Diners Club Premiere®

Diners Club Premiere®: interest rates, available limits, cashback and bonuses. Full conditions for obtaining a credit card online. The procedure for registration and receipt online or at a bank branch. Features.

The Diners Club Premiere is designed for adventurous travelers who appreciate fine dining wherever they go. You can use the card to pay for dining and entertainment while earning double miles. 


You earn one travel mile for every ₱30 you spend and charge to your BDO Diners Premiere club. Also, every $1 you spend with your card earns you two travel points if you choose the dual currency option. When paying for meals with this card, you earn two travel miles for every ₱30 spent. You can also earn four miles for every dollar you spend. You may also use the airport lounges by Diners Club to unwind while flying. 

Additionally, you get two complimentary airport transfers and ₱20 million in travel insurance. You may also use the Buy Now, Pay Later option in this situation. Furthermore, with Buy Now, Pay Later, you can make monthly payments for goods and services from more than 19,000 partner stores nationwide as well as for educational and healthcare expenses. 

Pros and cons of Diners Club Premiere 

Here are the BDO Diners Club Premiere benefits and drawbacks to consider before applying for the card. 


  • You can download the Diners Club Travel Tools mobile app to convert more than 140 different currencies. 

  • Your travel miles can be redeemed for airline miles, cash credits, or even to cover membership fees. 


  • If this is your primary card, you must pay an annual fee of ₱4500 after the first year, and ₱2500 if it is your supplementary card. 

  • If you are the primary cardholder, you must wait 7-10 working days for the funds to appear in your account after redeeming your travel miles for cash credit. 

How to apply for a BDO Diners Club Premiere card 

You must be employed or self-employed to be eligible for the BDO Diners Club Premiere card. If you do not already have a BDO credit card, you must provide proof of income in the form of audited financial statements for the last two years or account statements for the last three months, if you are self-employed. BDO will accept a photocopy of your most recent full-month pay stub if you are employed. Foreigners must submit a copy of their employment contract, certificate of employment, or a letter from the embassy if they are embassy officials. If you are already a BDO credit card applicant, you must submit a credit card charge slip that is not more than 30 days old from the transaction date or the most recent credit card billing statement.

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Updated 14.10.2022