator be used for?

There are several advantages and uses of credit card number generators in business and personal life. These fake credit card numbers enhance your service's security and avoid any transnational attack.

Testing purposes

If you have an online business, you can use a credit card number generator to test your website for online payments by your customers. Web developers mostly use these valid credit card number generators to test the website for payment modules. These credit card numbers ensure that the transaction has been managed properly, just like the actual credit card.

Free online services

Suppose you visit a shopping website or any other online web page and come across a unique offer, but the online vendor requires your credit card details to avail of that service free of cost. In that case, this is where the valid credit card number generator tool comes to your assistance. One can use this credit card number generator to generate a fake credit card number and avail of these services for free without divulging your real credit card numbers.

Limited trial version

Several online vendors ask for your credit card number before allowing you to check their product as a trial. These trial versions can be weekly or monthly. Still, you need to provide your credit card number in both cases. If you want to use a trial version but not the complete software, you can generate a fake credit card number and submit the same. Once the trial version is over, the online web page will try to deduct the amount for the complete software, but the same would not be possible as it is not a valid credit card number. Nevertheless, if the site requires direct payment, you will have to provide your real credit card information.

Dark web application

Many apps and services are available only on the Dark Web, but these websites reek of fraudsters and scamsters who seek credit card details. If one wants to avail of these apps and services without divulging their real credit card details, they can use the fake credit card generator. To avail of the app, you can give the credit card number generated by the software.

What is a valid credit card number?

A valid credit card number is a long set of digits stamped across the front or back of your credit card. The length of credit card numbers varies between 16 to 19 digits, which appears in sets of four or three. These digits are not randomly generated numbers, but they go through a complex process and algorithms after which a number is generated, which assists in identifying the issue, the network, and the account holder.

Initial digits

The first six digits identify the credit card issuer, and the first digit is the Major Industry Identifier. The next five numbers stamped are the Issuer Identification Number (IIN), also known as the bank identification number. The next 9 to 12 numbers following the identity of issuers are the numbers that identify the card's individual account holder. Finally, the last digit shows whether or not the credit card is a legit one. The sequence in which the credit card numbers are printed informs the bank is issuing the card and assists in preventing credit card fraud and reducing errors. 

CVV number and expiration date

Another important aspect of a valid credit card is the CVV number, which adds a layer of protection to the credit card. A valid credit card number also has an expiration date; this number prevents credit card fraud and ensures that the holder is actually in possession of the card and not stolen.

How to use a credit card generator?

The credit card generator uses the Luhn algorithm or the Mod 10 algorithm and the prefixes used by the credit card company. The issuer provides valid details like the major industry identifier and valid expiration date, individual account identifier, and other security details.

One can use the credit card generator by choosing any credit card generator tool, using the credit card type, clicking on the generate button, and using the credit card number for free trials, testing, or registration. You can use the credit card details for trial and verification purposes. These tools are known for generating credit card numbers of any credit card company like Visa, American express, etc. If a webpage accepts a limited credit card company's card, you can easily generate fake credit card details, provide these number prefixes, and enjoy the services.

Does a credit card generator cost me?

Many credit card generators provide free-of-cost services to generate test credit card numbers. One doesn't need to worry about any documentation process or other issues using the generated credit card numbers. This software can issue random credit card numbers as valid as real credit cards, but you cannot use them as valid credit card numbers for making any purchases.

Is a credit card generator legal in the Philippines?

Yes, a credit card generator is a legal activity to pursue in the Philippines. Several Philippines credit card generator tools provide random credit card numbers for data testing, trial versions, and other verification processes.

 Although it is not illegal to use a credit card generator, one needs to understand that if someone uses credit card numbers in criminal matters, the authorities will consider it illegal. For instance, if you try to purchase anything with a fake credit card number, this will lead to credit card fraud and will be treated as an illegal activity. One can use these credit card numbers for verification process and testing processes. Apart from that, one can use these fake credit card numbers to avail of limited time offers or use a trial version of any applications. If someone thinks a webpage seeking one's credit card details is fraudulent, they can give the fake credit card number and avail of the services.