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BDO Blue from American Express®
Credit cards

BDO Blue from American Express®

Updated: 14.10.2022

BDO Blue from American Express® is a credit card that allows you to enjoy discounts and year-round deals in eating, leisure, and shopping. It comes with a comprehensive selection of premium and unrestricted benefits.

Features of BDO Blue from American Express®

Below are the features of the BDO Blue from American Express®:

  1. Offers membership rewards. For every ₱45 spent, you will receive one membership reward point. Redeem your points for fantastic rewards such as shopping gift cards, home appliances, electronics, and more. You can join in the frequent traveler option, which allows you to redeem your membership reward points into air miles with any regular flier member agencies or lodging loyalty points for discounted stays with any frequent guest program partners.

  2. Offers purchase protection. Your commercial expenditures on your next trip are guaranteed against theft, loss, or damages for up to ₱50,000 per item or a maximum of ₱250,000 per year within thirty days of purchase.

  3. Offers exclusive privileges. The card provides an outstanding assortment of year-round discounts and up to 50% savings in shopping, dining, leisure, and wellness.

  4. Offers cash advance. Cash advance up to 30% of your credit limit is available at specific BDO locations worldwide or any BDO-linked ATM. Seek ATMs with the American Express® brand to obtain an international cash advance.

Pros and cons of BDO Blue from American Express®

Below are some of the pros and cons of the BDO Blue from American Express® credit cards:


  • The BDO Blue from American Express® comes with many promos and discounts.

  • It provides free insurance on purchases made within 30 days of purchase up to ₱50,000.00.

  • The card can be applied for online.

  • The card has a meager monthly interest rate of 2%.

  • It provides the cardholder with several payment choices.


  • It comes with a lot of monthly charges and fee payments.

  • The cardholders may be vulnerable to online fraud if they are not cautious.

  • There are several terms and conditions that must be met before becoming eligible for the majority of their discounts.

How to apply for the BDO Blue from American Express®

Follow the steps below to apply for the BDO Blue from American Express® credit card:

  1. Visit the BDO official website and click on Personal.

  2. Click on Cards, Credit cards, Right card for You, then Choose the brand for my credit cards.

  3. Click on American Express®, look for Blue from American Express®, and click on Apply now under it.

  4. Enter your first, middle, and last name, and then select your age range.

  5. Enter your residence phone number, your area code, and your mobile number, and then select your mobile plan 

  6. Enter your email address.

  7. Choose if you are an existing principal credit card holder.

  8. Upload your document attachment and tick on the Terms of acceptance box if you accept the terms.

  9. Enter the verification code and click on Submit.

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